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Car accessoroeis shop in Pune

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by Gmittal, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Gmittal

    Gmittal Amatore

    I dint get any free accessory with my car so need to buy mud flaps, floor mats, etc... :A :A :A
    I am looking for a car accessory shop in Pune.
    One that I know is carax, but still want to know if there is any other good shop available.

  2. gautamkhadse

    gautamkhadse Regolare

    Bhandari auto on JM road opposite panchali restaurant is a reputed place .

    Mud flaps , I bought from the showroom , OEM .. floor mats .. depends on your personal choice .. but if you're looking for variety and a price range to choose from then my vote is for carax and bhandari auto
  3. aarenes


    I live in Mumbai but I picked up the Fiat's carpet mats which are specifically made for Punto from Pandit Auto (~1000) on a trip to Pune.

    I hated the universal rubber mats ( the thick and thin variety) because they dont fit (especially around the corners and drivers dead pedal area.
  4. I think Bhandari Auto and Carax are owned by the same person. So they should be having the same inventory.
  5. Gmittal

    Gmittal Amatore

    Thanks Gautam.
    Finally got it from Carax.
    Before that checked in showroom also and for the same brand(rubber mats) they were charging 400 extra...so get it done from CARAX.
  6. obliex

    obliex Amatore

    How was your experience at Carax ?
  7. Gmittal

    Gmittal Amatore

    How was your experience at Carax ?[/quote]
    It was not bad at all. I just got mudflaps and mattings nothing major. They were prompt, total time taken in fixing mudflaps is around 30 mins.
    But Last time when I went to carax with Arishi for the seat covers of his ride, they took hell lot of time to put seat covers on(approx 4-5 hrs).
  8. milind5656

    milind5656 Novizio

    Yes Carax and Bhandari auto are owned by same person Rajesh Bhandari.
    Did u tell him that u r a member of Teamfiat/TeamBHP or u know Amogh am sure he would have gave u discount.
  9. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Gaurav drive down to Mumbai man would take u to my guy... :)
  10. Gmittal

    Gmittal Amatore

    Thanks Andy.
    Will let you know when I am coming to Mumbai.

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