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Buying Punto Dynamic Diesel

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by rudresh, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. rudresh

    rudresh Regolare

    Hyderabad, India


    I have almost zeroed down to buying Punto Dynamin Diesel. Color is still in question between White, Red or Tuscan Wine. I am based in Hyderabad and looked in Tejaswi Motors. After some lackluster 3 weeks response time from them, finally one Customer Adviser showed up yesterday with the quotes and offerings. My plan is to get it done by early next month. Now I have following offers from them. I want your input about what will be the best deal. Before the deal I will test drive once more also. I will get a diesel car because I love to drive and will pile up miles on ODO for sure

    Decision Making:

    I wanted a car which will suit my age and personality. I really had to tune down my expectations and taste while buying in car in India. I had 3-4 options to consider. I am not an impulsive buyer but do stress on driving experience and "Feel Good Factor" in a car. I did the same when I bought my previous car Infiniti. I had the option to go safe and cheap with Toyota and Honda, but I went for Infiniti for driving pleasure and wow factor while inside the car. I find the same when I look at Punto. Can't take my eyes off. :)

    Options were:

    VW Polo: European Car, Solid built, but 3 cylinders engine was a deal breaker for me apart from the Price on road.

    Swift VDI: I have driven my friend's cars, its not bad to drive but what the hell, every Tom dick Harry have it. Design wasn't that great too. Lack of ABS also bothered me as I know how useful it can WHEN needed.

    Ford Figo: Not again a Ford as we had some tough time with Ikon back in home. It would have been easy on my pocket but no, Thank you.

    Skoda Fabia: Poor design IMO as the front does look good on Rapid-Laura-Superb but on Fabia , it feels too much for a hatchback. Also price.

    I20 : While the back is eye catching, front is just modified I-10 or Verna. I never liked Korean products because lack of originality. Guys who know about Hyundai Genesis in US market will know how much inspirations that it got from others. :D Still I will test drive it at least once to see whats under the hood it has.

    So it came down to Punto, Design is unmatched and Italians are known for it. Interiors could have been better. I have been following the forums for customers experiences and lackluster ASS for Fiat cars. but, I take those as individual experience. But a Guy like me who follows his heart while buying the car will put his money on what he likes rather than what everybody loves. I am yet to comment on ride quality as I need to TD once more on highways. I m just holding my booking till that.

    Now the important Part: Deal with the dealers.

    Tejaswi in Hyd Banjara Hills gave the following options: Please suggest.

    Car price On road(White or Red): 634658(Ex) + 76409(Tax) + 23448(Insurance) + 5593(Ex-Warranty) + 4500(CC Charge) ==== 744608

    Option 1:

    Absolute Pack: Mat(Fiat) + Flaps(Fiat) + Door sills + Absolute Badge + GPS+ RSA(50 months)
    Less 50% Insurance == 11700
    Corporate discount: less 7000

    === 744608 - 11700 - 7000 = 725908

    Option 2

    Without Absolute

    Mat: Dealer rubber made (don't get confused ;))
    Mudflaps : Dealer
    Teflon coat
    Anti Rust
    RSA(50 months)

    Less : free insurance
    Corporate discount : less 7000

    ==== 744608 - 23400 - 7000 = 714208

    I can add

    Door Sills: (399 + 14% VAT) x 2

    He was pushing for Option 2 as his argument was

    GPS is not worth more than 7000
    Extra door sills(~900) and Absolute Badge

    Its just not worth more than 11700 extra savings on insurance.

    What ever I choose, I am pushing for Bridgestone tires, Reverse Parking sensors(RPS), ORVM paint job (Red). He said He can definitely look for tires but can give either of RPS or Paint job

    Also I am considering Rear Spoiler in Red, Punto Stickers on Hood and sides. I dont know how much this stickers or paint job or spoiler costs, so did not negotiate before knowing. I asked on Discount on CC Charge or Ex-Warranty but he flatly refused that he can't do anything there.

    Now I want your suggestion what to do on two aspects.

    1. Option 1 or Option 2
    2. How to make better deal out of extra accessories/paint job from him. Can I merge Stickers+Paint job and leave RPS?

    Thanks everyone for time. I know it has been a long post but this is the best place to ask IMO.

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  2. Go for option 1 if you need the accessories(i wouldnt have missed it though),the car pad you are talking about is worth 19k.

    Go for RPS,painting of orvm wont cost a bomb,and you can afford it later.
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  3. rj_fiat


    Go for option 1, I too booked punto dynamic 1.3 absolute edition (Tuscan Wine) and the dealer at my place was also cajoling me not to go for the absolute edition just because of navigation device and absolute batch, as the rest of stuff will be provided by them FOC during delivery. I don't know why but they are very hesitant regarding absolute edition.

    Though I booked it on 26th sept 12, still the delearship is keeping me uncertain about the delivery date.
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  4. rudresh

    rudresh Regolare

    Hyderabad, India
    I want to know cost of antirust and Teflon coating. how does it beneficial to the car and approx cost associated with it.

    did anyone used that GPS here, how accurate is it? whats the worth?

    I am also planning to get 3M car care and film on glasses is required.. anybody has idea what will be the cost>
  5. Cost of antirust coating(not reqd now as Fiat cars come with a one coat of anti rust paint)+teflon(not that good)=7k,better go for paint protection,cost will be 3.5k max

    you can go for CR70 films from 3m,they will cost 18k approx(I planned on doing this,but I am in two minds over breaking the law)
  6. rudresh

    rudresh Regolare

    Hyderabad, India

    Thanks. I will probably wait for sometime for sunfilm as need some good investment and also see how does it feel inside the cabin with OEM tinted glasses.
  7. Hey Rudresh,

    COngrats on your decision to book Punto.

    Regarding your queries,

    Option 2 Makes more sense and the absolute edition is to lure customers in the festive season.

    The quotes made by the dealer seems to be atleast +10k more than the average. And Exotica Red & White comes with -5k and I guess you have subtracted
    that also. While making a deal, remember to stand on these below points,

    1. Insurance offer, could have been better or complete waive with a package of 4k.
    2. Accessories - The dealer will be ready to give accessories atleast worth 10k. It will depend upon your bargaining skills.

    Insurance offer is completely their Business negotiations with other FinServ's and Corporate discount is what you have earned.

    So in the Accessories part, you can pull the dealer atleast 10k for the benefits, as this is the only part where they provide you
    the benefits from their pockets.
  8. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I would say Option 1 is better, as in option 2, main benefit is Anti Rust coating and Teflon coating, both of these are not required at all.

    If you don't like Absolute pack, bargain for something else to compensate the difference, BTW the GPS cost is much higher than 7K. Check MMI website.
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  9. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Dear Rudresh,

    Who was the Sales Executive that has contacted you from Tejaswi? Did you contact Nirosha? If not, please do and refer my name. Who ever told you that the GPS is not worth more than 7000k is trying to bluff you. I am not sure about his/her intention in trying to convince you to go against the Absolute Edition. May be they donot have in stock and probably would not be able to install them by the time of delivery, if that is the case then simply walk away from Tejawsi.

    Go for Option 1 as it is more VFM. The GPS (MMI Carpad 5) is worth Rs.19,999 according to the MMI website and is defintely worth the 11k or so that you would be paying additional for Option 1. Since you are going for Dynamic variant, I guess you would not be getting B&M, you can use the Bluetooth from the Car pad and use it for hands free calls. It has 3G connectivity and is quite useful when you are on the move. You can play music and videos from it. Since you would be clocking a lot of kms, you might need a Navigation system to explore more with convenience. MMIs have the best maps available in the current market according to many of our members.

    Coming to the deal part. I would suggest you to reach Concorde and Malik cars and show them the quote given by Tejaswi and ask the best deal that they can offer. If they comedown by 10k or so, show the same to Tejaswi again and bargain further.

    If you are going with the Absolute edition, then all you might require in addition would be Rear spoiler and Chrome exhaust tip (not mandatory though), which you can either order from Fiat which would be quite expensive or get an after market ones. Dealer would not be doing any sticker job as far as I know. Even if they agree, it would be done from a radium sticker guy outside, which you can get it done too. The paint job for OVRMS should cost you some where between 500-1000 bucks max. and do not trust the ASS for the body/paint jobs, many have regretted it. Just get the car and I would guide you with some competent painter and stickering guys. I paid close to 3800 Rs. for all the stickering job on my car. Check out the pics from my ownership thread.

    Since you are going for a 3M job immediately after the delivery, getting a teflon coating isn't necessary IMO. The 3M pain protection job is more than enough. The Hyderabad traffic police have announced that they will start levying the "No Tint/Sunfilm" rule from 25th of this month. So, I would not recommend you on getting that done.

    You would be lucky if you get the BS tyres as promised. I am not confident in this regard. Get the Reverse parking sensors installed instead of the paint job.

    Good Luck.

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  10. rudresh

    rudresh Regolare

    Hyderabad, India
    Thanks Kiran,

    The SA was Rajesh and he works under Praneel. He came with the car to my office. I mentioned Nirosha and he said she is a team lead. The sales guy also knows you when I mentioned your name. I don't know whts the real reason for him behind not opting for absolute edition, but after checking with MMI website, i found out that device is definitely worth more than 7K. I told that I will hold the booking till start of next month until he gives something very concrete. Personally I am used to GPS while driving but not sure how MMI will be compared again Garmin or Tomtom maps for US.

    My next plan is to reach Malik or Concord, only problem is they are even worse in replying mails and somehow I like communicate through mails than phone because of keeping record. Also their showrooms are far from where I stay or work and I don't own a 2 Wheeler yet. Lets see.

    My 1st preference is definitely cash discount and RPS. Thanks for mentioning the after market paint job and sticker job. I will opt for that. Paint and spoiler are in no hurry. They can wait. Not too worried about color matching as I will get the BNW and anything close to E.Red in the spoilers/OVRMs will be just fine. I am counting on you for this help.

    Even I m not big fan of tinting the glass too much and its not cheap either. So will leave it as it is for now. Don't wanna mess with rules.

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