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Buying an Hatch for7L OTR

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by ferrari1234, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Hello guys,

    As we are booking an SUV this month,So I need a Diesel Hatch,which is about 7L OTR.

    So,I m considering those cars,They are,

    1.Fiat Punto Dynamic
    2.Maruti Swift VDI
    3.Toyota Liva G-SP Diesel
    4.Hyundai I20 Magna-O or normal Magna
    5.Chevrolet Beat LT-O Diesel
    6.VW Polo Comfort Line
    7.Maruti Ritz VDI and VDI with ABS
    8.Skoda Fabia Ambition Plus Diesel
    9.Tata Vista VX
    10.Renault Pulse RX-Z Diesel
    11.Nissan Micra XV Premium Diesel and
    12.Ford Figo Titanium.

    My daily running is about 80 Km and Highway about 300-500 Km.So,monthly running is about 3K Km and yearly running is about 30K in 1 year.So,which car is good?

    1.Punto-This is the car which I want it.So,it is better than Swift.Consideration
    2.Swift-I don't want the Swift because we had one and became common plus Maruti.Rejected
    3.Liva-This car is good but Interior is too cheap and resale unknown.Rejected
    4.I20-This car is excellent and awesome engine.Consideration
    5.Beat-I like this car because it had funky looks and elegant design and gives awesome FE.Consideration
    6.Polo-I like this car looks better than Liva,But,Engine is a big culprit.Rejected
    7.Ritz-Don't want this because it is Maruti,But,I love the tallish boy looks-Rejected
    8.Fabia-Engine is a big culprit for Fabia same as Polo-Rejected
    9.Vista-It had big space,good FE,but Tata-Consideration
    10.Pulse-This car had awesome looks,good FE,But,Copy and Paste from Micra.Consideration
    11.Micra-Didn't like this car because it had girlish looks.Rejected
    12.Figo-Finally this car had excellent space,boot,FE and cheaper spares.Consideration

    The rejected cars are,

    5.Fabia and

    The consideration cars are,

    5.Pulse and

    Which car is good?We will book the car by this year end.
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  2. sungoa2010


    Considering 30K running per year keep away from car that have 5K service interval. Punto is the natural choice followed by Figo and Pulse. Why Figo and pulse because both has less turbo lag so useful in city. Pulse also has the advantage that since you already have duster you can service it there. Please do a trade off between your priorities and decide. If Fiat dealer is not far from your place I will advice punto, nothing else.
    Why to miss a Ferrari ki sawari?

    Can you give us some photos and short review of Duster. ramjn had already started a thread for duster you can add it there
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  3. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Man, you are way too confused !! From what i read in your previous thread, you are buying a duster for your family and this is going to be your personal car . For that, you have to make your own choice to enjoy the car to the core. Go with your heart and you wont repent about it any time of your life. I guess i read somewhere that you are only starting to drive, then punto would be your best choice with immaculate built and will protect you more than any other choices in case something happens !! Dont burn your head, i would say go and book a dynamic, change the tyres and alloys to 15" and enjoy the drive !!!
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  4. amitp

    amitp Amatore

    Pune, Maharashtra
    The question is interesting and information detailed. I shall write in brief about the cars that you are considering since it seems that decent research has been done and the original list has already been cut down. Since you have mentioned that you will be picking up the car by the end of this year the Punto Emotion variant should fit your budget in the festive season or when Fiat comes out with some good offers. With this introductory paragraph let me run through your selection and end it with why Fiat will trample over the other options. Considering that you have clocked 66k on the Swift, I am sure you would understand terms such as lugging an engine, body roll, suspension setups, straight line performance etc. Also I put safety on the top of the list while discussing vehicles, second to every other feature on any vehicle. Safety is the priority as I have not met anyone who wished the occupants in the hospital in the event of an accident, everyone preferred to have the car to take damage and go to the garage first.

    Beat LT O– The most frugal car here. Its 3 cylinder diesel engine is based on the MJD. It has funky interiors as well as external looks. It will have less than average performance in your list. It has the least capital cost, highest mileage (among your choices) and the three year Chevrolet warranty. Ride and handling is average. It should come within 7L OTR with the optional ABS and airbags. This car will be the winner if your budget is tight and you are looking for a car with the least maintenance and running costs.

    Pulse RxZ (Optional airbags and ABS) – Clearly a badge reengineered Micra. FE is probably second only to the Beat here. Performance again will be below average as it was built to be frugal. Again Airbags and ABS being optional, are you willing to stretch for these life saving passive safety features? If yes, the Fiat will be a much better option and there is not much to write about this car.

    Vista ZX (for the airbags over the VX) – It has the Fiat MJD, lots of other features taken directly from Fiat. To name a few the Bluetooth interface which is renamed, lumbar support, adjustable steering, multi stage hinge for doors etc (Tata vehicles never had any of these before Fiat). At the end of the day it’s an Indica which looks better, uses Fiat expertise but has the softest suspension setup in the lot. It will also have skinny tires, cheap plastics and other small things which on notice will make a person with an eye for detail realize the lovely cost cutting efforts of Tata. On the flip side, it offers the best cabin space, average price tag, great straight line performance, acceptable interiors, decent exteriors, happiest ride on bad roads but at slow speeds (remember softest suspension setup). This car should win if you wish to be very rigid about the 7L budget, space is a priority, maintenance and running costs need to be average with a great engine and straight line performance all the while having the softest ride in the selected lot.

    Figo Titanium – It is the best VFM on the list and many would argue on the same. But the way I see it, this car offers a good feature list, has a decent suspension setup and has a decent dealership network considering other cars chosen. The other side is that it is due for a facelift and looking around the internet you should be able to find snaps of it caught testing with camouflage. Also it has an 8V SOHC engine, which in my opinion is less refined, average performing one or in simple words the one thing where Ford saves money to give you the VFM package.

    I20 Magna (No safety at all) – Here is the strongest contender as most people would see it. But I doubt it will fit a 7 L OTR budget as it never had discounts and would go upwards of 8.5L for the feature loaded top end version. The Magna (not with the optional pack) has no air bags, no ABS and IMHO is just too pricey (for a trim level that has no safety kit). It will get the compliments of people who will see it from the outside. It has the best build quality and dealer network. Also it’s the most reliable brand here since it never had production problems and is the largest auto exporter since 7 years. The target market for this car was Europe and hence if inventories pile, there won’t be discounts as it is not a Santro and they may just sell it off shore.

    Punto (Emotion) – I am sure you are aware of the Tata Fiat break up. Also Fiat did abandon customers in the past. On the other side, here is a car with the best diesel engine we have, which is affectionately called the national engine of India. Here is a car which has the most sorted suspension setup in hatchbacks. Try the worst maneuvers back to back in a Punto and any other hatchback, you will feel the difference. Here is a car with thoughtful gearing, the first two are close allowing you to crawl in traffic and use the torque (without using the accelerator pedal) while the top speed for the 75 HP version (you can find a pic on this forum) is a whooping 180kmph. For the comparison on paper, you get 15 Inch alloys, automatic climate control, ABS and air bags, steering mounted controls with Microsoft’s Blue & Me etc. I could write a very detailed informative justification as to how this is way superior to the others but will end with just a couple of examples and leave the rest for you to explore. Fiat gave safety laminated glasses before they were made mandatory. Fiat offered ABS and air bags optional more than a decade back. People did not know the first and did not opt for the second since they did not believe in passive safety which is becoming the norm today. Fiat had a hot hatch a decade back which can still give today’s hot hatches a run for their money whether it is performance or otherwise. In essence Fiat always offered products a generation ahead than what the Indian market was ready for. You can read a detailed write up on TBHP of a guy who used a Swift for 2 lakh kms and was happier when he later moved to a Punto.

    This forum shall be happy to answer any specific queries that you may have (including me if I can).

    To conclude, pick up the Punto Emotion at the right time and it shall make you happy.


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  5. So,My running in my Swift is getting increased day by day.My present running is more and between 100 Km.
  6. saharsh

    saharsh Regolare

    Anyday Fiat Punto, You will get exclusivity and the Feel that no other car in its segment can match :)
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  7. sundar1900

    sundar1900 Amatore

    One can blindly go for Punto given the safety features and manly look it exudes. I couldn't see a person who gave me a valid reason why Punto is not the best hatch in its segment. Whatever the feature you find in other cars you would have it in Punto but some of Punto's features you cannot find in any other cars. I would just like to point out one strength of Punto....Just feel the steering you will feel the car is your servant want to do whatever you want. I dont think you get a better steering in any other cars you mentioned.
  8. sungoa2010


    The speed from which others start shivering can be achieved as a the average speed for Punto. That is the confidence that punto gives to driver with it's brilliant dynamics.
  9. Considering Diesel Vehicles till 9L!!

    The Diesel Cars which I m considering are:

    1.Ritz ZDI-7.44L
    2.Polo Comfort Line and High Line Diesel-8.1L for CL and 8.6L for HL,I guess.
    3.Figo Titanium-7L
    4.Punto Dynamic Diesel,Emotion Diesel and 90HP Sport Diesel-7.45L for Dynamic,8.25L for Emotion and 8.9L for 90HP Sport
    5.Swift ZDI-8.1L
    6.I20 Sportz and Asta Diesel-8.2L for Sportz and 8.75L for Asta

    Some High Points:

    1.Asta Diesel version is Rs.55K more than Sportz version.
    2.Figo is cheapest all among the Hatches and Ford is offering Rs.28K Discount on Figo,which will make more cheaper than all Hatches.
    3.Polo High Line Diesel is now cheaper due to price reduction and giving new features and HL is Rs.50K more than CL.
    4.Punto 90HP is Rs.66K more than Emotion 75HP Diesel and Emotion 75HP Diesel is Rs.80K more than Dynamic and Fiat is offering Free Insurance and Free RSA on Punto.
    5.Swift ZDI had 6-7 Months waiting due to strike in Manesar Plant.
    6.Ritz is second cheapest all among the Hatches and now,Maruti is offering ZDI Variant on Ritz.

    The Diesel Hatches,which I m not considering are:

    1.Toyota Liva G SP Diesel-Interiors made me not to go for Liva-Ruled out.
    2.Renault Pulse RX-Z Diesel-I liked its looks,but Under Powered Engine and Renault wafer thin network makes me not to go for Pulse-Ruled out.
    3.Nissan Micra XV Diesel-Girlish looks made me not to go for this Micra-Ruled out.
    4.Skoda Fabia Elegance Diesel-Skoda A.S.S and Under Powered Engine made me not go for Fabia-Ruled out.
    5.Tata Vista ZX Quadrajet Diesel-Tata useless service and niggles made me not to go for Vista-Ruled out and
    6.Chevy Beat LT(O) Diesel-Under Powered Engine made me not to go for Beat-Ruled out.

    Value For Money Place for Considered Vehicles:

    1.Figo Titanium-First
    2.Ritz ZDI-Second
    3.Punto Dynamic-Third
    4.Polo CL-Fourth
    5.Swift ZDI-Fifth
    6.I20 Sportz-Sixth
    7.Punto Emotion-Seventh
    8.Polo HL-Eighth
    9.I20 Asta-Ninth
    10.Punto 90HP Sport-Tenth

    My First Choice of Diesel Vehicle:


    This days,instead of using the car to school.I m going in Public Transport daily.
    Cancelled Duster a month ago due to 5-6 Months waiting period.
    Considered other Petrol vehicles and due to upcoming Rs.5 hike,Diesel is the best option.
    If Hatch doesn't work out,we will go for Sedan.
    This would be the replacement for our Maruti 800.
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  10. saharsh

    saharsh Regolare

    Punto anyday.

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