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Chariot of our Little Prince (our son) - Linea 1.3 MJD Emotion TW!!!

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by Crazy Fiatian, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Crazy Fiatian

    Crazy Fiatian Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Dear Friends - First of all "Wish you Happy and prosperous new year 2014", Let me start my ownership thread on a new year day :p

    It's high time for me to create an ownership thread of my Linea 1.3 MJD Emotion (Tuscan Wine) and would like to keep this thread updated.

    I bought this car from RDC (Anna nagar), Chennai. OTR comes to Rs.10.08L with extended warranty (i.e 3+2 years). Freebies are Moulded mud flap (good), Floor mat (below average) and reverse parking sensor (requested them not to fit and got it in hand).

    Basically I am a kind of person who would spend lot of time to find a quality/good/VFM product, once found stick with my decision and enjoy the product, no matter what others think/comment. I got questions from few others like if you are ready to spend Rs.10L, Why you chose Fiat? I told them that if it's not Fiat I don't need a car, my little Alto is doing its job pretty well, the reason I spent Rs.10L is ONLY because of FIAT. I'm sure those persons would think that I have gone mad, that's totally fine, let me enjoy my ride.

    Here is my introduction thread --> http://www.teamfiat.co.in/introduce-yourself/10297-hi-everyone.html, those who read this know that I started my hunt with Punto 90HP NPW, booked Linea 1.3 MJD Dynamic NPW and now bought Linea 1.3 MJD Emotion (Tuscan Wine).

    I have posted below questions in my introduction thread and now I am started getting answers for my questions.

    --> Fiat was in India for a long time, but still it couldn't get good market share compared to other car manufactures (I didn't mean MJD here ), then why do we have lots of followers/lovers?
    --> Fiat was well known for Service/Spare parts/niggling issues, then why these guys are this much crazy?
    --> When someone buy 'X' brand car, they feel like they have bought a car or added one more car in his garage, but when someone buys Fiat they feel like they have bring home a family member, how a car can create a bond with people?
    --> I could see a dedicated website for Fiat with lot of Fiat lovers, AFAIK I think in India we don't have any website dedicated for a particular car brand. What's special with Fiat?

    Stage 1: Choosing Punto or Linea MJD
    I wished our baby's first drive should be in new Fiat but I missed it due to financial situation, then I decided at least by his 1st birthday which was on 11-Dec-2013 (11-12-13 nice date na? :) seems my boy is too lucky) I need to buy a Fiat either Punto or Linea MJD.

    Let me start with the Question and answers that came up during the entire buying process and the twist in the tale. I would like to narrate this with a discussion between my Brain and Heart, the main reason I am putting all this is, there could be someone who are planning to buy Fiat might undergo same situation as mine, if it help them a bit I'd be glad and more over I am not a techie at least this way I can help others who are in the same dilemma whether to go for Punto or Linea MJD.

    Brain : Since you already own an Alto, Why the hell do you need a Car now that too you are paying a hefty EMI amount for home loan?
    Heart : Because I badly/madly need a Fiat. Also, as decided I need to own a House and Car on my own before I complete my 20's, now it's my turn to buy a car.

    Brain : Do you think Alto is not a car?
    Heart : Alto is a very good car, but I bought Alto to learn driving and I can't think that I have reached my goal here.

    Brain : OK, if that's the case why can't you get Punto MJD 75HP Emotion or 90HP? So that you can save Rs.2L+ that should reduce your burden.
    Heart : Yes, that's right. As you very well know me that if I buy hatchback now and in next 2 or 3 years I will ask for Sedan, so in that case if I sell Punto and buy Linea there would be a heavy loss, as I already would have paid lot of interest for my Car loan during initial period and Punto depreciate its value and I have to pay huge amount for Linea which didn't make much sense for me, rather buy sedan now itself and stick with it for at least 5+ years.

    Brain : Hey, do you know Punto 90HP is real fun to drive car?
    Heart : Yes, I totally agree, compared to Linea, Punto is real fun to drive car, as most of our TFI members says it loves corner. Now being a family man, father of 1 year old cute boy, I would need comfort as I would like to be a sedate driver and also I need that big boot for my long travels, but if I am bachelor I would blindly go for Punto 90HP.

    Brain : What are all things make you to consider Linea instead of Punto?
    Heart :
    Advantages I see in Linea over Punto --> Comfort (definitely Linea got better seat than Punto), Big boot, Feel quicker than Punto, Same Engine in Punto 90HP and Linea MJD (maintenance/mileage will be more or less same, why do I need to spend X amount for Hatchback, instead I can spend the same X amount for Sedan), turning radius too don't make a big difference between Linea and Punto, Rs.1L discount and above all Sedan is a Sedan.

    Advantages I see in Punto over Linea --> Fun to drive/No body roll/Loves Corner, Needs less parking space, Can Save Rs.2L+ (Less EMI amount)

    Brain : OK, seems you set your mind with Linea, won't hear me anymore. I agree that Airbag/ABS is must, so why don't you go with Linea MJD Dynamic instead of Linea MJD Emotion. Dynamic variant got everything more than what you need. As many of them suggests Linea has good handling with 15" alloy wheel compared to 16" alloy wheel and 15" alloy feel quicker with lesser body roll. Dynamic variant got 195mm tyre which cost around Rs.5k per tyre, but if you go for Emotion you will have to spend for Rs.7k per tyre as it comes with 205mm tyre. Emotion variant got costly chrome lines all over the car, so if in case of any minor accident, need to pay for both chrome and body work.
    Heart : Yes, I accept all your valid points and I know I am making kind of bad decision here, if dynamic got leather seats I would go for it, though we have lot of experts in doing Seat covers, I don't want to take any chance, rather I like everything to be factory fitted to avoid some heart burns. Also, 15" alloy with raised GC looks somewhat annoying and 16" looks OK, but still I like the lower GC for pre 2012 Linea. I have to make myself ready for the disadvantages in Emotion variant. Moreover Rs.40k more for Leather seats, Chrome lines, bigger alloy/tyres and Rear Sun Curtain should be a good deal.

    Brain : Hmmm...I'm tired. At least you should go with New Pearl White, so scratches won't be much visible.
    Heart : Yes, I too need New Pearl white, but my wife likes Tuscan Wine. So to end this, myself and my wife asked our baby to pick a chit, I was looking at least one time he picks NPW so that I can end my deal (how cruel I am :)) to our surprise ALL 4 times he took Tuscan wine :( then I left and decided to go with Tuscan Wine, might be god wants us to go with Tuscan Wine. I am not Tuscan Wine hatter, actually TW looks grand on Linea and Punto, only issue is dark colours are very difficult to maintain.

    Brain : Let's Jesus help/save you. Anyway good luck.
    Heart : Hoping so, Thanks buddy :)

    Stage 2 : During PDI
    I did a PDI in RDC Yard on 30-Nov-2013 which is in Ramapuram with the help of TFI checklist, I should be thankful for ALL you guys.

    I requested them to wash the vehicle before doing PDI, but it didn't happen and there was not a single drop of diesel in the car so I couldn't test AC effectiveness/functions.

    Moreover I can't drive the vehicle and check for any excessive noise, vehicle pulling etc later everything seems to be fine. If I had time, I would have told them to wash/clean the vehicle and fill some diesel then I do the PDI.

    Anyhow I guess most dealers won't allow driving the vehicle which is in yard, at least we can check for any excessive engine noise, AC effectiveness etc.

    My request to everyone is don't take chances/risk like me, things won't work all the time. For example, if AC is not working then it's our headache to running behind the dealers to get it fixed.

    From my childhood onwards, whatever things/relation I get, I strongly believe that god gave me this, so it WILL BE THE BEST. I will do my best to keep up the things/relations as much I can and leave the rest to god. So far, I didn't fail :) Glory to Jesus.

    I have verified other features with the help of Sales Executive (Mr. Mohamad Ismail) and the security personnel (don't know his name) in the yard, because I don't know to verify most of the features in the car, they helped me a lot, BIG thanks to them.

    One issue I found is Rear Left Speaker not working, SA assured me that it will be fixed before delivery. I have given green light for further process, Signed SBI Car loan document the same day and paid down payment. SBI Car Loan interest comes to 10.75% it got increased from 10.45%.

    I had requested my SE to make sure No pooja/ribbon/Stickers on the car, just need the car clean with proper documents. I told him not to fix reverse parking sensor and reduce that cost but he said it's not possible and suggested me to take the reverse parking sensor with you and fix it whenever you need, I was ok with that.

    Few pictures while doing PDI :





    Stage 3 : During delivery
    Delivery date got postponed couple of times due to delay in registration and rain, I don't want to take my new car while raining and I am not that confident to drive the car in rain and night time, also I requested my SE to deliver the car during day time.

    Myself, wife and our baby went to RDC Anna Nagar showroom on 8-Dec-2013. I took my camera and decided to take lot of pictures to post it in TFI and also keep it as cherish able memory forever, but few things upset me.

    I saw some scratches in driver/passenger side running board, may be it happened with shoes while getting out, Rear Left Speaker issue not fixed and interior not cleaned properly. On seeing those, I stopped taking pictures and addressed this to SE then RDC Anna nagar Manager Mr. Muthukumar intervened and said either take the car now, we will send the driver to your place, pick the car and deliver it at your door step or we will fix it and deliver it by tomorrow. I told him that I am scared to leave my car as it might get few more scratches and decided to take the car that day itself.

    I was like just get the key and leave the place as soon as possible, I know it can be fixed easily, but somehow I couldn't console myself instantly. Just for namesake took couple of photos based on wife's request like handing over key and left the place.

    I got the documents along with owner's manual, moulded mud flap, floor mats, Haldiram's sweet and chocolates. I gifted my SE a Leather Wallet, I must thank Mr. Mohamad Ismail (SE) for providing wonderful support throughout the process, one thing which I expected from him is he should or must have checked the speaker issue before delivering, though I addressed to him quite a few times, but again nobody can be 100% perfect.

    Later I got consoled thinking that god will always give me the best, if he allowed few issues to happen there should be some reason behind, instead of thinking about those issues I started thinking that I got a goddamn car Linea :) and enjoying every bit of it.

    Got some rusted screws, my bad, I missed it in PDI, checked with Ramkay they said they don't have spares (can't believe though) :

    Few pictures while taking delivery :




    Stage 4 : After delivery
    Mr.Muthukumar (RDC Anna Nagar Manager) informed about the issues to Service team and next day (9-Dec-2013) I got a call from Mr.Raghuram (Service Manager) and said they will be sending a mechanic to my place to check speaker issue. "Service on the move" vehicle came on time (in fact that gentleman came 15 mins late due to taking wrong route, he apologized for didn't come on time, very good gesture from him, I appreciate that very much for considering other's time), he tried his best to fix it and he told me to bring the vehicle to RDC service centre. Mr.Raghuram also called and asked for an appointment so that RDC driver can pick the vehicle from my home, as I was busy with our baby's 1st birthday function, I told him that I was scared on RDC Service centre because of making dents/scratches in customer's car, he told that he will take care for the car, I said I will call him back.

    After couple of days, Ms.Anisha (RDC CRM) too called and I told her the same thing, she informed it to Mr.Raghuram and again Mr.Raghuram called and again assured me that he will take care of the vehicle and nothing wrong happen to it. I was floored by the quick response from RDC management team, special thanks to Mr. Muthukuar (RDC Anna nagar manager), Ms. Anisha (CRM) and Mr. Raghuram (Service Manager) but still I am not confident to leave my car with RDC due to some negative feedback by our members, I sent an email with photos along with my feedback to RDC management and they acknowledged it pretty well.

    So far covered 700kms in my Linea, enjoying every bit of driving.

    Things I observed/liked/doing with my Linea MJD (most of the comparison are with my Alto) :
    --> Looks good/ Sturdy built (most of the times I don't lock the door properly first time due to solid built :))/Lot of Features (should say more than I need)/ 16" alloy with 205mm tyre/Leather Seat/ACC

    --> Excellent ride and handling with superb steering to hold

    --> Very refined and fuel efficient engine. In Chennai traffic I am getting an average consumption of 13.5 kmpl and above as per MID, think it's very decent mileage for a brand new car

    --> Started idling Linea for 30 seconds before moving the car and after switching it off as per our experts and also it is mentioned in the owner’s manual as well but in owner’s manual they didn’t say about any specific seconds if I am not wrong. I am started following this in Alto as well as in my bike.

    --> Music system is kind of OK, I don't see any upgrade needed for me as I normally hear songs with low volume. If you are a music freak or would like to hear with loud sound, probably you may need to change the speaker.

    --> Alto got indicators on right hand side and Linea got indicators on left hand side, which confuses me at times.

    --> I have the habit of resting the right hand on door pad while driving Alto, but in Linea I feel bit uncomfortable though I can place my left arm in armrest comfortably

    --> I feel Linea's power window switches are out of reach

    --> Linea is very spacious for me, might be the effect of Alto :)

    --> I bought car from RDC, went to Ramkay as well for water wash and checking few things, based on my experience with Fiat so far, I strongly feel that Maruti Service Masters (MSM) is anyday better for me in terms of service.

    --> Linea bonds with me and my family very quick, but Alto took 3 years to make that bond, that too we realised when we decided to sell it off, we felt the pain of missing Alto, because Alto got few sentiments like I learned driving in Alto (I bought it as second hand from Maruti True Value), my lover & wife (don't think me wrong, both are same :)) travelled in it before/after our marriage, our baby's first ride etc etc so thought to keep it with us, this tiny 8 years old boy does his duty extremely well and still going strong.

    Few questions on newbie's mind :
    --> Does Linea feel Underpower?
    NO, not for me. This 1.3L tiny engine MIGHT lose the race with 1.6L engines but am pretty sure that it will give tough competition for all 1.6L engines out there in India today, anyhow I am not going for any race, it solves my day to day purpose pretty well and I can save some bucks on maintenance and fuel bill. While doing Test Drive, when I drove the vehicle it was like a baby dancing to my tune, the driver who came along with the Sales Executive drove the vehicle for few kms to show me the Linea MJD's capability. Oh man!! then only I realized this baby got a monster inside, it depends on the person who behind the wheel.

    --> Does 16" alloy/205mm tyre affects the performance?
    I Test droved Linea 1.3 Dynamic (got 15" alloy) and Linea 1.3 Emotion (got 16" alloy), I don't see much difference may be I am new to diesel engine or I didn't notice that well, as per our experts 15" should be bit quicker that 16" alloy wheel. But I felt Punto 90HP to be slower that Linea while doing my short TD.

    --> I am coming from hatchback, Linea seems to be big car, Is that difficult to drive?
    Let me put it this way, I am coming from Alto and I can drive Linea pretty comfortably at very first time just couple of days with Linea takes away the fear of BIG car. I took Linea to T.Nagar/Nungambakkam quite a few times just couple of days after buying it, those who are in Chennai knows how congested those places are. Please make sure IRVM and driver/passenger side mirrors are adjusted accordingly as per the info given in this excellent thread (http://www.teamfiat.co.in/safety-fi...yourself-blindspot-your-sideview-mirrors.html), Thanks so much ketankhairnar for putting this nicely.

    Main thing is we always need to remember we have a BIG boot behind while taking reverse. Linea's side mirror’s got best viewing than Alto.

    Got Linea Tjet boot mat (Rs.690) from Ramkay :


    Car Cleaning items :
    Got 4 microfiber cloth (3 Autokrom for Rs.99 and 1 Sonax for Rs.199), Formula 1 Carnauba Wash & Wax 473 ml (Rs.250/-) and Formula 1 Scratch Out 227g (Rs.375/-) few days back from Shell Petrol bunk (Near Kamatchi hospital, Pallikaranai) :


    I am not going to spend too much money/time for cleaning as it’s not worth in Chennai pollution/dust. Planning to use Jopasu duster daily, Biweekly self washing and Bimonthly or Quarterly Foam wash from 3M. Yearly one complete interior cleaning from 3M. If you think is there anything I need to take care kindly let me know.

    Few Pictures of our little Alto (Hope you don't mind ;)) :




    Couple of questions :
    (i) When I turn the ignition key to MAR, I could hear a motor starting with some air leaking noise then it stops. After starting the engine, the same air leaking noise continues near wheel suspension, When I checked with Ramkay they told that it is due to diesel motor and this air leaking noise comes in all Punto and Linea Diesel engines, Is that true? I should have asked the SA to show some other Diesel vehicle, I was hurrying to office so didn't check that. Can someone confirm?

    (ii) Car is just 3 weeks old, when can I go for 3M’s Paint Sealant and Underbody coating? I guess it’s not needed for new car, but would need expert’s advice.

    Thanks everyone for reading this and apologize if I bored or killed your time.

    Have a great new year ahead..
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  2. teky

    teky Esperto

    Congrats Crazy Fiatian on your new acquisition. Happy to meet another Man U fan here!

    This is the fuel pump priming and it's absolutely normal.

    Don't do the Paint Sealant or the Under body coating. Fiat cars come with a layer of under body coating already. Just take good care of the paint by following the detailing threads here, TW is a difficult color to maintain but will shine to glory if kept well.
  3. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Congrats Crazy Fiatian on buying New Linea Emotion 1.3 mjd TW,
    Nice title of your thread,liked it.
    Superb pics of your little prince Chariot Linea.
    Great review
  4. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    Nicely Written man! :) Every time i see a Linea, I have a smile on my face. Ageless is the word for it. Congrats and Drive safe! Happy New Year..
  5. Crazy Fiatian

    Crazy Fiatian Amatore

    Linea 1.3

    Thanks for your wishes and Seems you got excellent eyes buddy :p

    Does the noise continues after the engine starts till it switched off ?

    Sure teky, thanks for letting me know..

    Thank you Nadeem!! Actually I felt like we bought a Chariot (Linea) for our little boy.

    Very true jishnu, Punto and Linea got ageless design. Thank you and Happy New year..
  6. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Congratulations on the Linea MJD and the colour looks fantastic on the car.

    I like the jugalbandi between the heart & brain conversations. Good to know the heart won but dont worry, the brain will also agree to the decision very soon.

    I read on the forum, the Wolfmoto is visiting Chennai - any thing planned for the Linea?

    Hapy mile crunching and drive safely.
  7. pdash

    pdash Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Congrats... wish you happy miles
  8. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    Congrats on your new purchase and yes this noise will continue till it is switched off, don't worry too much about it :)
  9. edurgesh

    edurgesh Novizio

    Congrats Crazy Fiatian, your Linea looks really great in TW color! Enjoyed reading the whole story. :)
  10. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    A very interesting and a lovely write up.
    First accept my bow/appreciation for owning a big car,house and staring a family while in 20s
    After J.Ravi ji, it's in you that I see a responsible parent for both the car and the kid.
    The dialogue between the heart and the brain was very interesting,only showes how responsible you are.
    Writting about the kid and family in between was very nice,showed how you treated your car as a family member.
    Imho.you should have retained the Alto as well.
    Congratulations. Happy motring.
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