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Bunjeee Jumpinggg -Pheniox MarketCity Bangalore

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by Punter Punto, Sep 1, 2015.


so When are you joining ???

  1. 4th Friday (950/-)

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  2. 5th Saturday (1250/-)

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  3. 6th Sunday (1250/-)

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  1. Punter Punto

    Punter Punto Timido

    "Acrophobia" - extreme OR irrational fear of heights -
    Want to get rid of this so called PHOBIA ????

    Want to experience the adrenaline rush of your blood and experience the awesomeness of BUNJEE JUMPINGgggg.

    Hellll Yeah!!! then Join for the JUMPPPP with your family and Friends to show offff..

    Bunjee Jump will be held only on 4th, 5th and 6th September LAST 3 DAYS for the SEASON

    About Bungee Jumping

    Swalpa GOOGLE Maadie Please ;)

    How is the jump?
    The participants will be fastened to the Jump related equipment's and will be hoisted to a height from where the participants will enjoy the Adrenalin Rush by JUMPING..the Team is well-equipped & trained team.

    Safety -The Prime on our List

    · Well-trained & certified professional instructors

    · More than 25000 Jumps in Bangalore alone and still counting

    · German Mountaineering Equipment's (One of the Best in the Industry).

    · Landing Bed with Ground Support Crew.


    Exclusive ONLY for T F I Members

    Weekday: Rs. 950/- (For 4th September) other wise - 1200/-

    Weekend: Rs. 1250/- (For 5th & 6th September) other wise - 1500/-

    All you need to know

    Who can jump: Anyone who has a normal BP, weighs over 35 Kgs & under 130 kgs

    Where: Phoenix Market city, Mahadevpura Whitefield

    When: 4th, 5th and 6th September

    Timings: 12 PM Onwards(on all 3 days)

    Types of Jump: Solo, Couple & Kids(Tandem)

    They have a in house Professional Photographer to capture the movements(with extra charges)


    · TFI/any Individual associated will not be held responsible for any of the incidents, including minor or major jumping accidents or injuries.

    · Rates may change to prior notice, as it is a third party event.

    · Amount once paid will NOT be refunded if you didn’t turn up for the event or didn’t jump.

    · It might get postponed if it rains. New date will be announced in that case.

    Event organized by Golden Eye and Mercureal Sports, TFI is just associated with for them. A compulsory INDEMNITY BOND will be signed before the JUMP at the Venue.

    NOTE: We are in talks with the Mall Management for a SEPARATE PARKING.. this can happen if numbers are more than 20 and willing to join on any particular day/time.
    We can enter the MALL in a TFI Style CONVOY

    Any Questions/concerns feel free to Call or email me NOW???


    ~LIVE the DREAM~
  2. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    @Punter Punto

    Nice initiative man. I always wanted to go bungee jumping but after the recent Vertigo issue, this will remain a dream forever I guess in this life time. But anyways Bengaluru guys have this opportunity, so should not be missed. Its I assume a once in lifetime experience.

    Swalpa samaya tekondu hogi banni gurugale.:smuggrin::smuggrin::smuggrin::smuggrin:
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  3. Punter Punto

    Punter Punto Timido

    Hmm.. Can understand..

    Received couple of queries on SAFETY.

    I assure that the CREW is best in the industry and trained by the KING of Bunjee Jumping Jean Pascal who set up the most Bunjee Jumping arena in the whole of Asia including.. New Zealand, Dubai and Thailand..

    Equipment's used are the best available in the Industry.

    You Can COME in and WITNESS the JUMP to EXPERIENCE the JUMP..

    HEIGHT OF THE JUMP is 150 Feet


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