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Chronicles of Jai Sackett – 3 yr and 4th service update

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by anoop, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. ashish_kumar


    Also any place in Hyderabad where I can get the Leather work done.
  2. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    @ashish_kumar: The guys who done the job on my car does work only in bangalore. In the other automotive forum, I have read that Kforce (Madinaguda, Hyderabad) do a good job. Your other option is to find a 3M car care center (exclusive showroom) and get the detailing done. Once you get the detailing done, but some good quality wax and maintain the car yourself - that is the best way.

    I am sure the TFI members from Hyderabad will be able help you more about both - the detailing and leather work.
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  3. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    After a long silence, some update on Jai - when I opted for the active variant over the Dynamic, the main feature I want to add was the central locking. I did enquire about adding it at the time of delivery and the SA assured me a good deal if I am planning to fix it, but I decided I will try other sources before I put the OEM unit. By not opting to put the central locking during the delivery, I was able to bargain and made my deal a little more sweeter.

    After I took the delivery, the search for a central locking system started and I realized that it is not an easy task to find an aftermarket system for GP Active - I drew a blank at all the well known accessory shops in Bangalore. I decided on OEM kit and called up Concord and Prerana motors to check the availability and came to know that not only the kits are not readily available, there is a waiting list too - I added my name to the list at both places and went back to my search for another non OEM kit.

    Thanks to a fellow TBHP-ian and another GP owner I met on road, I got 2 leads and I did actively consider the options but one guy was too far from my place to go and check his work before I entrust him with my car, and the other guy was a JC road shop - I have never been a fan of the work quality of JC road and certainly did not want to experiemnt with my car to find out whether he actually do a god work. So, after all this poking around, I decided it is better to stick with the OEM kit and started the waiting game.

    I used to called up both Prerana and Concord once in two weeks but the response was always same 'Stock is yet to come'. I called up concord last week and to my surprise, they told me that they have a very limited stock and I can get it fixe if I drop the car at their service center. But after reading many threads here, I was more keen on getting the work done from Prerana, but to my dismay, they did not had the stock. The accessories guy - Manzoor - assured me that they are expecting stock in tw days and he will call me when the stock comes. I was skeptical but to my surprise, I got a call the very next day from Manzoor - he said he have got few sets. But as luck would have it, I was tied up that saturdya and I was not able to go to Prerana to get it fixed. I was almost sure that all the units may get sold before I get a chance to go there, but to try my luck, I called him again last thursday and what a joy - they still had stock.

    Took leave on Wednesday and reached concord by 9.30 am. The showroom was slowly waking up, and I got a slot to park in the yard. No one was bothering me, so I did wander around, checking the brand new GPs, Vistas, Nanos and Indicas. Met Manzoor as soon as he came in and he said he will try to get the work done quickly - All the guys I enquired said it will take about 4 hours for the installation, and Manzoor said he will try to get the work done by 1 PM. While waiting for the kit, I was browsing through the accessories and chose a sil plate too - always wanted that. I had half a mind to pick up some more stuff but better sense prevailed and decided I will pick up only stuff what I actually need. it is when times like this, one understand why shopping is such an addictive hobby for many of the womenfolks.

    A guy named Louis started working on the car first - removing the door pads and once the pads were out, four guys started working on my car. I told Manzoor that I will be near my car and he had no objections. I was very happy that I was allowed to stand there watching the guys work. The quality of work was good - no excessive forces were applied to remove anything and I was happy to see that the rubber beading of the door were stuck properly - there was not even a single loose plastic part. The guys were all friendly and they actually manged to finish the work with in 2 hours. This was really a pleasant surprise and little did I knew that there were more surprises in store.

    Before starting the work on the kit, I asked them whether the locking and unlocking produces a Beep - he said the previous kits did not have the feature and he was not sure but need to check and it turned out that this kit do have the feature. The other feature I was told missing is auto locking - the guys told me that the OEM central locking kit will not auto lock the car once the car reaches 40 kmph like in the other variants.

    After finishing all the work, we went to settle the bill and the next surprise was waiting there - no labor \ installation charges. I was expecting at least 1K in installation charge but I had to pay only the MRP on the kit - Manzoor informed me that Fiat reduced the price in between. The old price was about 10K and the current price is below 8500.

    After paying up, I started the car but forgot to lock from inside - I started moving to merge with the traffic and I applied breaks and voila - all the doors got locked. After reaching home, I checked it again - if I put the ignition on and applies breaks, the door auto locks (It is same as in my Vista too).

    Some out of topic observations:

    Saw few Vista refresh models and the interior looks much better than my vista.The combination of black and beige looks pleasing but will be very tough to maintain. Any day, this new scheme is much better than the old boring grey interiors.

    Saw lot of Indicas in silver color, with ribbons on them - all of them had seat covers but the designs and colors were different. most of them were some kind of grey but some were light \ beige-ish in color. Not sure if it comes like that from factory itself, but some of the seat covers were looking good while some were ok-ok.

    Came to know that Tata have rs 1500 off on Manza alloy wheels for this month.

    I am really happy that I chose Prerana motors to get the work done - it was a pleasure dealing with them and they did go beyond my expectations and did a fantastic job before the estimated time line. Kudos to Manzoor and his team.

    Few snaps:








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  4. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Good to see Prerna is keeping you happy.
    The cost of Central locking is Rs. 8490 from long time.
  5. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Yes, but I think Fiat revised the price once. In the price list with prerana, the price is about 10K and they said it is old price list. Concord quoted me 9K incl of all taxes when I called up last week, and I was getting quotes of about 10K earlier from Hyson motors (Kerala), but at Prerana, I was charged only 8490.
  6. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    My Punto gives a mild tak-tak sound from rear right side (and rarely from left side too) when I go over a bad patch of road. This sound is very different from the Thud I hear when I go over the speed breakers a bit fast.

    I first thought it was causing by some loose articles in the boot, and to verify it, I removed everything from boot but the spare wheel and the sound is still very much there.

    I hoisted the car and took a look under and it seems like the coil spring may be rubbing a hose next to it - but I am not really sure that is the matter.

    Do any of you have experienced any sounds like this?

    The sound was not there when I took the delivery of the car, and it was not there when I drove it from Kerala to Bangalore. I do not remember any special incident before the sound started coming - one day it started just like that.

    I plan to take the car to service center to see what is wrong, but before that, I would like to hear inputs from any one who have any experience like this. Any feedback is much appreciated.
  7. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I think you need to get it checked below 2 things -
    - Suspension struts pads (if you get sound when you move steering)
    - Link rod and its joins

    Go to TASC, should be fixed in a day.
  8. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    @Ravi: thank you - I will be going to TASC, but how dangerous is to drive inside city in low speeds with this before going to TASC? If this is a serious issue, i will go to TASC soon, if not, I will go next week.
  9. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    This is no serious issue at-all. Drive as you drive normally.
  10. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    @Ravi: thank you :)

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