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Car Buying Guide - Punto 90HP Sports or Other Car

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by chandu525, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. chandu525

    chandu525 Amatore

    Hi All,

    First of all I am glad that I have become a member of this Forum, I am from Bangalore, I own a Spark LT Since Oct 2008, From last six months I was looking for upgrading to a diesel vehicle,
    Positives about Spark

    1. Peppy Engine
    2. Fun to drive within City
    3. Overtaking in city is easy as it is small
    4. Has all the basic requirements except AirBag and ABS


    1. When Fully loaded , It gets difficult to go beyond 110, Also vehicle Steering wheel Starts vibrating after I cross 100 KMPH, I never felt safe in car after that speeds,
    2. Mileage - I am spending close to 8 Rupee Per Kilometer for which I can hire a taxi everyday to commute
    3. Safety - Car has no airbags, ABS

    My Monthly Driving is around 900 KMs of which 500 is city 400 in Highways, I thought as many times as I can that Do I need a diesel car now or shall I continue using my sparky, But sadly Sparky milege in city was low , I was getting Max 10 KMPL, if driven sedately, Following were the decision makers to go for a new car

    1. I am getting a car Lease policy from my office where I can save around 50% tax I am paying everymonth
    2. I got a fair deal for my existing car, around 2.2L for a 4 year old spark (20000 KMS driven)
    3. The New car will be diesel,Hence I will save around 2K per month in fuel

    I spent hours of reading in Team-BHP, TeamFiat, Carwale, Overdirve , What not, Then I Short listed following cars

    1. Fiat Punto 90HP diesel (Unfortunately it has been converted to Sports model with a price hike of around 20K)
    2. Ford Fiesta Classic

    My Heart says Punto!, Head says Fiesta, I need advice

    My requirement is car should be fun to drive, Excellent Handler, and should return a great mileage, Hence I chose above cars,

    For Fiat Punto Sports dealer has quoted 8.6 lacs on road with extended warranty - Is this price worth to pay for punto Sports? Fiesta Classic I can get for 9.5lacs onroad,

    Please advice which one is a better car?
  2. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    welcome to tfi !!!
    Listen to your heart :)
    its a gr8 car to drive.
  3. nitinjd

    nitinjd Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3


    Listen to heart, believe me you will enjoy each and every moment while driving punto.
  4. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    why would you feel so?
    I mean there are new members reporting happy ownerships every day on TFI and yes i do agree that there are small niggles with FIAT but then which brand doens't have?
    Since you live in blr why don't you go to Concorde (Mysore rd) and check out their spare parts prices . They have actually compared part prices with other brands you will be in for a shock to that most rumors about FIATs are at best rumors only.

    I'm not asking you to buy a fiat because I have one and i'm on TFI.. I genuinely have this car and just to clarify this is my 1st car ever and when i bought it in '09 it was the new kid in the block and till date I"m not having any major issues (I've done 35k).
    '12 puntos are leagues ahead in refinement as opposed to '09 models..
    Follow you're heart and you wont be disappointed.
  5. Listen to your heart bro.. You will not regret.
  6. First of all, The Grande Punto satisfies all the three of your requirements - it's fun to drive, Handling is superb and returns a better mileage than what the company itself says - 20.5 kmpl.

    Secondly, the Punto does all these way better than the Fiesta Classic.

    Thirdly, Punto is a hot hatch, a great looker on the road, and Admiration IS guaranteed.

    Fourthly, there is no need for the Head to say no. Ford is known for costly spares. Fiat's service isn't top-notch, but whose is? I've driven a maruti for more than 10 years, and though service centres are in every nook, corner and turns of the road, the service has always been poor.

    Fifthly, and most importantly, you don't get the features that you get with a Fiat in Ford or Hyundai or any other cars this side of 10 lakhs. It's true that Fiat doesn't advertise all of these, and Maruti etc maybe advertises even a mudflap as a new feature, but that doesn't take anything away from Fiat which is a silent player who plays its part well.
  7. Listen to your heart..8.5l for punto sports is not bad.every car has its share of niggles,but there is no car that can make you smile every time you step into it.If you are looking for a car with a soul,then FIAT is the way to go.:steering
  8. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    You've answered your question yourself :)

    The Punto fits the bill on ALL parameters you've listed. Plus, the Punto is not an ageing relic which is being sold by being given new names+ tidbits of technology. It's a proper modern car.

    Another ignored fact is that the Ford diesel engine is from the 20th century. Who in their right minds gives single camshaft and 2 valves per cylinder these days? Drive them both and you will know the difference. I've driven the Figo diesel for a quick spin and what i observed was - The Multijet sings, the Ford engine groans.

    So, the competition is pretty much non-existent. For starters, take a TD of both the cars.

    Not sure how much you guys are taxed there , but for less than 9.6 wouldn't you get a Linea Multijet Active?

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  9. Toruk_Macto

    Toruk_Macto Amatore

    It's very simple.

    1. Fiesta 9.5 lacs, Punto 8.6 lacs. Do you think 90 K for just a boot is worth ? Boot is only worth if you are doing atleast 1 long trip per month. Even for that sake, check punto's boot. It's large
    2. Fiesta engine - 68 HP (that is too for a sedan!), Punto - 90 HP
    3. I don't think anybody needs explaination on FIAT's engine technology
    4. Looks ? Do I need to say anything ?
    5. Ford's ad claims 32 kmpl. Punto's ad claims 20 kmpl. It shows the maturity and honesty of FIAT. One of my friend bought Fiesta expecting 30 kmpl. Maximum he got since last one year is 18 kmpl. Expectations hurt.
    6. Build quality - Check yourself by closing the door of both the cars.
    7. Heart
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  10. sungoa2010


    Take both heart and head for a drive in Fiesta and punto. Both will come and start a Dharna "We want Punto, We want Punto":D
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