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Buying Demo car

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by Rachit Bhatnagar, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Rachit Bhatnagar

    Rachit Bhatnagar Amatore

    Hi TIAFians,
    Its a big relief to see this forum online. A friend of mine is planning to buy a Fiat Linea Emotion (D) 2012 which is a demo car but hardly run 1000 km. After getting a good discount his only concerned about warranty as dealer said he won't get a warranty as a new car on a demo piece. Also getting extended warranty won't be possible. No he is in dilemma to go with the deal or buy a new car? Can anyone suggest, if proper warranty is available on Demo cars & extended warranty can also be purchased on this?
  2. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Hi Rachit, how much is the difference he is getting for that.. demo car to the new one?
    Car without warranty ??? is a high risk, even the pre-owned cars are coming with a warranty these days
  3. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Dear Rachit,

    The car you are speaking should have been abused a lot which happens in many cases. Also I heard some stories that these cars (Demos/Testdrive) are mostly the organ (read spare part) donors. My advice would be that you should ask your friend to simply walk away from that car even if the discount is quite tempting. The deal doesn't make any sense. These kind of cars should come with an extra special warranty other than the regular warranty and extended warranty.

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  4. mhitesh

    mhitesh Amatore

    Airoli, Navi Mumbai
    Airoli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.4
    When I was buying my Punto the dealer gave me a similar deal for buying the demo car, he was offering me huge discounts and said he will provide this with a 50m warranty and same day delivery and free insurance and other freebies.

    The cash discount was around 80K, but I still stayed away.
  5. Puntoed

    Puntoed Amatore

    Austin / Blr
    1000 Km's driven demo car ?? check again on this , its almost 10 months. how come only 1000kms in a demo car. I would have stayed away only.
  6. Rachit Bhatnagar

    Rachit Bhatnagar Amatore

    Thanks to all you guys for valuable advice. Its a Nov 2011 built Linea Emotion (D) car promoted as a demo car for 2012 Linea. I checked the VIN myself & took test drive on my friends behalf. I didn't find any noise or other deffects. Only thing I was concern about the pick-up. As I own a T-Jet+ and its pick-up is superb, but when compared this demo car I felt it lot sluggish. The sales guy said it is because T-Jet & Diesel emotion has a different technology altogether & diesel cars are always slow. I think he was correct here.
    The car is costing INR 7.75L + registration charges.
    The sales guy assured that car is hardly used for TDs and sometimes there staff used it for other purposes. Now sales guy is agreed for 1yr/20km warrenty. Whats your call now? We are still insisting for extended warrenty.
  7. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Nothing less than what Warranty is usually given (2yrs) + extended warranty, is acceptable.
  8. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2

    Ask your friend for more negotiation on warranty side....

    He should get it as deal has to sell it & if they got a buyer for their car so they don't leave him.

    So keep pressuring SA for negotiations, he will definitely get it... :)
  9. macky

    macky Amatore

    whats the discount on offer!!?? even if you buy a used car which is one year old, you would get it for around 2L less with 3 years warrenty left, the only drawback would be that in the RC you will be the second owner. Also what kiran said about being organ donar is true!! TD vehicles are abused to the core!!
  10. extr3mex

    extr3mex Amatore

    hey buddy, my advice is not to buy the demo car even if you get a good discount. It is been driven by tons of people, including the people who don't know to drive properly. Also, there is no warranty too. Also, the parts in Punto are pretty expensive. My suggestion is to get a new car or if not atleast get a second hand Punto which has got warranty.


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