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CAR CULTURE....the car grooming centre @ Pune

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by me_at_fiat, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. me_at_fiat

    me_at_fiat Regolare

    Mumbai, Pune
    Till date none of my car had visited any detailing center for any kind of Interior cleaning/detailing. Reason??? It's not that I like to live in a dirty garbage tin cans, but in every 10-12 days i myself clean and detail my car as much as i can. The products I use are always Wurth, Formula 1 and what not. Even, my 8 year old Palio 1.9D still had very clean carpets and roof lining until i sold her off.

    But, this time it was a different case, in last two years there were couple of very sweet additions to my family. My Dabung nephew:boxer and my cute little princes:D since then things started to change. My all strict rules about not eating inside the car and bla bla were shown dustbin. Previously, i used find it difficult. But after looking at their cute faces i made few exception for these two sweet kidos and they made sure that they will make me pay for this. :evil:

    For my punto I had decided to live with the original seat fabric. As I really find it very comfortable. i didn't wanted to use the PU seat covers as I never liked them and leather was way out my budget. Where as additional fabric covers spoils the look. But, few days back when we were travelling to out of station my nephew and my daughter decided that this is it and it's perfect time to spoil the well maintained interiors of car and test my patience. my nephew(2 years old) who was not feeling well actually threw off on the back seat of the car. Where as my daughter(1.5 year old) wanted to drink nimbu paani from her small bottle and she some how managed to open it. Bythe time i could take it back from her she emptied that bottle on the front seat. I was so frustrated:uh but did not had any option other than smiling and keep cleaning the mess they had created. As soon as I reached home i used our vacuum cleaner to suck out all the water as much as could. I knew that it was not sufficient but i had to do something.

    Then after that trip i got involved with the office work so much so that i didn't touch my car for almost 4-5 days. But, when i checked her over the weekend I noticed that some kinda fungus had started growing on those two seats/patches. I was really shocked to see this. When I gave a thought i realized that it was raining heavily in Mumbai and Pune and that could have worked as a catalyst:chair:. Some how I cleaned the affected area once again and decided to get the car cleaned thoroughly. I straight away walked into 3M store, collected all the information and decided to get her clean over the weekend.

    But, on same day around 7.00 pm while surfing on the net I saw an add on OLX. It was freshly put up add on OLX and it was an add about the CAR GROOMING CENTER (CAR CULTURE) and i don't know why and how I decided to give it a try. Picked up a phone and gave a call to the owner, after first 4-5 lines of discussion with the owner i gained some confidence about this place. I had a brief chat with the owner, in which he mentioned that they use WURTH products. They assured me that they will work till i get satisfied. They said if i can come at 8.00 pm today they will work on my car till it get finished be it 11 pm or 12 am. I must say i was impressed and I was more than happy to know that they used Wurth products and decided to give them a try on very next day.

    So, previously had a plan to reach there around 11.00 am but on lazy saturday :traffic orning some how got up from the bed and got ready and left home around 11.30am. The owner did gave me call around 10.30am to check if i will be coming or not. He also, kept calling me time to time and checked how far i have reached. He also helped me with the exact direction. Finally, i reached his place at 12.30 am. Initial impression was, man it's a small place but everything was very well sorted out and everything was clean and neat. But i was still worried. We did a quick chat checked all the treatments and I decided to go for the best available one.

    So, the treatment on which i zeroed down was 'CAR INTERIOR CLEANING( sterilize germfree interior)' Cost:1350/-. As soon as i confirmed they quickly inspected the car and made the Job card. All the tings were carefully noted down. So, far so good. I was happy with the progress.Soon the work started and my babe was ready for germfree interiors. There were two boys working on my car and i was standing next to them for almost 80% of the time. i noticed that both the boys are doing their job wholeheartedly:-D, no short-cuts. Their hands were moving like a pro. I was happy.

    The whole job was divided into following steps,
    • Steam wash
    • Foam/Liquid wash
    • Brushing and Wet suction
    • Interior Polishing
    • AC cleaning

    Each step was completed one by one almost all the area was covered and cleaned. They did covered each and every area from driver side to passenger side to Boot. Though the interiors and carpets of mycar were spot less:ugeek:, i was more worried about those two seats and after almost four hours of hard work done by both the boys, i realized that i was smiling once again my babe was back to her healthy days. As a good will gesture the owner gave a free car wash and i once again fell in love with my punto. They were really worried if they have missed on something and kept asking me if everything is allright? They kept saying if i am not happy with something they will redo the whole thing.
    But, i was more than satisfied with their efforts. Would defiantly refer them.

    • Small but complete setup allows only limited cars
    • Really well sorted out Prices
    • Branded WURTH products
    • Workers with good skill sets
    • Concerned owner

    • Difficult location
    • They do missed few things: e.g. ABC paddles were not cleaned properly, though Washing quality was great they didn't bother to dry the car completely.

    I do not want to take any credit away from them for the job which was really well done.:clap:clap
    There is always scope for an improvement and i am sure they will improve on these things.

    Will i visit them again Definitely YES and will refer them to others as well.
    By the way they have given me a few 10% discount vouchers, if anyone is interested please IM me. I would be more than happy to help fellow TFIans.

    ***sorry for the poor quality pictures*** taken from my 2mp mobile cam.

    Address:- Sr.no.-3/7A/2/1A/1 , Vavle vyankatesh complex , panand road, near mahalaxmi lawns, karve nagar pune-411052
    contact no.- 9823234511 / 8983548999

    Services offered:-
    • CAR WASH
    • CAR INTERIOR CLEANING( sterilize germfree interior)
    • CAR EXTERIOR TREATMENTS (paint resoration enhancement & protection)
    Image0265.jpg Image0266.jpg Image0267.jpg Image0268.jpg Image0269.jpg Image0271.jpg Image0272.jpg Image0273.jpg Image0274.jpg Image0270.jpg Image0284.jpg Image0276.jpg Image0278.jpg Image0280.jpg Image0283.jpg Image0281.jpg Image0282.jpg Brochure 1.jpg Brochure2.jpg Coupan2.jpg
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  2. me_at_fiat

    me_at_fiat Regolare

    Mumbai, Pune
    Guys i can see quite a many ppl have visited this page but no feedback on what do you feel about it? @pune guys do let me know in case anyone need discount voucher. It's worth visiting this place. Give it a try!!
  3. Revv

    Revv Amatore

    Chinchwad, Pune
    Chinchwadgaon Pune
    Linea 1.4
    Looks like I am next in line to visit this center .. ::V
  4. sachinls3

    sachinls3 Amatore

    Me too!! :)
  5. me_at_fiat

    me_at_fiat Regolare

    Mumbai, Pune
    great. Do let us know your experience with them.
    Also forgot to mention that these guys do not use hard water, they have water softener setup. So the water used is soft water.
  6. me_at_fiat

    me_at_fiat Regolare

    Mumbai, Pune
    guys, hope this would help.
    Attaching the price list.
    View attachment RATES.zip

    *** I am not associated with Car Culture in any way ***
  7. tushargn

    tushargn Amatore

    somewhat similar story at my end, front side has become unbearable to seat or travel since yesterday and its a mess to clean it without proper equipment. I have scheduled a front portion cleaning for my Linea today. the guy harsh sound reasonable. I am curious about the seats cleaning as I have OEM fabric seats and not willing for aftermarket loose seat covers.
    Will post my feedback tomorrow.
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  8. me_at_fiat

    me_at_fiat Regolare

    Mumbai, Pune
    so how did it go??? do let us know.
  9. tushargn

    tushargn Amatore

    Been dead busy so late on reply.

    The service took 6+ hours for total internal cleaning (Steaming and foam cleaning of seats, boot, rooftop, doors, floor, AC cleaning spray, ext wash)... but to the satisfaction!
    Harsh takes matters in his own hands along with his staff. He uses all 3M and Wurth products that too with personal care while cleaning, so results were obvious! He also offered a lot of customized cleaning options as per need and necessity including dry denting, exterior polishing, logo polishing, scratch removing and so on. the demo pics he shows on his phone are mind blowing. The exterior polishing and swirl mark removal treatment is so good, all the pics look like mirror and difficult to figure out that its a car surface.

    A sample of white deposit removal around the logo:
    logo cleaning.jpg

    I didnt go for exterior cleaning as I have Amway product to finish. Heres how the car looks after 2.5 years with Amway polish:

    What I recommend:
    1. A must to visit for de-germ cleaning for all cars: steam cleaning+3M foam+pressure vaccum
    No matter how confident you are about cleanliness of your seats/seat covers, the MUD they pull out of seats makes us speeachless.
    2. Cleaning promise in 2-4 hours
    No, it takes a lot more than that if you want to opt for total cleaning, spare a day and get appointment of early morning, be prepared to spend the day
    3. Ready to roll after servicing
    No, the dampness stays for next day, the seats start shining after getting complete dry, I had to park my car out in poen for whole afternoon next day to make the dampness in car go away
    4. Is it worth..... YES!

    5. Quality: 5/5!
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  10. me_at_fiat

    me_at_fiat Regolare

    Mumbai, Pune
    Hello Guys,

    My Punto is a Sept 2009 model where as 800 is 2004 model. Over these years I was mainly washing my cars at home and that too only when its needed. I generally avoid taking them to local car wash centers where they are hardly bothered about the quality, proper washing methods etc. i have always used the microfiber and good quality car shampoo (Wurth, meguiars, Jopasu etc.) to wash my cars and bikes. Also, I do apply turtle carnauba wax every 3 months.

    Though I have used my cars with at most care, now the aging effect was visible.:( The body had quite a many swirl marks on it and car had lost it's original shine.:arghh: Harsh had worked on my Punto in July-Aug 2013 and since then we were always touch.

    Over these years many of my friends got their Fiat's and other cars done from the Harsh and every time received the good feedback about the work which was carried out. I wanted to get my Punto, Linea and 800 detailed from Car culture but then because of some or other problem i was not able to take out some time.

    Finally, in a last week I manage to take out some time and got Punto and 800 detailed at Car culture. Where as Linea is still waiting in a queue. This time I had two options either to go for paint protection treatment or to go for the Ceramic coating which is a step above.
    I finally got the Ceramic coating done for both the cars and the result is simply superb.:kiss: Now, i will let the pics do the talking.
    170624_153307_COLLAGE-1.jpg 170624_134052_COLLAGE-1.jpg 170623_212453_COLLAGE-1.jpg
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 28, 2017, Original Post Date: Jun 28, 2017 ---
    IMG-20170623-WA0017.jpg IMG-20170623-WA0016.jpg IMG_20170622_114842.jpg
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