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Buying 1.3 MJD Emotion - BNW

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by smilinganand, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. smilinganand

    smilinganand Timido

    Finally I am about to get my Punto in 7-10 days. 1.3 MJD Emotion BN White.

    As I am buying through Defense Canteen, so got delayed in getting sanction letter approved from HQ, and CAR loan too is finalized now.

    Some info & help required:-
    1. Ex showroom price - Rs 6,06,543/-
    2. Insurance - Rs 21,868/- (But Free, as its in offer now)
    3. Registration - Rs 24,896/- (to be registered in Ranchi, Jharkhand- but will be used in Visakhapatnam)
    4. Absolute pack - free
    5. Road side assistance - free ( Help needed)
    6. Value Added services - Rs 6,414/- (dealer says its for Teflon coating- Help needed)
    7. Body under coating - Rs 2,250/- (rust proofing - help needed)

    Help needed:-
    1. Are these prices for Teflon coating and rust proofing comparable, or is he charging more?
    2. When these to be done, at the time of 1st servicing or soon after buying?
    3. I am getting Rs 10K cash discount and Teflon+rust proofing free, as the vehicle is March,2012 make.. Is the discount justified, or I can bargain more?
    4. What is road side assistance, and how long ( time or kms run) it is valid? Is it available throughout India, or in close proximity to registered place?

    5. And the most important : What are the things to check at the time of delivery???
    6. What are the general freebies given?

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  2. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Hi Anand, congratulations on finalizing the vehicle.

    1. Firstly Teflon coating is not recomended and secondly the pricing quoted for teflon coating is very high.
    you can go for the underbody coating.
    My suggestion would be if a 3M car care center is available then get the underbody quoting (will cost you around 3K) and the pait selant/protection job done from them (should cost you another 3K). They do a far better job and is a good option.

    2. If they have to do it, then these will be done before delivery (as part of preparing your car for delivery). If you are getting it done from them make sure to be present there and get it done infront of you.

    3. The discount seems to be good but you can always bargain for more (ask for some accessories)

    4. RSA (road side assistance) is for availing support from FIAT when a car breaks down somewhere on the road and you cant go to the service center. It is valid and available throughout India and should be valid for the life of the car if am not mistaken.

    5. Please do a PDI and Predelivery check (check the VIN to make sure it is a March 2012 make).

    6. Generally floor mats, mudflaps, car perfume and Lord Ganesha idol are given, but you can bargain for more (like neck rests, car pillows, reverse parking sensors etc)
    Check the FIAT website for the list of available accesories or get a list of accesories available from the dealer and choose some and ask as freebies :evilsmile
    Team FIAT download, check this Team FIAT download section for the required information.

    All the best :)
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  3. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    ^^^ Great post!

    @ smilinganand

    Heartiest congratulations.

    As rightly pointed out, the so-called teflon coating is nothing but a work of fiction. And the cars are given a rust proof coating at the factory. So no need for either!

    And 6000 for "value added services" is nothing but recovering some of the discounts the dealer has given you. So avoid it.

    Good luck.
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