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Car Sickness : Why ? and How to avoid ?

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by srida, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Motion sickness, sometimes referred to as sea sickness or car sickness, is a very common disturbance of the inner ear that is caused by repeated motion. In addition to sea travel, motion sickness can develop from the movement of a car or from turbulence in an airplane. The symptoms of motion sickness are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, sweating, and a sense of feeling unwell. These symptoms arise from the inner ear (labyrinth) due to changes in one's sense of balance and equilibrium.

    While it may be impossible to prevent all cases of motion sickness, the following tips can help you prevent or lessen the severity of motion sickness:

    1. Watch your consumption of foods, drinks, and alcohol before and during travel. Avoid excessive alcohol and foods or liquids that "do not agree with you" or make you feel unusually full. Heavy, spicy, or fat-rich foods may worsen motion sickness in some people.
    2. Avoiding strong food odors may also help prevent nausea.
    3. Try to choose a seat where you will experience the least motion. The middle of an airplane over the wing is the calmest area of an airplane. On a ship, those in lower level cabins near the center of a ship generally experience less motion than passengers in higher or outer cabins.
    4. Do not sit facing backwards from your direction of travel.
    5. Sit in the front seat of a car.
    6. Do not read while traveling if you are prone to motion sickness.
    7. When traveling by car or boat, it can sometimes help to keep your gaze fixed on the horizon or on a fixed point.
    8. Open a vent or source of fresh air if possible.
    9. Isolate yourself from others who may be suffering from motion sickness. Hearing others talk about motion sickness or seeing others becoming ill can sometimes make you feel ill yourself.
    10. The over-the-counter medication meclizine (Bonine, Antivert, Dramamine) can be a very effective preventive measure for short trips or for mild cases of motion sickness.



    PS: It is almost impossible for the driver of a car to suffer from motion sickness, though the same individual might get affected sitting in the back seat :D
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  2. During my school days(darjeeling) every time I travelled by car in the hills I used to have a weird problem of vomiting, but by taking abomyn before the ride the problem was solved to an extent.

    Now I dont have any problem driving on hills.

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  3. TFIans..
    Does it have to do anything with the interior quality of the car..?? My wife vomits even on short trips(less than 80km) on my Punto. The situation was the same on my Palio too. She is suffering from this ever since our marriage in 2005. :( We have done long drives in Swift, Alto and Ikon, but without any issues. We went for a highrange drive to Munnar on my BILs Swift last year. She did not have any problem even during that drive. Get inside the Palio and the Punto, and she vomits after sometime. What could this be related to? I have done an extensive research about this in the last 5 - 6 years and did several trials.. but all in vain. Can somebody share any similar experiences ??
  4. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Luckily me and wife havent faced this issue till date, we travelled to remotest of ghats and long drives.
    We always ensure to travel on a light belly, avoid liquids and avoid driving immediately after breakfast or lunch..give some breaks, fresh air will help as well. Wear seat belts all the time.

    If possible have a fresh lemon with you on ghats, smell will heal nausea feeling to some extent, effective in children.

    Tip - avoid sudden or sharp turns on high speed even if the car and you are able to tackle or handle it.
  5. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    @srida, This sickness on the ghats is because of the constantly varying lower oxygen levels as you climb in heights. It is similar to what happens during fllight take off, but since the air is compressed at a constant pressure it is not felt much .Keep windows slightly rolled down or keep the A/c vent open. It is good idea to refresh the air often even on normal highway runs..

  6. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Guys addressing ghats with any car will have same affect but always drive at lower speeds in ghats as slow as possible especially when accompanied by family (Wife + children + parents/elders) as you are swirling every few seconds constantly on the drive you tend to get dizziness + Vomiting this is a common thing, my wife too has a habit of vomiting at such stretches, We can't help such situations keep pace, light belly, comfy ride put some nice soothing music with open windows while driving in such ghats will reduce tension for driver too..
  7. shams

    shams Esperto

    you forgot one very important thing :). make sure everyone in the car is wearing seatbelts. if not anything else, it helps minimize the swirling due to twisted roads to some extent.
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