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Bumpy ride - Discussion

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by soori, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. kunwar.g

    kunwar.g Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Other than ARB what other part am I missing from my list.

    Also if I am able to get all parts sourced should I get all work done at FASS or can be done by outside mechanic
  2. platinumshine

    platinumshine Regolare

    @kunwar.g: the list of parts you have got is correct. 4 struts, 1 ARB ( less gc not available) , 2 front bump stops and two rubber protection rings on the strut pads if not already present.
    I got the work done at FASS to ensure correct fitting, discount that they had to offer on parts/labour.
    My Punto runs with the high GC ARB still I don't observe any awkward steering input that @sunswape did before getting the old lesser gc ARB. If you can get the old ARB nothing like it!
    you may want to call up a few nearby FASSes to see if they have the old ARB in stock luckily.
    bit offtopic: The suspension spares of Punto are quite cheap pricewise compared to a VW or Hyundai.
  3. Fayad

    Fayad Amatore

    I changed to pre2012 magneti marelli suspension last month, bought from 99rpm and installed at a local workshop, didnt change the ARB though. There is a clear difference in ride quality. The front has dropped and wheel well gap has got better but rear is still the same. Wheel alignment and balancing is pending. Scraped the underbody at a few places but now learned that most of the scraping can avoided if we are a bit careful. Thanks to driver, jumu, imran for finding out the solution. :)
  4. l13mjd

    l13mjd Amatore

    Pre 2012 suspension is absolutely great. Imran however has the Indian make full MM (no collaboration) suspension with 20mm increase and he says all is hail and hearty.
  5. Fayad

    Fayad Amatore

    I'm sure he's right.. cousin's 90hp evo was very comfortable at bad roads. They got it sorted now it seems.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2015

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