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Clutch Fluid Replacement - How in Linea T-Jet ?

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by Navin talati, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. Navin talati

    Navin talati Novizio

    Dear friends,

    In Linea t-jet, Brake & Clutch fluid " Petronas TUTELA TOP /S - DOT 4" is used. The Part No. 59064673 is specified by Fiat. The reservoir is common for input to Brake pipings and Clutch pipings. I could replace from Brake- system but little confused while doing the same work for Clutch!

    (1) Brake Fluid Replacement:

    I replaced the Brake Fluid as under:

    There are 4 lines for Brake fluid. 2-rear and 2-front. Fluid replacement is to be carried out in sequence from Longest line to shortest line. So 1 st replace from rear left, 2 nd replace from rear right, then 3 rd from front left and 4 th (last) replace from front right (driver) side brake piping.

    Keep the reservoir lid open and siphon out the initial bulk of fluid from it. Pour a fresh fluid in it. one person should pump the brake paddle , keep it pressed and simultaneously the other person should open up a nipple to 1/4 of its turn to let the fluid come out and immediately close before any air gets entrapped in it. Fix a rubber pipe on the nipple mouth and keep its open end into an empty bottle to collect the drained fluid. To open the nipple, use simple or ring spanner. Periodically check the level in the reservoir and keep it topping up during the process. thus TWO persons are required for this job to do it comfortably without any risk.

    This way, I replaced the fluid from the brake pipings and completed the job. the car tested and found normal.

    (2). Clutch Fluid Replacement:

    While starting this job to do , I confused that from where to drain the fluid and remove the entrapped air if any?

    Looking to the fluid pipe connection to the clutch, there is a Nipple with a hole but it seems non-openable (with a normal or ring spanner) unlike similar nipples at Brakes calliper devices at each wheel. So there is a no scope to bleed the clutch fluid by pressing and releasing clutch paddle and opening and closing the nipple as in the case of Brake fluid replacement as described in (1). There seems no Slave cylinder mounted on the gearbox body or bell but the only fluid pipe connection (with a plain nipple) entering in to the gearbox bell window. While pressing and depressing the clutch paddle, one can feel the fluid movement by touching the connected pipe.

    So my QUESTION is:-

    From where to bleed the Clutch-fluid and remove entrapped air-bubbles if any?

    Very eagerly your positive response is awaited.

    Bleeding the Brake-Fluid.jpg

    Clutch Fluid Piping connection with Clutch bearing.jpg
  2. --gKrish--

    --gKrish-- Novizio

    TVM, Kerala
    Linea 1.3
    The pin right next to the nipple can be pulled and it will open the bleed valve and hyrdaulic fluid will come out through the nipple when you press the clutch pedal.

    PS: Sorry of the extremely late reply. I must have missed this post and I am logging in after a long break. Posting with the hope that it might help someone in the future.

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