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Chennai to Hyderabad - Route Queries

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by Rajith, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Rajith


    Would like to share my driving details from Chennai to Hyderabad, last week end. The car had just completed 740 kms and 45 days after delivery. The beauty of 75hp BNW made me to plan this drive and started all alone.:cool: Fed the tank with 45 lts and tyre pressure at 32 psi. Set the speed limit at 80. Armed with few music CDs started at 6 in the morning. Driving thru Sriperumbudur >> Walajapet >> turn right to Chitoor (breakfast) >> Rayachoti >> drive over steep hillock and few hairpin bends reached Cuddapah (lunch at APTDC, Byepass) >> turn left to Yerraguntla >> Tadipatri >> Gooty (tea break) >> Mahabubnagar >> Hyderabad.
    Drive from Chennai to Walajapet (4 lane) was excellent and from Chitoor to Cuddapah (2 lane was good barring few traffic). But from Cuddapah to Gooty, around 110 kms was bad as the road work is in progress. Agains from Gooty to Hyderabad (NH, 4 Lane) was excellent. Total distance was 803 kms and travel time around 15 hrs. A/c was on during day for almost 9 hrs. At destination, could see the fuel indicator well above the reserve mark and delighted to see the mileage @ 24.8.:p
    On return journey, the next day, refueled to full tank and drove thru ORR >> Narkatpally >> Nalgonda >> Suryapet >> Vijayawada >> Guntur >> Chilakaluripet >> Ongole >> Nellore>> Gudur >> Redhills >> Chennai. Driving in ORR was an excellent one till Narkatpally after which till Vijayawada, we need to switch between left and right side of the road, at many places, facing oncoming traffic. This is due to road work and though the laid roads are good, it still delay the travel time by more than 3 hrs. This stretch is almost 250+ kms. At Vijayawada, missed to take right turn and went into city. Could join the NH after around 10 kms of drive. From Chilakaluripet to Chennai it is breeze to drive. Distance covered was 786 kms. Fuel indicator was on the reserve mark and mileage was 23.7.
    I didn’t feel the strain in driving for almost 1600 kms in two days and at many places could not realize that I’m crossing the speed limit of 80 but only after it beeps. Handling of vehicle to negotiate the humps, bad roads was great. A/c at 1[SUP]st[/SUP] level was good even at noon.:) My Punto could also demonstrate its braking ability when an Alto took a sudden right turn from opposite direction, near Nellore bye pass. I was within 75 feet and @ 80 km and could stop it without a scratch. The Alto is fully loaded and I was appreciating my Punto which averted a major accident.:eek:
    One thing which I felt need to be improved is its stock head lamps. Its of no use in highways and traffic.
    Looking forward was its first service and would like to experience its power @ 120 in my next long trip to Mumbai or Kolkatta.
    Sorry could not take any pictures on way.
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  2. Excellent Rajith. Please reach Hyd' Tfian's when you are here next time. Mileage for a new car is outstanding. How are the road conditions ..
  3. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Are the road-widening works of Hyderabad-Vijayawada section nearing completion or far away from completion?
  4. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    ravi ji ,
    when i been to my native chilakaluripet(hyd-narkatpally-nalgonda-pidgurala-chilakaluripet) in last year month of sept the work was going -on, heavy traffic from hyd to narkatpally... was too much dust as well with heat :(

    i believe though your drive was good,u might have got some tuff time while passing though this section of AP :)
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  5. Rajith ..
    Congrats for the 2nd long drive .. I remember that the first long drive that you had in your car was for the meet :)

    And from that .. this was indeed a huge step ..

    Previously we travel as per requirement and after getting these cars we make the requirements for travelling .Fiat Effect ..

    Repleace the stock lamps with Osram NB + which is the best that you can get for the same config . But even that is not adequate for the highway drive.On highway best are HIDs or projectors ..

  6. Rajith


    Thanks all for your compliments.

    Hyd - Vjwada -Though the completed sections are good to drive the road work may take more than a year to link and make it a perfect stretch. Driving was tuff at some stretches.

    Ajit, what watt you suggest to replace with...
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  7. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Rajith, among the two routes, which one you felt is a better route? I haven't explored any part of AP yet. Planning to drive down to Hyd in the near future.
  8. Osram NB + comes with the same watt of stock . So no issues . I am currently using it . It is much much better than stock . But only issue is that it is worst than stock during rain .Again , here we have less rainy days :)

    Wating for some Vitamin M so that I can upgrade to projectors ..

  9. Rajith


    Ajit, thanks. Let me check out.

    Ramjn, there preferable route is via Chitoor, Cudappah, Gooty and Hyderabad. Though it is little roundabout, you can enjoy the drive for major portion of the distance. Between Cudappah and Gooty (around 110 kms) where top layer of road is being laid, rest is breeze to drive.
  10. teky

    teky Esperto

    90/100 is better than NB+, I experienced this once when ramjn and myself were traveling. ramjn's Linea even with H1 & H7 glowing at high beams couldn't match the 90/100. If you're doing night drives heavily my recommendation is 90/100, you would need to add additional relays and run risk of blackening the glass but for me safety is more important than these aspects. NB+ may be good at the regular speed limits but once you hit triple digit speeds 90/100 gives you that extra confidence.

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