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Car care advise. Travelling abroad for 3-5 months.

Discussion in 'Technical' started by mindsipn, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. mindsipn


    Hi Team!

    I have a proposed travel to Holland for 3-5 months starting mid of Jan, now I m wondering what to do with my car (1.3 MJD)?? :confused: Some are telling me to disconnect the battery and then leave, that be enought and some are telling me to give the keys to a friend who will take it out for a spin once in a while so as to keep the battery and engine in running condition.(which I REALLY dont want to :(..)

    So I have these following questions , Will really appreacite you inputs:

    1) My car has done 9100 kms in last 5 months and my guess is it will do another 1000 +km before I leave . So should just go for the 2nd service before I leave even though the car wouldnt have completed 15000 kms? Coz by the time I m back it will definately cross the stipulated service interval time ? I have heard from a friend that the warrenty on the car will be VOID if I dont do the service at the stipulated time mentiond in the service booklet. Please advise!

    2) Should I just to leave the battery disconnected when the car is not in use for more than 3 months ?

    3) Is there are any other precautions needs to be taken when the car is not in use for a long time?

    Thanks a Ton!!!
  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    When is the 15,000km/ 1 year service due? It'll be better if you change the fluids once you're back from the trip.

    Unlike petrols, diesels can be safely left unattended for months. Diesel does not degrade like petrol. Wash the car nicely, take it for a drive so that it dries thoroughly. Wax it, disconnect the battery and then cover it safely and tightly.

    For 3-4 months the tires should be fine too, i dont think there's any risk of flat spotting them . I left a diesel car standing in the most unprotected environment (under a neem tree without any cover facing a busy road :p) for 4 months myself and all was fine.

    That said , a little bit of overall degradation does occur , which is inevitable really.

    TFIans will put in some more tips im sure.

    Last edited: Nov 23, 2011
  3. @mindspin:
    i would suggest that give the car keys to some one in home so that they just start the car for you. i have seen car radiator coolant get dry up in radiator which cause engine heat up issue. this experienced on my relative car which was standing still for 4-5 months and later observed that radiator coolant have dry up and engine is getting heated up very quickly.
    If you give the car key to some one and tell him to start the car once in week for 5 mins that will be good for car and won`t cost you much in expense.
  4. CountRock

    CountRock Staff Member Janitor

    Dallas, Texas
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    I had left my Punto 90HP for upto 3 months (odo reading 4,000~). Did not even disconnect the battery (could not actually at the last moment :p)

    The car was in covered parking with a car cover put on. Car was absolutely fine, and even started up on the 1st go!

    Right now I am at little over 10,000kms. Planning to do the 2nd service cause I maybe going to US for 6 months+!
  5. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    No need to worry bro - you can just cover the car and go. If you really want to take some precautions, disconnect the battery and fill nitrogen in tyres. About the service, if you have a good relationship with SA, he can get it done even after you come back. Talk to him before you leave and get the service done once you are back.
  6. mindsipn


    Thanks Gurjinder for the advice. I have a Parking space with security so parking wont be an issue. I was just worried about the engine and the warranty.

    I took the delivery of the car on 4th of May, So the second service(1 year service) , will be due on 4th-May-2012 I guess. And by that time, hopefully, I should be back.
    I was thinking of changing the Engine Oil at around 9500 km, but now a bit confused if I should wait till I come back and do the 2nd Service instead as car wont be used anyways :confused:

    Just one doubt : If in case if I m not able to do the 2 nd service on due date (4th-May-2012) and there is a delay say I do it by June will it effect the car warranty?

    Drive_drift, Thanks for your reply. I stay alone in this apartment and will leave the car in the parking lot of the apartment. So I will have to leave the key with a friend. But I really dont want to do that. :(

    The radiator coolant that you have mentioned , can that be re-filled (incase if it has dried up) during the 2nd service?? Coz if I can do my 2nd service after I m back then dont think that will be an issue.

    Thanks CountRock, that gives me some confidence to leave the car!! :) Ya was also planning to go the 2nd service or an Oil change before I leave , but now I m thinking if should just wait till I come back. ??
    I guess if there is no warranty issue with a little delay in 2 nd Service , I will just wait till I m back.
    Anyways,I will also get in touch with the SA at Concorde . Lets see what he suggests. Worst case I guess I will have to do my service pre-maturely.

    Thanks Anoop Bhai!!

    I was just thinking about calling the Khan of Concorde and get his feedback!! :)
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2011
  7. VHR

    VHR Timido

    Travelling aborad

    Hi friends

    I am travellling to US on work for a couple of months during June/July12. My t-jet plus has completed 1 year and 17K+kms. 2nd serivce was completed. I have a covered parking to keep the car. What precautions should I take? Appreciate your suggestions and tips. Thanks. VHRAO

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