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Chennai-Ooty-Chennai planned for Third week of March

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by Iluvpunto, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. esskay

    esskay Timido

    Thanks to Iluvpunto I had The pleasure of visiting Avalanche , took The beautiful Kothagiri route! I went on12-14 june..very sunny days,now SW monsoon is there it will be unpredictable weather. I took the forest van ,The wait for that was worth a germ!

    Further went to Korakundah,the tallest tea estate(8000ft)in the world!!! at the edge of the Silent valley

    Pictures of Bhavani river in Avalanche & the Korakundah tea estate!










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  2. Iluvpunto

    Iluvpunto Amatore


    Thats some amazing places you have covered! With regards to the wait for forest van, just because of that we skipped it as I had taken my 9 months old boy with me. A trip just after the rainy season would reward us with the best possible views as the lake will be full of water.
  3. hello2anand

    hello2anand Amatore

    Made the trip to Coonoor last week end. The trip was special as we visited specific places that we have seen before.....

    ramjn, You are correct. No crowd & a lot of mild showers.

    Iluvpunto, Thanks for the timing...We reached checkpost at 11 AM sharp. Luckily, we met a family from Chennai who were waiting for few more folks to join the eco cab. It was a comforting ride for all of us in the cab as we were only 5 (including the family from chennai). It was very windy & misty so we couldn;t get a very good glimpse of the places but we enjoyed the ride. By the time we returned back to the checkpost, I almost had a second shower for the day.
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  4. hello2anand

    hello2anand Amatore

    Correction !! Made the trip to Coonoor last week end. The trip was special as we visited specific places that we have NOT seen before.....
  5. aruncep

    aruncep Amatore

    Anand, can you please let us know about those specific places you visited and also your feedback of those places? Thanks in advance. This will help people who are planning for a visit to Ooty. :)
  6. hello2anand

    hello2anand Amatore

    We started from BLR on Saturday morning at 5 AM. For a change, we wanted to take a longer route (which eventually felt we were on a faster route) to reach Coonoor. We took BLR - Krishnagiri - Salem - Bhavani - Gopichetipalayam - Sathymangalam - Mettuplayam - Kotagiri - Coonoor. The roads were in super good condition, so no problem at all. Drove approx 390 Km one way with an average of 5.8 litre/100 km. Took 6 hrs & 20 min (door 2 door, drive alone) to reach Coonoor.

    Following are the places we visited this time in Coonoor/Ooty. IMO, the first two are something not to be missed if you plan for a trip to Ooty.

    1. Avalanche (previous posts in this thread say it all). Certainly a must to see place.
    2. Kodanad & Kodanad View Point (approx 32 km from Coonoor). The current Tamilnadu CM Jayalalitha owns approx. 1600 acres of tea estate in that region. For this very reason, we were told the roads were so neatly laid all the way from Mettupalayam till Kodanand. We also had a glimpse of her huge bungalow which was at a downhill. Kodanad view point by itself provides a very good panoramic & mesmerizing view of Bhavani sagar dam, thengumaranda. Another must to see place if you like a pleasant & smooth drive. Good option to enjoy Mother Nature in a 'no-crowd' zone
    3. Lord Murugan Temple, Elk Hill (Behind Rose Garden, Ooty) - It’s a small replica of the Malaysia Murugan Temple. If you are a devotee, then a 'must to visit' place. The approach is narrow & steep.

    We also visited Dolphins Nose, Sims part & Ooty botanical garden. These are regular ‘places of interest’ which everyone should be aware of.

    Will soon upload the pics....
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