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Bumpy ride - Discussion

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by soori, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. sunswape

    sunswape Regolare

    Before IMG_20130309_174711.jpg

    And now IMG_20130627_123715.jpg

    Can you differentiate ? Yes/No ?
    I found that there is not much difference

    And for new owners I wont be sacrificing anything. It is there so it will and should be shown.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    If anyone has never sat in a pre 2012 Punto, he/she will never complain, and Iam sure about it. Ride on the raised suspension setup is still great. Its the old setup which spoils the party.

    The real solution, BETTER TO STAY AWAY FROM A pre 2012 one :-D
    Mine is also not a complete solution, but currently it is working great. IF one wants to change both front and rear shockers, be ready to shell out almost 10k, that is the estimate I;ve been given. Rest, Iam here to give every possible feedback with what I have done.

    Latest update is that IAM ENJOYING THE DAMN RIDE !! :-D
    Over n out !
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  2. imranshks

    imranshks Superiore

    Re: Bumpy ride of 2012 FIATS- Any solutions?

    @sunswape I don't see any difference in the changed suspension. Atleast in the pictures, I still see huge gap between the tyre and the wheel arch which means your GC has not been lowered and still you are enjoying the plush ride of pre-2012 car.

    Since it isn't a complete solution, I would wait for you to keep us posted after driving the car for few more kms :)

    Cheers !!!

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  3. fiat583

    fiat583 Novizio


    Hi Jaydev,

    Do you own a post 2012 model and is a completly satisfied owner with the ride quality? Kindly confirm.

    Dear Ganges and kiran,

    FIAT cars (personally, I own a Punto) are a masterpiece to admire. they have excellent build quality, fun to drive, solid, stylish and admirable. Real european.

    But please try to understand our feelings here. We have put our hard earned lakhs of money, we are satisfied or excited of all other features, but the ride quality is not just bad, it is at a non-tolerable level. It is a very desperate condition that you have spend the money and now stuck alone with a problem and no solution. We are hanging on this thread to help each other, discuss possible solutions. We do not mean to discourage any prospective buyers, but we dont have any way out, we are all alone. This is something that FIAT needs to address. Even if we keep our mouth shut now, this will come up as a projected issue of FIAT cars later, which may damage the image on a higher level.

    Please drive a post 2012 FIAT car over a non-rubberised road (not need to drive on patches even!) on a speed less than 40 and if you can comment it is a satisfactory ride, then we may be wrong.

    Going back to old suspension set up is a modification, not a solution. But even if we are ready for that, FIAT has not yet acknowledged this as an issue, so it is not at all easy. One dealer would have agreed to replace the suspension, but many dealers have rejected to accept this as an issue and do any service for this issue. Ride on low tyre pressure is also not a solution. It doesn't resolve the issue and tyres will get damaged. We didnt get these cars free to try this type of gimmicks.

    All we want is to get a real solution for this issue or get FIATs attention and get a solution from them.

    Dear Mods and fellow members,

    please try to experience and understand our issue and help us for a resolution.
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  4. imranshks

    imranshks Superiore

    Re: Bumpy ride of 2012 FIATS- Any solutions?

    @fiat583 I asked Vecto motors if they can replace the suspension with pre-2012 one on my car but they straight away say,
    1."Fiat as a company would not let me do so and I ll have to spend around 12k for getting this done"

    2. They also said "a few customers aren't happy with the current setup but others don't have any issue with the same, so they don't think Fiat would acknowledge this as an issue at all".

    My appointment today has been postponed for tomorrow, getting the front suspension checked and faulty parts replaced tomorrow.

    Shall keep you guys posted about the progress and the result.


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  5. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Imran, I havent read the whole story so pardon me if i repeat whatever has been said so far.
    Do it like this.
    If your unhappy with the existing setup then before you spend more money try to narrow down your issue like this.

    1.) Drive the oldest model stage by stage until you find that exact model where you feel the ride is not bumpy.
    2.) Note the VIN and find out all the parts that have changed in that model compared to yours like, roll bar, supsension components, link rod , struts and so on.
    3.) Even if the design has changed or even if they have started to use different components for the parts you make a note of it.
    4.) If possible try to find out why these were changed in your model and that should give you an answer.

    This is a long and painfully time consuming process so please be patient. If its still not possible then i'm guessing there is something wrong with your car and you could try and ask for a replacement. (tall ask but you could try )

    NOTE :: Please ensure you record or keep a statement of all your visits to FASC and about all the opinions that the SA gives . should the worse come your way you can quote these and ask for replacement.
  6. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Mine is 2010 November FiatP90hp.
    And ride is very stiff compared to Volkswagen Polo,Hundai20,swift,Indica Vista. But the catch is Punto Handles and road manners are far awesome than said hatches

    And if I compare with any of the modern Punto,the difference is negligible.Linea rides quite softer and comfortable than Punto.Probably Linea has better seats.
    Hope I am clear.

    Less than 40kmph puntos are not comfortable unless you believe what some 'fanboys' claim. Fiat shines and shows its prowess post 60kmph where the speed and road undulations get masked.
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  7. Hi jayadev,
    It is not a fanboys claim. I have driven a pre-2012 punto and i can assure that the ride quality is much better than the post-2012 car. You are right about the point that even the pre-2012 cars also are not as comfortable as the soft suspension suzukis or hyundais. But that is acceptable for me, and that is the compromise i make for the excellent handling on high speeds(i had the same with my Palio too). But, it never went to the level of discomfort. But the post 2012 cars do. If you dont grab the steering wheel really tight, it slips under your palm on every silly undulations of the road. Please do a TD of a 2012 car and let us know if you are feeling the same.
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  8. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Last I did was Punto sports,where I could not find much of difference.
    Anyway I will recheck but rest assured if there was some major concerns then I would have been informed as Fass is just a shout distance from my Home .
    I do wonder what could go so bad to be a discomfort in a car like Punto,if so there should be a recall .
  9. dr.stephen

    dr.stephen Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    HELLO ALL , This issue of hard drive on rough roads at lower speeds( the up and down shaking effect ) can be sorted out by a suitable suspension set up. This can be easily done by FIAT people easily as they have the RD set up/ or by trial and error set up. If we need extra stability at high speeds, suspension should be stiff and the tyre profile should be as low as possible. WHAT I AM LOOKING IS A SUSPENSION THAT GIVES GOOD COMFORT WITH A REASONABLE STABILITY AT MODERATELY HIGH SPEEDS. REGARDING FIAT'S CAR,APART FROM ABOVE ,EVERYTHING IS GOOD. I HAVE STARTED THIS THREAD TO GET VALUABLE SUGGESTIONS FROM OUR MEMBERS WHO REQUIRES A COMFORTABLE RIDE RATHER THAN SPORTY RIDE.POST 2012 SUSPENSION IS DESIGNED FOR HIGHER GC AND FOR STABILITY ON PAR WITH PRE-2012 CARS.THIS DOESN'T MEAN FIAT CAR IS NOT GOOD.2012 LINEA TYRE PROFILE(205/55/16) IS ALSO FOR EXTRA STABILTY AT HIGHER SPPEDS.
  10. Hi all. just go through the wiki of anti-roll bars and refer the "Drawbacks" section.
    Sway bar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    It mentions " On rough or broken pavement, anti-roll bars can produce jarring, side-to-side body motions (a "waddling" sensation), which increase in severity with the diameter and stiffness of the sway bars."
    Seems like FIAT would have stiffened the bars to compensate for additional roll brought in by increased GC, and hence the problem of "waddling" on uneven roads. Would like to know your comments.
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