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Carputer for Fiat Linea Emotion Pk

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by ishankarve, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. ishankarve

    ishankarve Novizio

    I am writing this post to describe my Linea Carputer Install as it progress. The aim is to build SST (Sasta Sundar Tikao) Carputer for my Linea and in the process minimize cabling and meddling with car electronics. As on date I have collected most of the hardware required for the install minus the monitor.
    The project is quite ambitious (to my standards) and I plan to increase my modding of the rig as the install and time progresses.

    • Motherboard CPU: Intel D410 Atom Box Pack - Rs 3000
    • 1 GB DDR II 800 MHz RAM - Rs 1000
    • 250 GB Seagate SATA Momentus Laptop HDD - Rs 2000
    • Bluetooth Dongle - Rs 100
    • M3 ATX 125W HV Power Supply - $57 + $25(shipping)
    • M350 Mini ITX Cabinet - $37 + $25(shipping)
    • Holux Bluetooth M100C GPS tracker/logger - Rs 2400
    • 7" USB powered touchscreen monitor - Not bought (probably in next month salary budget Rs 9000 approx)

    • Centrafuse 3.0 with Satguide maps
    • Linux ICE frontend

    Last Known Good State
    CPU is working. Infact I am writing this post from the same Carputer CPU

    Help Wanted
    Request guidance on wiring my PSU to car electronics. It has got 3 wires +12v, GND and Ignition.
  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice work. BTW, where do you plan to keep the CPU in car?
  3. ishankarve

    ishankarve Novizio

    In all probability below drivers seat.
    The case which I have selected, mounts comfortably below drivers seat
  4. ishankarve

    ishankarve Novizio

    Spre PSU for sale

    Sorry mods for posting the content here..
    I have a spare M2 ATX 125 PSU for carputer. Anybody body intrested can contact me or visit
    http://cgi.ebay.in/Mini-ITX-M2-Car-PC-D ... 4152b31dc2
    It bought it but could not use it as my case was smaller than I expected it to be.
  5. rajeev_pillai

    rajeev_pillai Regolare

    Kochi, Kerala
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Have you completed the installation?
    Wish to know which screen are you planning for and the size. Hope some pics from your side pictures will help.
    I am also planning to build one. collected all the necessary info. :dance
    Planning to try Riderunner as the front end on (st)ripped down WinXP sp3.
    Already downloaded RR ::D.

  6. ishankarve

    ishankarve Novizio

  7. rajeev_pillai

    rajeev_pillai Regolare

    Kochi, Kerala
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Thanks ishan for the details,
    I am attaching my wiring diagram.

    Please post the pictures as soon as you complete the installation.
    Don't always look on the screen when u r driving... ::D


  8. ishankarve

    ishankarve Novizio

    First set of photographs of some of my carputer rig.







  9. rajeev_pillai

    rajeev_pillai Regolare

    Kochi, Kerala
    Grande Punto 1.2
    That's wonderful Ishan,
    I have a doubt regarding the OBD tool, I heard that FIAT interface is different from others (3 pin and normal ones are with 16 pins, though never checked it). So another adapter cable may be required.
    Correct me if I am wrong.

  10. ishankarve

    ishankarve Novizio

    here is the OBD port location in Fiat Linea and possibly in Punto. Rajeev Fiat very much has a standard OBD connector

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