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Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by manasmadaan, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Dear all FIATans

    i am going to jim corbett with my family that includes a i year kid. I ll like to have suggestions for the route to be followed from chandigarh to JC and any suggestions or precautions to be taken along..
    I have the following route in mind.

    Chandigarh / Ambala -70- Ponta Sahib -49- Dehradun -46- Rishikesh -25- Haridwar -56- Najibabad -71- Kashipur -30- Corbett ( 347 KM )

    1.Any other better route?
    2. what are the road conditions in this route?
    3. should we cover the entire trip in one go or take a break at say, rishikesh or haridwar and cover the rest the next day?
    4. Any information abt places to visit in and around JC are welcome too

    we re staying at club mahindar resort there. anyne with experience of that?
  2. @Manas good choice...so you are going to zim Corbett via Rishikesh. I can remember my trips of Corbett and Rishikesh. people usually go to Corbett to spot the Lion,but for us it was a not an easy task.Because it is a thick forest there and Mr. Lion,usually is not ready for studio shoot. :mrgreen: you may need to stay there for a week to see the Lion.
    We were not so lucky ::V .
    You can also go to Rishikesh when you return.There is a good thing to do Water Rafting.Believe me it is a great adventures thing.
    here are some pics of our tours.
  3. Zim corbett and Rishikesh




  4. @ vinay,, ice set of pics.. and must say, ur linea looks smashing...
    we ll be there for 4 day. lets hope :) we get lucky
    1 question?? is there river rafting at corbett as well?
  5. nope..dear.. It is only at Rishikesh. I will advice you to make advance booking before going there. then you can do "Camping" @river sight.A night stay @ the River Bank will be an incredible experience.
  6. Viny

    Viny Esperto


    Zim nahi Jim
    Aur Lion nahi Tiger dekhne jaate hai log Corbett mein :)

    Awesome photos, Thanks for share..
  7. ::O ....may be Tiger but How can I tell you When we were not able to spot even a Cat :devil.We Stayed there for 5 days in JIM CORBETT. :wink:
  8. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Agree, finding Tiger in JC is not easy for that matter any National Park its difficult until unless it Kanha National Park, where the rangers have radios to communicate & helps in spotting a big cat(s)



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