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Chennai to Hogenekkal on my cuty red punto 90 hp

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by Cuty Red, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Friends this Saturday I had a long trip of ~ 700 kms in my cuty red ..

    Destination Hogenekkal ...

    As every other puntoen I too need just some reason to drive my beauty . So this saturday we planned to go to hogenekkal which is approx 350 kms from Chennai ..

    Start time:

    We planned to start at 5 AM so that we can avoid the rush at poonamalle. But against plan, my daughter wake up at 430 (Yeah, we were planning to lift her in sleep and put in car back seat :) ) .So
    had to spend extra 30 - 45 min at home .

    Filled diesel from the IOC petrol pump near airport. ~ 40 lts and started at 6 am.

    Route : Pallavaram - Kathipara - Poonamalle - NH4 - Vellore - Krishnagiri - Dharmapuri - Hogenekkal .

    Road condition: Before Poonamale around 100 mts small pot holes. Easily handled by my beauty .

    Total Toll : 40 + 40 + 90 + 90 ( 2 way trip )

    Avg speed : Most of the journey I maintained between 80 - 90 @ 2000 - 2200 rpm.


    Occasionally I rev to 2500 -2600to reach 110 for few secs and then again back to 80 -90 .

    Poonamalle - Sripermbatur - Surprised to see heavy traffic even at 6 30 - 645 am

    From here on excellent road. Reached vellore @ around 815 and before that i reached this figure.


    See the outside temp @ Vellore :) . I studied there for 3 years and I know what the name "Vayil Ooru" means. :)

    First pit stop @ Pallikonda HP COCO pump which is having Adayar bhavan and a CCD .Good parking facility and a good hotel with a decent rest room.

    Rate of food was also normal.

    Reached Krishnagiri after this sedate driving.. In between I have seen that almost all cars overtaking me including many altos / indicas which was like a insult to our beauty .But i controlled my
    urge by reminding to my wife that the car that we travel is a sports car and it can easily touch 150 kmph. :) .Also my aim of this travel is completely different .

    1. To see what can be the mileage of the car in 80-90 kmph. and mostly
    2.Have to reach the landmark of 4000 - 5000 km before I open up her.

    On reaching krishnagiri take a left turn on to NH 46 that takes us to dharmapuri . Another excellent stretch of 60 odd kms . On reaching dharmapuri , there is a left deviation to enter the town.
    Didnt took that and continue on to NH 46 . After the first flyover , before the 2nd flyover there is a left sideway. There is a sign board which says hogenekkal . Take it and take right turn just
    underneath the flyover.
    Another excellent stretch .But a few bad patches (of 50-100 mts) of gravel road. But my beauty took it with ease where other cars and sumos were struggling .
    After this stretch it is excellent road where we can easily travel @ 90 kmph.

    Fees @ hogenekkal :

    Entry Fees : 20 Rs ( need to write your vehicle name and # in a register )

    Panchayat Parking Fees : 20 Rs . This is crazy. No need to give it .You can say that you are going to park @ Tamilnadu guest house.

    Another 20 rs if we need to park @ Tamilnadu tourist house. Give this rather than the first one.

    This place is having lot of monkeys. So beware of them from snatching the packets for us.

    Another 5 rs per person inside + 10 rs for camera to go via hanging bridge. Worth giving this .

    Another 3 rs per person if we need to go to main water falls and from where we can go for boating.

    Boating fees (If we can call that a boat) : They asked for 600 for a family or 900 per boat (with extra members) .Gave 600 rs and took the boat. Finished the boating in 1-2 hrs . Out of which more than 1 hr we were walking and exploring the forest. and seeing the Karnataka border. In this walk we can see the main falls ..

    Few pics from hogenekkal

    Boat Journey starts from here ..






    That is the captain of our boat ..

    Return was around 20 -30 min in boat. And reached near to our location where our car was parked.

    Started the return journey and in between we stopped for 30 min to have our lunch which we carried with us. Also found some time to click these pics. I cant stop taking the pics of both these beauties.


    And about 5 -6 kms before reaching dharmapuri , I saw a grapes farm(we saw the same on our way to hogenakkal and decided that we will explore it when we return).Stopped there and brought a kg of
    fresh graps. Cost 50 /60 rs per kg for 2 varieties. Also took their permission to go inside and see the grapes farm. All were seeing that for the first time . And took these pics.

    From dharmapuri drove till poonamalle without a break since my daughter was sleeping.

    From Chennasamudram toll plaza itself the traffic starts. And from sriperumbudur it becomes heavy and i had to reduce the speed to 40 50 kmph.

    Pals one suggestion on the car . The stock lights are really useless @ nite .I was hardly able to see the road on low beam and occasionally i want to put the high beam to see the curves.

    Now the important part:

    Total Distance covered: ~ 710 kms.


    Mileage : 20.4 kmpl. ( It was infact 21 and had to stop near dlf for more than an 30 min to get the dinner parcel. Whole time my car engine was on with AC).Also last 50- 60 kms was in heavy
    traffic where max speed i was able to maintain is 50 kmph.

    AC on for the whole travel.

    Avg speed : 62 kmph. Again shows 59 because of the above halt of 30 min and heavy traffic.


    Issues Faced:

    1. During one of the stop near hogenekkal , I was not able to start the engine . I was not able to turn the key to position even after 4 -5 tries. But when i tried after a min it switched on .Not
    aware of any reason . If anyone has faced the same issue earlier , please let me know .

    2. I had the AC in air rotate mode. On my return journey after approx 2 hrs some chemical smell started to come. It was there for few minutes till of the AC . And when i switched on after 5 minutes
    the smell was not there. At this time the AC was not in air rotate mode. Any one faced similar issues ?

    Great suspension. Great control on curves. ABS advantage.

    The boot space is too huge and can easily store for a 2 day trip for a family.

    Infact apart from above 2 issues it was a very pleasant journey.

    I love my beauty .So does my family .And infact for we 3, the love towards our beauty has increased after this journey .

    So now planning to another trip to some other place on another weekend.

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  2. Toruk_Macto

    Toruk_Macto Amatore

    Great travelogue Ajit. Simple and straight. I could imagine the travel and time spent with this beauty.

    I am also planning a trip from Mumbai to Navsari (Gujarat) during Christmas time. Total distance will be around 600 kms. Already counting days.

    Regarding the first issue, was it a steering lock ? Once I tried moving the steering without key in ignition and it locked. Had to try 4-5 times with key in and moving steering and then it started.
  3. Thanks Toruk_Macto ..

    I dont think it was steering lock. I am well aware of that steering lock .Anyhow I hope that it wont happen again ..

  4. teky

    teky Esperto

    Good one Ajit, you are tempting me now. May be I will do this next weekend. Was this done as a day trip, wasn't that tiring?

    Also it's better to avoid Sriperumbandur both ways. I always take Tambaram - Oragadam - Sriperumbandur. roads are excellent bar some stretches and you avoid traffic and toll as well.

    Why this kolaveri on Fiat
  5. Hey Suresh..
    Yeah it was a one day trip .. Started from home @ 6 am and reached back @ 9 30 pm . I love driving .. And yeah I was tired like hell because on friday i was able to reach home by only 11 from office and got only 3-4hrs of sleep .

    But a good option will be a 2 day trip . First day go to Kolli hills ( beautiful hill station .and you will enjoy the 70 odd hairpin turns :) ) and nxt day morning go to hogenekkal . But I was planning to go to kolli hills with one one my friend. So made this one day plan .

    Yeha next time i will take this route from tambaram.I was afraid of the road condition after that heavy shower .

  6. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    Excellent narration Ajit. Pics are great. Tempting me, I have started planning one..
  7. royj

    royj Esperto

    Great trip. Hogenekkal is a place in my agenda as well been there once several years ago. Need to find out which would be the best route to this place from Trivandrum.

    As mentioned earlier by Toruk_Macto, I too have faced the issue with steering lock a couple of times. Happens if you pull out the key with the front wheels turned to one side. But since you are sure this is not the case, I am not able to identify the issue.

    And Nice pics!!
  8. Thanks Srini ..

    ---------- Post added at 09:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:28 PM ----------

    Thanks Roy ..

    Yeah i remember that the front wheels were turned to one side . My ignorance .. I was believing that this steering lock happens when we switch off , take the key out and then if we turn the steering then it locks. I thought that this is the only way to get a steering lock .

    if you think that what I faced is also a steering lock then well I am happy and thanks to you and toroco :)

  9. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    Ajit, you are correct. Just wheels turned to one side will not lock the steering. However, it is very easy to accidentally turn the steering wheel and lock if the wheels are already turned to the side. One question - do you remember turning the steering wheel to start the engine?
  10. eNVe

    eNVe Amatore

    Dude... Awesssssssssomeee trip you had...

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