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Chronicles of Jai Sackett – 3 yr and 4th service update

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by anoop, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Got the lights fixed at last!

    After reaching home, I took the car to my trusted mechs place to get his opinion about fixing the driving lights - he guided me to the correct people and we fixed the driving lights. I took the car to a lathe shop and got the bumper removed there. The guys at lathe shop took the measurements for making the L clamps and spot welded the clamps on the metal beam behind the front bumper.

    The electrical guy then came and did the initial part of wiring and we fixed the bumper back. After that, I took the car to the electrical shop (a stone’s throw away from the lathe shop) and there we worked on the wiring. The guy was a real pro, and did a very good and neat job - it took him almost 3 hours to complete the job. The switch was placed neatly inside the cubby hole on the left side near the steering (Just below the left side AC vent, where the higher models have switches for headlight beam adjustment etc).

    The materials used:

    Finolex 5mm automotive grade wire - 7 mtrs
    Sleeve for covering the wire - 7 mtrs
    Relay (PNP make) - 1
    Blade type fuse holder with 30A fuse - 1
    Piano switch (heavy duty) - 1
    Spade connectors
    Insulation tape

    Total labor cost - 200 for removing and remounting the bumper, 150 for lathe work, 200 for electrical work.

    Unfortunately, I could not take any wip pictures other than just the pics after removing the bumper.


    Verdict: The light throw is good. Now I can see road even if the oncoming traffic do not dim their headlights. I used the light while driving back from Kerala and the early morning drive (started at 4 am) was much easier.

    Future plans: If Neolite can have this much difference, I can only imagine what kind of difference a Hella or Lightforce can make. I have to start saving up for an upgrade soon ;)

    The Final Look

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  2. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Its time to renew the insurance - I am currently evaluating quotes from Bajaj Allianz and Future Generali. My last policy was with FG.

    For the next year, FG have given me a quote for 7977 INR, for an IDV of 406620. BA have given me a quote for 7,407 INR for an IDV of 4,20,000 INR. Policy Bazaar is offering me a quote for 7,600 INR for an IDV of 4,00,000.

    As of now, it seems like a no brainer and I plan to go with BA - will keep updated after I get the policy done.
    (All these quotes are with no voluntary excess - only the mandatory 1000 INR deductible is applicable. For a Voluntary deductible of INR 2500, BA is ready to lover the quote to around 6,200 INR - should I bite the bullet, or go with no Voluntary excess?)
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  3. Fiat-Yamaha

    Fiat-Yamaha Superiore

    re: Chronicles of Jai – the T.Wine 1.3 MJD Punto Active (2 yr and 3rd service update)

    Anoop go for BA they have a good cashless network and hassle free claim service. Even my punto insurance is vth BA for past 2yrs and again this yr Im continuing vth BA but I have Bumper to bumper policy(100% on all parts) means only 1k vll b charged during claim. Premium vll be expensive by 3-4k.

    Dont go for Voluntary deduction.

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  4. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Lights ON please :ugeek:
  5. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Thank you Sunil. On further negotiation, BA agreed for a premium of 7,407 for an IDV of 4,20,000. I just finished renewing the policy online, and I got the policy document also. They said they will mail me a hard copy of the policy document within 2 weeks.

    Will try to click, but trust me, the real effect is tough to capture in a picture. :cool

    With OE HL+ Aux lights, I am seeing an increase of around 30-40 kmph speed in my night drives.
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  6. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    2nd year - 3rd service update.

    Few days before, one of my aux lights got knocked off - courtesy kids playing \ cycling in the apartment parking lot. Felt sad but at the same time, thanked my stars that it was not something super expensive.

    I called up Vecto during mid may to book for my 3rd service and got the slot for June 3rd so left my car at Vecto for the 3rd service.

    The Security put the plastic cover on the driver’s seat the moment I parked my car.

    I was attended by Karthik (no waiting - probably because I was the 1st customer today)and I checked with him if I can purchase additional items like windscreen washer concentrate etc over the counter and he said I can absolutely buy ANYTHING over the counter, excluding the oil (because Oil comes in big barrel, they cannot sell it over the counter).

    He gave me a rough estimate first, but I wanted a detailed break up - he patiently keyed up the estimate, took a printout and handed it over to me.

    I tried to talk my way into not replacing all the oils (. I had no intention of doing it, just wanted to gauge his reaction if a customer insists), but he politely insisted that on the long run, it is better to replace the oils because if I did not, my extended warranty will get void.
    He did not try to sell me anything extra (no decarb, no this cleaning, that cleaning etc). All in all, a very good first impression.

    I reached Vecto by 5.55 and as promised, my car was ready. Karthik was attending another customer, so I waited till he was free (for hardly 5 minutes). I had no complaints so it was just a routine service.

    We took the car and I made sure that everything was done to my satisfaction - the car was cleaned well inside and outside. They had replaced the air filter cover but since my car was out of warranty, I had to pay for it. I first thought this is a replacement from FIAT, so I not convinced that I have to pay for this - Karthik tried explaining me this, but I insisted on speaking to Mr.ChannaBasappa. He also explained me that this is a preventive measure by Vecto, Fiat have not issued an order to replace it all cars (like clutch slave cylinder replacement) and they do it under warranty if the car is under warranty.

    I was happy with the explanation, so I decided to pay for it. As requested, I got a bottle of windscreen washer concentrate over the counter, but it totally slipped my mind to ask about airfiler as @Pdydeva have asked me - sorry bro.

    Karthik had to leave then to get an irate customer to Vecto ( This guy was on Hosur road but still could not manage to find the way to Vecto even after repeatedly guided by Karthik - at last, Karthink told him he will come and show the way ) so I went to the billing counter after shaking hands with Karthik. The billing is S-L-O-W, mainly because the software is very slow and takes ages to generate \ load the bill and gate pass. It took 40 minutes to get the billing done (I was 3rd guy in queue).

    My total bill came to 8,004 INR, excluding teh wheel balancing and alignment (plan to get it done at Madhus).

    All in all, a happy experience. I was really concerned after reading so many negative posts about Vecto but may be I was lucky, I did not experience any of it.

    Some interesting facts:

    • The interior was really clean - no smudge marks, no grease marks. There was no smell of the cleaning liquid also.:clapping
    • As of now, the oil filter is costly than the oil :eek:
    • There was no feed back form like we used to get at Prerana.
    • Though the workshop if full, there is no hustle bustle like in Prerana. The whole experience felt much better.
    • One of the strings which attach the rear parcel shelf was broken and I missed pointing it out for replacement, and it was not replaced. It would have been nice if this was attended to, but no big issue.

    The Bill:


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  7. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Thanks Anoop. This is the kind of review that really helps us to understand the quality of service offered by a specific FASS. You have clearly stated the positives, the negatives and the "would have been nice" aspects. No amount of waxing eloquent about a specific FASS will bring as much value as this review.

    BTW, oil is Rs. 41.53 per 100 ml and oil filter is 358.95 per unit :D. Good to see that the FASS filled 3.2 lts as prescribed and charged you for just that, unlike some others who bill you for 4lts (the can capacity), but never bother to give you the left over excess. Also, I think FIAT said "Change the pollen filter during service", when they provided paper filter. Then they switched to nylon mesh and forgot to change the instructions. It is funny the FASS insists on following those instructions and replacing the nylon mesh filter :D

    Thanks again,

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  8. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    @rajan: Thank you bro, nice to know that you liked the review.

    My bad bro, when I said about Oil filter, what i meant was the Fuel filter. The oil costed INR 1521 while the fuel filter costed a whopping 2059 :eek:

    About the pollen filter, it is high time to update the instructions if they are still replacing the nylon mesh filter. But in my case, the old filter was paper, so any way, I would have changed it.
  9. Why for some people fuel filters costed Rs 1798 and for some Rs 2059?
  10. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Hi, Saw your car getting serviced at Vecto but i had doubt as it had only one Aux in the front..

    The Manual as well the bill says 3rd Free Service - 30000 Kms or 2 years which ever is earlier but you have given the punto for service at Mileage 15000 kms why so..?
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