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Camera Optics and Binocular

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Cubbie, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Starting this new thread to discuss about optics and brands.

    i am looking for information on which binocular in the price range of 5-7 thousand.
    Mainly for bird and wild life sightings. I have unsteady hand (shaky hands), hence can't go for weighty stuff which might strain the eyes during prolonged use.

    have been reading reviews on net, 8x42 or 10x42 seems to be apt.

    What at would you suggest and why ?

    Thanks much in advance.
  2. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    With "Bangalore TFI meet with a Twist" on the cards + a beautiful location with bird spotting as one of the event of the meet I decided to buy a good binocular, this was long due and was waiting for a chance !!

    My biz leader being generous awarded some Rs.25k worth of flipkart e-coupons, it was a perfect timing I should say.

    One thing was sure it had to be either a Nikon or Olympus and after reading many reviews I got terribly confused as to which one I should go with, Celestron also has good line up of binocs.

    Breakdown the requirement and Prioritize my need was the mantra (putting my leadership course into action), used the technique to identify my essentials and good to have.

    The essentials : minimum of 10x magnification, 40mm objective lens so that light gathering is decent, multicoted lens, protective lens covers, must be a Nikon or Olympus, within Rs.6.5k

    Good to have : Tripod suitability, good grip, less weight

    A search on Flipkart threw some 200 binocs, ranging from as little as 250/- to 85000/-, narrowed the search with my essentials and found both Nikon and Olympus.

    After reading various reviews narrowed down on 3 models :

    NIKON ACTION 10X40 CF 10X costing Rs.6128/-

    Olympus-10x50-dps-10x-binoculars costing 5435/- and

    Olympus 8 x 40 DPS I 8x Binoculars costing 4490/-

    I decided it will be Nikon, as I have 3 Nikon cameras (2 SLRs and 1 point n shoot) and thought it will complete the lineup of my optics with one brand and I didnt have any other reason to discard Olympus from my wish list !!

    I'm bit skeptical about buying things online and I like the see the product before buying. This time it was an exception.

    Ordered the Nikon on Sunday early morning and received the delivery today at lunch time the packing was excellent, the delivery status was updated from time to time and received mails and sms as well- so a 5 ***** rating for delivery and handling !!

    The package contained the card box, a protective lightly padded bag, binocular, protective lens cups and neck strap, warranty card, operating manual etc.

    Have taken some snaps of the product, and also tried to take some magnified views via my ipad, hence the quality of some pics might not be good.

    more information will be added once i use them on the field this weekend and I am all excited !!









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  3. Nice Binocular and a Useful Thread.

    Could you please explain me the need for a binocular when you already have a SLR which with a Telephoto lens will do the JOB. I am trying to understand why one should have a b.cular along with a slr camera, so that I will think about buying one for myself.

    Does Binoculars come with any stabilization technique for the shaky hands ??? And how did you shoot the 3rd and 4th Pics.
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  4. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    What is the use of binoculars,unless if one is in war or some serious wild life trekking?

    I think a 300mm slr lense would suffice against a binocular.
  5. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    ^^ , I do have 70-300mm telephoto nikkor lens and as my trip these days are unscheduled, hence have purchased the binocs so that I can do some bird or wild life spotting.

    Otherwise, I feel that a SLR is a pain to carry around with heavy lens, bag etc etc and needs charging now and then, have to connect to a laptop to transfer and enjoy the pics.... hence I have chosen to enjoy the nature and store the memories in my mind ;) trust this answered why not telephoto lens with SLR ?

    OT : during the recent trip with Patchboy and Satchitanand to Hampi I felt the heat of carrying the SLR !!

    The second and third photo were captured by by ipad, it was a hard time to make a pic this way, kept the binoc on the window ledge and clicked the snap.
    In reality the sharpness of the object is far greater then what it seems in the snaps and the magnification is whoopingly good !!

    Distance wise, I could see Elita Prominade and Brigade millennium buildings from my place (kanakapura, NICE road) which is kind of 7-8kms away

    For shaky hands it has a provision to mount on tripod or monopod, you need to buy a suitable L clamp costs some Rs.300-400/- (see the scanned page above to get the idea)

  6. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Simple logic - Binoculars for spotting the subject and the SLR with Telephoto lens for shooting the subject. It is far less tedious to spot birds at a distance with binoculars :D. The heavy SLR with a lens is far easier hanging from the neck than being held up to the eye.

    Congrats on the buy. How does it compare with mine? Hope you remember using my binoculars when we went on the waterfall drive. Those are also 10x40 CF Pentax.

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  7. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Logic well defined and thanks.

    I very well remember your Pentax binoculars and my urge to buy one became strong post that trip.

    The 1st time I really enjoyed a binocular and spotting scope was in Bharatpur bird sanctuary some 4-5 years back and since then I was having this urge and before the itch turned into a 7year itch, I bought one LoL !!

    Both Pentax and Nikon and for that matter Olympus all these fare well, they are renowned lens and camera makers.

    only point for me to opt for a Nikon is I am connected to the brand for last decade or so and will stick to their products... Like we stick to FIAT's lol.

    Pls bring your binocular so we can compare this weekend and let's spot some birdies ;)
  8. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Firstly, Congrats and Thanks for starting this thread, it was badly needed in the Hangouts section.
    Might as well become a very informative thread for all us all !

    A bit of FYI,
    I was bitten by the photography bug, but was attracted more towards the hardware than the actual photo taking. :evilsmile
    I settled with a FujiFilm HS10 bridge SLR after being dissuaded strongly by family and friends from the mighty Canon 7D !
    (Bridge SLR = pseudo slr or non-slr with feature set of an SLR without a mirror system and an electronic viewfinder in lieu
    of the pentamirror or pentaprism and with a fixed wide to tele-lens for optics. Normally with a high crop factor)

    Recently after lots of research and good help from a diehard photographer my brother bought a VanGuard Binocular. Someone bought it for him from abroad.

    The model is Vanguard Venture Plus 8420G
    Details in this link Vanguard Venture Plus 8420G Binocular from Vanguard | Binoculars | cameras-and-accessories | HomeShop18.com

    It is extremely value for money, with very sturdy built quality. The exit pupil factor is also decent, providing excellent details in moderate light conditions as well. The coatings really work great in midday light conditions and it is really a joy to watch the birds and their natural yet vivid and surreal colours.

    Previously someone bought a Celestron Skymaster by mistake but it was an overkill and bit cumbersome for bird watching purpose.

    Brands like Nikon, Celestron and Vanguard offer good range of binoculars with good built quality. If you are going for the Vanguard mentioned here you can't go wrong. I have seen a Celestron Spotting Scope :razz: on one of the birding visits and it is also a very beautiful thing, except it needs a monopod or tripod for it's wonderful details.

    Next on my list to explore is digiscoping.:dance
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  9. Thanks for the explanation rajan and cubbbie. I am new to optics. Other than tripod mount I was expecting Image Stabilization in the binoculars just like that are available in the SLR Lenses. Any such thing exists ???

    4 months back I got a Olympus OM-D E-M5 with a 12-50mm Kit lens. I was confused between OMD and fuji XE1. XE1 had a bigger sensor, better colors. The best in it was Dedicated Shutterspeed analog dial and aperture ring on the lens which I badly miss in my OMD. I got the OMD for the Dust & Splash proof, Inbuilt Image Stabilization, mind blowing AF speed and Lens lineup. Overall OMD was electronically superior to many other SLRs and SLMs. Iam very happy with OMD except for the analog dials which I miss often when using the camera.

    I am thinking of investing in a Olympus m.zuiko 75-300mm (150-600mm FF Equivalent) lens and a Olympus m.zuiko 45mm f1.8(90mm equivalent) lens.

    Digiscoping is really interesting. Looks like a huge investment.
  10. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    ^^ Image stabilizer options are available in the market! but its costlier. To compare mine costed approx $100, similar optics with IS will cost $2000.

    Image Stabilizer Binoculars | Canon Online Store

    Refer to the figure:
    1. Prism assembly
    2. Eyepiece lenses
    3. Gimbal assembly
    4. EL direct motor
    5. AZ piezo gyro sensor
    6. AZ direct motor
    7. EL piezo gyro sensor
    8. Battery compartment
    9. AZ position sensor
    10. Objective lens
    11. EL position sensor

    Vibration reduction principle
    The face of the internal erecting prism shifts direction, thereby redirecting the light beam and stabilizing the image. When there is no vibration and the binoculars are parallel to the line connecting the viewer's eye to the subject being viewed (a), the prism transmits the light straight through. When there is vibration and the binoculars are not properly aligned (b), as long as the prism is not moved the light beam will be transmitted to the viewer's eye. This example illustrates rotation on the horizontal axis.
    The StabilEyes prisms feature a gimbaled frame controlled by two piezoelectric sensors and two direct drive motors to ensure constant stability.

    Note: This is from internet source, copyright belongs to respective companies or individual.




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