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Chronicles of Jai Sackett – 3 yr and 4th service update

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by anoop, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Yeah, he loves driving and riding :)
    He he - now, that is what I say grooming the kid in right fashion (though my wife will disagree with me) ;)
    Soon they will ask us to step aside and sit in passenger seat (my colleagues 3 year old son already does that )
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  2. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Haven’t been updating this thread for some time because, well, there is nothing much to update.

    The car have clocked only 16K km till now - the running have been extremely low. Recently, got the alignment and balancing done at Madhus.

    While the tyre was getting balanced using the road force machine, they told me that the tyre have excessive road force and I should replace them in another 5K km or so. I think i will not cross the mark before I finish 3 years of ownership, so I will wait till the tyres are 3 year old and then will go for an upgrade.

    I recently got myself an android mobile, and I brought Sygic-MMI maps for navigation. Brought a phone stand from eBay to fix the phone on the windshield. I also brought a tubeless puncture repair kit - fed up with the looting of local tyre shop guy. To fix a puncture, the local guys charges INR 100 where you can get a good quality kit with 5 strips for INR 200 or so.
  3. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    4th service update

    Completed very satisfied 3 years with my car last month and took him to the service today.

    Choosing the service centre:

    Last year saw lot of changes in personal front - I shifted my home and joined a new company and now my home is very near to Vecto and company is walk-able distance from KHT. Till date, all the service was done at Vecto and I am very happy with the service, but considering the fact that I have to go to Vecto on a Saturday to get my car serviced, made me think about shifting the service to KHT.

    After going through the thread, gained enough confidence and decided to take the plunge and booked for the first paid service with them.

    The KHT Experience:

    The call was attended promptly and I got the service booked on the desired date. I was asked to come between 9 to 9.30 and I reached KHT at 9 today, but the SA was yet to come (he was stuck in traffic - completely understandable because the traffic was bad today morning). While waiting, the lady at the reception showed me the accessories catalogue and politely enquired about my interests in any of the items shown in the catalogue (a very nice gesture). I wanted to buy a pair of neck restraints and she promptly showed me the details in her computer ans assured me that it will be delivered when I take the car after the service.

    Instead of waiting for SA to come, the gentleman who sits in the glass cabin opposite to the reception (sorry sir, forgot your name) came and took the inventory. By that time the SA (Sateesh) came and the file was handed over to him.
    He went through the history and explained to me what all needs to be done as a part of the 4th service. Other than the routine tasks, I opted for AC cleaning and coolant replacement (I foolishly mixed two different brand of coolant some time back). I was promised the delivery by 5 PM.

    In between, I got a call asking for my permission for front break pad replacement and disk skimming (since there was some marks on the disk as per SA), which I agreed to. At 22,500 KM, I think I got decent life from the disk pads.

    Got a call by 3.45 from SA - the car was ready. Went to collect the car by 4.30 and the car was ready. The billing took another 10-15 minutes (going over the bill, explanation of all work done, payment etc). All the changed spares where kept in boot and the SA came and showed me the oil and coolant levels, after the change. He also asked me to get in touch with him if I face any issues. The car was really clean, and all the works where done before the promised time.

    The total bill came to 14,114 INR, but the regular service cost was only 6768 INR.

    Quick Breakup:
    Front break pad work - 4806 (Incl of disk skimming, break pads cost and labour to change the break pads)
    AC cleaning - 842
    Coolant - 1194
    Neck rest - 504
    Regular service cost - 6768 (Incl of Service charge, Oil, oil filter,air filter, fuel filter, pollen filter, windshield shampoo etc)

    All in all, a very satisfactory experience from KHT - a well deserved 10/10 for the service.
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  4. shams

    shams Esperto

    ^^anoop, did you check the skimmed disk? Asking this because from what i know this work is done in lathe shops and as far as I know kht does not have a lathe workshop in sc.

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  5. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Hi Shams, I did not personally checked the skimmed disk - they did inform me that they have to take the disks to an outside workshop to get the skimming done.

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