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Chennai to Valparai

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by cvanandh, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Atlast after months of planning, we did manage to pull off this Chennai-Valparai trip last weekend. It was 1342kms in all with 12 members in 3 cars. The plan was to do it in 3 FIAT's but it did not happen and we had to be content with just two. Just posting a few for now:

    The Rides:




    More details and pictures from the trip to follow soon.
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  2. great pictures dude. the picture remind me my team outing from bangalore to valparai.. looks you have stayed in same guest house is it "Woodbriar bungalow "??
  3. Day1

    We started off from Chennai at about 5am on Friday, July 1. The following was the route that we took:


    We had breakfast on the way and then planned to stop for lunch in Dindigul. We reached Trichy without any hassles and it was on crossing Trichy that we got lost and all three cars took three different routes.

    The directions boards were incomplete and on the flyover, both the Sx4 and the Palio lost ways while the Linea took the de-tour to Dindigul correctly. We did manage to get back on track after a few kilometers. Even this did not prevent us from getting to Dindigul on time for lunch at Thalapakatti

    It was an extended lunch break of almost 2 hours and then we set off again towards Udumalpet. People who are not aware of this route from Udumalpet do note this diversion. After you cross Udumalpet, watch out for a junction called Mukkonam and take the left at that junction, which will lead you straight to Sungam. This road is two laned but is of good condition and less on traffic.

    From the Sungam junction, one needs to take the left to reach Aliyar dam. The right at that junction will lead you to Pollachi. By taking this route, one can save time and distance as you can reach aliyar without having to get to Pollachi.

    Though we had quite few breaks in between, we did manage to get to the Aliyar check post at about 4 pm. Made an entry at the check post and we started of on the scenic ghat. We stopped on quite few spots on the way and the photographers in every one woke up on seeing these locations. Posting a few of them in here:



    At hair-pin bend 1 of 40:









    The temperature did fall quickly and we reached Valparai at around 6:45 pm.


    We had booked the Villa Fair Winds (http://www.stayhomz.com/fairwinds.htm) guest house, a property of the Woodbrier group. The package confirmed with them was Rs.30,600/- for 12 members for 2 days inclusive of all meals. It works out to 1275 per head, per day.

    Some pictures from in and around the house:






    That was pretty much for Day1. Will update Day2 shortly.
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  4. HI Drive_drift, thanks. Yes you are correct. It is indeed the Woodbriar guest house.
  5. Day 2 (July 2, 2011)

    Day 2 was Saturday and there wasn't much of a plan. Started the day late and spent the early hours of the day with a slow stroll around the villa premises. After breakfast, we set off to the Lower Nirar dam. The dam was 12.5 kms from the villa. It was a leisurely drive that we took to the dam. The drive lasted for about 30mins.

    There wasn't much water in the dam and there were no other population in there other than us. Spent some time in there and our photographers were back to work. Some clicks on the way to the dam:





    At the Dam










    The Team:


    Few more click on the way back from the dam



    That was all for Day 2 as we headed back to the villa and remained there for the rest of the day.

    Day 3

    Day 3, Sunday was the return journey back to Chennai. We took a different route this time. The route was:

    Valparai - Aliyar - Sungam - Pollachi - Palladam - Kangeyam - Perundurai - Salem - Krishnagiri - Vellore - Chennai

    The roads were good throughout the journey. We started at 10 am from Valparai and reached Chennai at 11:30 pm. The return journey had about 4 to 5 stoppages including lunch at Avinashipalayam and Dinner at Ambur.

    Overall it was an enjoyable trip with 1342 kms of sheer driving pleasure.

    Driving Expenses:

    Here comes the important part. It was two diesel and one Petrol. All 3 cars were filled up in Chennai. The next fill in the onward journey was at Ottanchathiram after that we topped up at Salem on the return journey and then again on returning back to Chennai. The toll and fuel expenses are below:

    Toll 2.jpg

    As usual we did not pay at the last two toll plazas, ie., the one after Vellore, Chennaisamudram and the next at Sriperempudur.

    Fuel 2.jpg

    Considering that we drove at decent speeds and driving in ghat sections I believe the FE returned by all three cars are very respectable.

    But the fact that the fuel expense for Sx4 was equal to the expense of both Palio and Linea put together is just unbeatable in favor of the MJD's.
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  6. kedarbendre

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    Anandh nice photos & nice trip. Good to see such a beautiful pics. mond Blowing scenary.

    BTW Linea looks way better than the SX4. Palio MJD looks great than other 2 cars.
  7. Thanks a lot kedarbendre.

    A close shot of my Palio

  8. drarvindc


    Yeah, Palio is more impressive. Great pics Anandh, must have been a great trip.

  9. ramjn

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    Nice photos and you must have enjoyed the drive.

    Anandh, I don't understand this. How did you get rid of this toll?
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  10. teky

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    Two Honks and a dipper should magic on the leftmost toll.

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