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Can i get a arm rest fitted on fiat Punto???

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by Rajesh_Karunanithi, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. I will visit Motomall tomorrow, and check out the universal armrest. If it is fine then i'll go with it or else as u suggested, i'll go with Kava auto. Either ways, I'll post you on the same.
  2. Hi All,

    I fixed an Universal Arm rest for my car from Haunte Car Zone, OMR, Chennai. Visited Motomall, but the armrest was out of stock and they informed me that it will at least take a week or two to get the stock. The brand name of the armrest that i purchased is REX. They charged me Rs2500 including fitting. It's broad and comfortable. Came with a Sun glass compartment, a coin tray and a cup holder on it. Will post some of the snaps soon...
  3. Hey Rajesh ,
    While fixing the arm rest , do they need to drill any holes to fix it or are they fixing it with the existing set up ?

  4. Narayan

    Narayan Regolare

    Rajesh, waiting for your photos. Also, can you confirm if you are able to double fold your rear seats after fitting that armrest?
  5. I assume that the brand is RSX . Please confirm Rajesh ..

  6. Post the Pics dude. From ur description I guess it should be a very nice product.

    Sorry for Hijacking the thread. At Haunte Car Zone, did u check if they do the body kit / Side skirting for punto. Their Website stats that they have body kits for all the cars. Also how would rate their store ?
  7. Srida ,
    As per me they are costlier like Motomal :) I had just brought few My Shaldan and neck rest from them . They have a dedicated bay for applying sun film and car cleaning etc .and we can watch the work .It is a big store .

  8. Hi,

    Sorry for the delayed response. They had to drill 4 holes to the side of the hand brake and the bottle holder console.

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    Sorry for the delayed response. As i had lost the data cable of my mobile, i am unable to share the photos. But will do that by this weekend. And as far as the double fold of rear seats is concerned, it works perfectly.

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    Unfortunately I lost the data cable of my mobile, will be able to share the pics only by this weekend. Haunte car zone good. but they don't have much of the products in stock, but if you order, they deliver the product to you on time. and as far as the body kit and side skirting is concerned, i have no idea on that. if you would like i can check with them tomorrow, as the shop falls right on my way to office.

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    Yes Dude, they are a bit expensive. And Ajit, i would say they you could have gone with the Punto OEM neck rest. I got it from Concorde motors. It suits the car perfectly
  9. Guys,

    Need to help in fixing Linea armrest in punto!, can this be done within 2 days, weekend i have a trip planned!. I dont have the parts, if any shops which has the Arm rest available readily i can get it done in chennai!.. Pls throw some light on this friends
  10. FiatJay


    Even I tried for Linea armrest. No one have stock and they dont have idea how to fix it for Punto.. so I bought universal armrest in Motomal. It fits well.
    they had two color, beige and black and i choosen black. Paid 2K. they did not charge anything for fixing as i bought 3D mat :).

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