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Chennai to Hogenekkal on my cuty red punto 90 hp

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by Cuty Red, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Srini , at the first time when I was not able to turn the key to switch engine on , then I tried turning the steering wheelbecause i thought that it was a lock .But nothing happened ..And when I was not able to turn the key after 4 -5 times. yeah we got scared.. And then i took the key off and then tried after few minutes and then the engine started .

    And as you mentioned may be it happened accidently and was indeed a steering lock . But i got tensed when i was not able to turn the key to on position even after 4 /5 tries.
    Also as roy mentioned i clearly remember that the front wheel was turned to one side when I stopped and came out for a break. I was just keeping rounds and checking all tyres etc ..

    Anyhow now i dont think that I will keep the front wheel to one side and then stop the car :)

    Ajit .

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    Yes Venkat .. It was indeed a great drive .. Good climate .. excellent road .. and indeed a good destination to visit . There was no much crowd .. A great place for a weekend visit . :)


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