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Car wash and detailing centers in Chennai

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by ramjn, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Last month I gave my car to 3M car care, Arcot Road (Opp to FAME National). The outcome was good. I tried Foam Wash and waxing (don't remember the package name). But what I didnt like there was, The manager was trying to push me hard for an expensive exterior detailing package. They even gave me a demo of it which was good but I was not interested to go for it at that time since it costed ~5K. Since I resisted, the way he talked to me after that changed completely. His reactions were like "Why did you come here just for a foam wash and waxing which you can do in some local shop." Not only the manager but also two more guys there was also trying their best to make me got the 5K package. And when I finally asked them about the 3M carbon fiber stickers for the roof. The answer was just "NO" that too not looking at me. They did the same to few other customers too. Their attitude was bad like treating their customers as non premium if they don't go for a costlier package and make them feel like why not go for it so that I will be treated premium by these people.

    3M nungambakkam and car cares are too good in that. Only during the payment after the washing is done they canvas about the other costlier packages they have and will say you can try that next time. But this guy in arcot road, as soon as asked him about the foam wash, he started to talk about the other package and didnt listen to me when I said I want only washing and waxing.
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  2. Woah! This is terrible. Srida, please shoot a mail to 3M in this regard. They need to learn from Dushy and team @ Nungambakkam.
  3. murugusec

    murugusec Timido

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  4. shanmugam

    shanmugam Amatore

    Since i am from vadapalani , i used to see 3M , here after i wont even see 3M...:)
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  5. harry_1407

    harry_1407 Amatore

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    Re: Suggestions on Car washing centers - Chennai

    Arcot road 3M need to rise and check their nungambakkam colleagues.
    My vote is for dushy and his team at nungambakkam.

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  6. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Re: Suggestions on Car washing centers - Chennai

    3M cleans engine bay too and also the underbody upon request. Atleast in the nungambakkam branch.

    People in Vadapalani can try Bosch. It was good costs 500 for underbody and body wash using lift. I liked them.

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  7. Answer to "why I washed my car there?" question is a long story (in short - time, ignorance, fate, etc,..).
  8. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

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    3M Car care also do the engine bay cleaning and also the underbody wash (if requested). They charge Rs. 444 (with tax) in total. See my post couple of pages back.


    3M Car care operating at Arcot Road itself is a news to me. I know they have centres at Nungambakkam and Santhome. Personally, so far I have excellent experience at the Nungambakkam centre. Reviews are mixed for the Santhome branch. Now, hearing very bad feedback on the Arcot road centre. Better to stay off from this place and someone can write directly to 3M on this.
  9. I too didn't want to try them but since I frequent to fame national, I thought I can get the washing done by them while I am watching the movie. On that particular day my appointment was at 10:30. I had booked for a movie @3 o clock thinking I can go to the theater after cleaning is done. But they took my car into the bay only at 2 o clock. The previous day itself while taking appointment I told him about me going for movie, even if they couldn't give it on time he aggred for me taking back the car after the movie. On that day he said after cleaning the car they can't keep it with them even for 1/2hour. He didn't listen to me when I said I will be watching movie when they are finished cleaning. Only after raising my voice he said he can manage.

    They treated me like a poor & stingy guy who couldn't do a 5k detailing to his car and as if I was wasting their time. Never in my life I would go there again. But if a customer is regular and gives good business to them i think they would respect them.

    I will surely do. since I had to travel to udmalpet that day I couldn't, later forgot. I think I still have the bill.

    Straight opposite to fame national.
  10. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore

    Re: Suggestions on Car washing centers - Chennai

    If my car gets detailed it is going to be from 3m nungambakkam:)

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