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Buying a pre-owned MJD/Tjet

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by Prathap Chandran S, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. Prathap Chandran S

    Prathap Chandran S Timido

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    Thank you all for the responses

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  2. Prathap Chandran S

    Prathap Chandran S Timido

    No where Every where
    Fiat Enthusiast
    Hi to all.
    I have found some used Tjet Lineas that can be considered. However, I am having some apprehension with regards to future of the Linea.

    I am considering a Mumbai based 2011 Tjet plus that has been used for about 55000 kms (single ownership). I am also considering other similarly used vehicles. My concerns are listed below:
    Is linea brand about to be discontinued with the possible release of Tipo or Egea in India? When are they going to be released in India. Or is Fiat closing shop in India?
    Are the 2011 Tjet, post 2014 Tjet lineas and post 2016 Linea 125ps similar in the context of the engine and other parts. They do look similar except for the nice added features and the cosmetic facelift.
    Fiat, in the event of Linea closure, might be legally bound to support 2016 lineas or other Lineas due to warranty commitments.
    Will support then be extended to the 2011 Tjets too - service and spares?
    In India, are there any legal guidelines as to how long the manufacturers have to support and service vehicles, from date of sale?

    I have another question too regarding a relatively less important topic! What is the mileage that can be expected from a Linea Tjet. I am talking of Highway use.

    Please provide your valuable opinions and help me in making a decision.

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  3. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Hi @ Prathap Chandran S

    Go ahead and get the TJet. It's such a nice thing to drive and everytime you take it out will reward you with wild smiles.

    My general opinion is that you need not worry about any of those things. Fiat is not closing the shop in India. Even if they bring Tipo to India, Linea will be supported. FIAT spares are available for Palios which are out of production.

    For the mileage part, please visit the mileage thread, I have posted some links of the thread. I remember some one posting 21+ kmpl for a TJet (with photo).


    21.5 (no photo)


    16.7 over 2000 kms drive (with speeds crossing 160)
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