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Buying Punto 1.3 MJD-Dynamic

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by adi231189, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. adi231189


    New Delhi
    Hello Everyone this is my first post in TFI and would like to thank all the members for so much information i have been quitely reading through for my first car purchase.

    So yes i finally decided to buy a car after i landed up in a good job after my studies :cool: so it boiled down first to the budget which i set at 6.5 lacs ( could stretch but not much). First i shortlisted the Honda jazz, i20(petrol) and it was clear than i was all jazzed up after i looked at it and the Honda quality as well.

    I almost booked the jazz but suddenly my mom started questioning whether it is worth a purchase since it is a petrol car, so my search began and again i shortlisted i20 but this time diesel variant and while i always had a eye for the punto it was never in consideration uptill now(because of offcoure the A.S.S).

    So finally decided that it will be diesel i will be buying i dont have much running about 500 kms in a month but somehow i was anyway going to shell 6.5 for the jazz select and at the same price i can get a diesel, why not buy the diesel??.

    Till now i have not yet taken TD of i20 or the Punto, will be taking TD of Punto today. I wanted to know from all of you that i am being quoted 6.90 OTR Delhi (Dynamic version) from HIM motorswhich i think according to me after discounts is quite high.While freebies are parking sensor, mud flaps etc. But still i think he is quoting me high price

    Can anyone tell me what is the best price i should bargain and get the dynamic for since i am not ready to pay anything more than 6.6-6.7 for the punto. Also how is the A.S.S at Him motors patparganj

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    Took the TD of the car today

    Now the test drive experience was great i was accompanied by a great friend\ neigbour who has superb knowledge about cars. So first i sat on the back the leg room is not so great but adequate with seats pulled 3/4 way back(i am 6'1). But if i pull the seats completely back my knees were hitting the front seat.

    Experience during the TD(While in the back seat)
    1) Mind blowing ride quality- My friend went through super deep potholes really great comfort.
    2) 3 People with average built can sit in the back seat
    3) Ingress and Egress is average
    4) The ergonomics of the car are really not good- The seat adjuster rods are exposed and sharp and can cause damage to your legs
    4) Sitting in the middle of the back seat is not so much fun

    Experience during TD(While driving)
    1) Shoddy ergonomics again- The clutch is too much out
    2) The Built quality of the steering is meaty, it feels so good to hold
    3) I have never driven a diesel so i might not no but i didn't find any hiccups in 1st, 2nd gear was smooth pick-up with 5 people inside.
    4) Tilt steering is ok but still i felt it stares at me even when i pull it down.
    5) NVH levels excellent-Really could not hear any sound
    6) AC was brilliant 2 mins and the cabin was super cool
    7) I loved the handling and preciseness of the steering, car went were i wanted it to go.
    8) Excellent brakes so confidence inspiring.

    Some other points which my friend i conferred upon......Long clutch, really i had to pull my knee up, even though got used to it within 2 min but still. Overall clutch is smooth. As suggested by others going from 5th gear to 2 nd gear is a tad bit tricky but i felt i was good. Boot space is adequate, since i don't go with much luggage it is sufficient

    Overall experience= Totally Bowled over by the punto :clap but it exceeds my budget by 20k(Dynamic)

    So request Punto owners can anyone tell should i pay 6.9 OTR for the dynamic version since i have told Sales rep not paying more than 6.7L
  2. sungoa2010


    I think you should strech your budget and go for Punto. You will never able to find a equivalent hatch in that price range.
  3. adi231189


    New Delhi
    Thanks for the reply....my concern still remains that I think the rep is over quoting the price by about 20k and 6.70L looks a reasonable price for punto than paying 6.90L....so any Delhi punto lovers can give views on this. Currently dealing with Him motors,patparganj....and what are the standard tyres with punto I thought good year were no longer supplied with punto but dealer said u will get good year tyre. I thought now punto had arrangement with Apollo
  4. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Best way is to get the quote from different dealers in your city and then negotiate.
    Whoever is offering best value, buy from them.
  5. shams

    shams Esperto

    dynamic comes with 165/80 R14 which will most likely be jk tyres. Only emotion/90 hp gets goodyear/apollo of size 195/60 R15

    And as Ravi mentioned, please get a quote from all the dealers and then decide. Not sure what is giving you the feeling that 6.7 is the right price and 6.9 is high :confused: In Bangalore dynamic costs 7.4. What would you say if you were in bangalore :D
  6. adi231189


    New Delhi
    @sham can't help it buddy delhi has some advantages :D....any way i have put hold a bit on the purchase since i am going to TD one or 2 cars more,but my heart is saying Punto. Also i asked specifically about tyres and he told Goodyear. The TD vehcile that came to my house was Emotion variant and that too had Goodyear. In current market i think i can bargain when it comes to price..very difficult for dealers to be rigid to customer
  7. shams

    shams Esperto

    TD all the cars which you have in mind and try to take long TDs on all kinds of roads that you would be driving on!
    Only then make a decision!
    Do not give too much importance to things that can be changed, for e.g. tyres. Its ok to ask for better option but it should not affect your decision.

    As far as I know all 165 section width tyres on punto used to be from jktyres. not sure if they have changed to goodyear. do confirm it again mentioning the width of tyre!
    In that size i feel tyre width is the main concern rather than the brand. jktyres are good performers for 165 size.
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2012
  8. r2d2


    The indian customer has quite a bit to choose from, gone are the days of Maruti 800, Premier Padmini, HM Ambassador and a Mahindra 540.

    If you want a car that is fun to drive, feels safe (and is safe), and most importantly you can communicate with as a driver-
    1. in gear acceleration
    2. precise steering
    3. sharp brakes
    4. steady over bad roads
    5. loves to turn at speed

    Look at the following diesel hatches (in order of precedence)
    1. Punto 90 HP - Driver's delight, best at all the 5 attributes that makes a driver's car
    2. Punto 76 - Driver's delight minus the best in gear acceleration, it still has enough (do rev to 5000+ plus RPM in 3rd gear and see for yourself)
    3. New Swift - Fastest off the blocks. A good package, Maruti's tend to rattle
    4. Hyundai i20 - This is the fastest (off the blocks and otherwise). What's the point of speed if you are not confident of taking a turn at 120? Steering is like turning a dish in ones hands. Unstable on bad roads, feels light and wobbly
    5. Ford Figo - All rounder, scrapes every speed breaker in India
    6. Tata Vista - Good package. You will have space to dine on the back seat. Boring
    7. Nissan Micra - Grandfather car. Everything is good, again boring
    8. Maruti Ritz - Old generation ugly duckling

    From my personal experience (i have a linea MJD), if you drive in a city with open roads or highways the Punto (90/76) is the best, but if you drive in a congested city look at Punto, Swift, Figo, Micra.

    Good luck!
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2012
  9. sungoa2010


    Please take premier padmini from the list. It is a car that even people like to possess today:)
    Instead of i20 the correct name is 120. Anything after 120kmph the 0 will jump to the left side of 2 and say 'keep yourself ready to use me';)
    Micra cannot be a grandfather car since I don't feel like giving any respect when I see it
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