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Bumpy ride - Discussion

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by soori, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Can anyone atleast for my sake, drive the car at around 40 to 60 km/hr on the smooth surface (atleast by the appearance) and is if you feel the imperfections of the road? Or feel vibrations please? If yes, please mention the model, tire size and tire brand.

    None of the modern car is that bad. All cars will make you feel exact road conditions at least @50-60km/hr. Punto is one of them too. For most of the owners in Punto's, they feel country side rough roads like mediocre highways if not a smooth ride. You are an exception quite frankly & problem could be genuine, don't take me wrong here bro! I completely respect your observation & understanding on this.

    Am confused. Did you mean that the ride in slow speed is comfortable or smoother in Punto than i20?

    That would be a comparison thread instead between an i20 & Punto. I see & experience whole day i20s alongside. It's indeed no where near to Punto. I can prove it at any parameter to myself over and over. I would call i20 at least 2 decades backward to Punto in all honesty. Again its maintaining complete respect to your view. That what i have experienced real time so far. I would refrain for more aggressive statements like maintaining steep turns@160-170 on highways where i disappear to an i20 & also not sound a fan-boy:mrgreen:. The difference is as big as a mountain & valley. They are totally opposite vehicles. It depends where you reckon Punto. I keep it as mountain instead of a valley. If i20 is best Punto has to be worst & vice versa, that's it. Nothing common about them.
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  2. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Goodyear GT3 Stock tires:-
    i can feel the road imperfection and i believe we call it as steering feedback and in terms of your query is this wobbling ? if yes thats normal i guess.
    vibrations whats this now ? is it steering vibration ? i dont see any vibration at high speeds as well.

    if FIAT is also unavialable to solve your problem,i would recommend to drive your punto on 100 Kms of imperfect roads/harsh roads and then test it on smooth roads.May be wierd test::D,atleast you can test it with different environment of your drive which you are used too till now... lets change your thought
  3. ranconteur

    ranconteur Amatore

    I dont know how you take ride quality as . Let me state with an example . Earlier I had Honda City for 5 years and have been to many good roads but never my family members complemented the "road" but after getting Punto whenever we drive on good roads they often say what a good road .:mrgreen: . They believe its road which making ride very good but its Punto ride quality which makes them feel so .

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    And moreover before buying Punto I test drove almost every hatchback . I test drove i20 for good 15-20 kms . It felt as if I am driving a very common car , nothing different . I would definitely rate i20 ride quality poor relative to punto . The only hatchback which I liked equally to punto was polo . Forget sales and service if the products to be compared , Polo is definitely a strong competitor to punto with good suspension , ride , handling and much much better interiors.
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  4. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    polo = 3 pot. No comparison to Punto.
  5. soori


    I don't want this to be bashing thread for non fiat cars.

    It's my pure observation. I like the ride quality of the car. No second thoughts about that. But i20 has very softer suspension and so it doesn't carry minor bumps to the car in the lower speed. You even can't feel it below 50km/hr. One more thing the horrible i20 steering doesn't give you any feedback.

    But in Punto the suspension is very matured and also stiff. Due to this we feel even minor imperfections on road in the car like a bump or as a steering feedback.

    I never knew this was normal with Punto as I was used to ride quality of i20 at lower speeds. However, as this is normal with Punto shod with GT3 i can live with it. I wanted to confirm whether this was the behavior only with my car. Now I know even a tire can make a huge difference as I have driven 2009 model Punto in the same road and the ride was smooth at lower speeds.

    However, I don't want to change to comfort oriented tire with softer sidewalls as we encounter very bad roads during rainy season until the end of the year. The roads in coastal region goes very bad in the rainy season as all you know. And I do atleast 4 to 5 Bangalore trips via Shiradi ghat. So any tires with softer sidewalls gets damaged there.

    Now I'm very much relieved that this is the behavior of car due to stiffer suspensions and not any issue particularly with my car. Period.

    However, I would like to confirm this with Fiat engineers just to clear my thoughts. After all I love this car and don't want to hamper the fun by bearing any negative thoughts in my mind. :p
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  6. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    What will you confirm exactly the Fiat engineers ?
    about your thoughts of mix feelings with i20 and punto ?

    better you give a shot about the Goodyear tires quality after period of time(say after 10K Kms) the way it behaves.
  7. soori


    About the ride quality at low speed.
  8. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Soori, I was afraid of your comment in-advance & it happened exact. It appears "bashing Non-FIAT" but trust me it isn't.
    A confident FIAT driver who is one entity with his car, will agree to it no-time. It's so very well confirmed on a highway scene where you will find powerful Verna's, Cities, Fortuners, Endeavors & bla bla literally trying to humiliate each other @130-140 speeds. Suddenly, you see one odd Maserati like grill in rear view. This car is not racing with anyone as it's a new entrant from nowhere. It's just 75 HP of diesel but still grill is getting bigger & bigger. It swirls confidently among all vehicles without de-accelerating & takeover all of them one by one like some Motorbike is bypassing a bicycle rider. Eventually will disappear in less than a minute along the horizon. God damn, the FIAT driver wasn't even driving risky/insane or intend to race. He was just enjoying all hell with his Punto, a world of his own. He is very conscious for his safety, he loves riding safer cars & never ever will put his life in danger@highways. This is not bashing bro, it's truth that i realize non-stop during 6 hrs of my daily driving.

    Once Punto disappears, the show resumes & racing session starts again among all those 120-150-200 BHP powerful cars & SUVs:boxer. They start playing again with those 130-140 sprints but no sign of any Punto in visible vicinity as there aren't sold many:mrgreen:. It surely leaves everyone of them scratching their head for rest of many months whenever one imagines that scene.

    Coming back at your point, Try to maintain comparative higher speeds on minor bumps in case of Punto. What speed for what bump, pls excuse me here to comment as its totally metaphorical concept & driver can learn it real time only instead of documentation. I hope you are understanding what i want to say here. Do exactly opposite that you have been doing with i20. Instead of slowing down, let Punto glide over these potholes & come back with your feedback. You hands & eyes will learn at the cellular level without bothering your mind at bumps that "what to do, once you get through some 5-10 situations like these".

    Since you didn't find other Punto's to be different from yours, I would call it the driving style that you are facing issues with. That understandable as you have been driving a total different car & it's not imperfection that i mean my dear friend, i must clarify. But surely it's a situation, you can try it & let us know if any difference, it makes:up.
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  9. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    @ Suri

    All your observations are true. e.g. low speed bumps,you can sense small variation of road quality etc.

    At low speed there is underlying firmness. Tunning of suspension is such a way. This is not a design error.

    But because of this type of suspension tunning we can sense any bad suspension earlier in GP than anyother hatchback.

    If you are getting too much bumps & road variations then change the front sturts.

    I was also getting this type of bumpy ride like "Baba-Gaadi" of children.

    This is due to incorrect damping ratio between front & rear suspension.

    This problem is known as Dozzling. I had changed front sturts of my former 75 BHP. After changing sturts,problem solved.

    My 90 HP is also giving this type of problem but not in huge.

    You can check sturt operation in following DIY manner.

    1) Open the bonnet
    2) press & release the body of car for 3-4 times.
    3) When you stop press-n- release ,working of sturt should stop immidiatly. If working (up & down movement of sturt) continue after stopping press-n-release then you have bad sturt.


    1) Press-n-release body of car for one time with full force.
    2) Check return speed of sturt.
    3) Sturt should return on its original position as soon as you release the force.
    4) If there is hesitation while sturt is coming to its original position then you have bad sturt.

    Check & update.
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  10. vishnu's

    vishnu's Amatore

    Aaahh...look the 75HP overtook a Bugatti Veyron too..ENKI bro..what are you trying to say? this is an over kill..

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