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Bumpy ride - Discussion

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by soori, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. soori


    Thats what am worried with :(
  2. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    get some anger:firey in you now and leave the car in A.S.S. and ask them to sort the issue completely and do the hand over.when you are not satisfied with the work why you are taking your car out from the workshop,let the issue known to the higher officials from FIAT ask them to take it to there factory(Ranjangaon) and do the test.
  3. ranconteur

    ranconteur Amatore

    its because of tires.....I have also been a part of this bumpy ride behaviour of car for 2 times

    For the 1st times it was 3 alloy wheels bent and now its tires deformation which has given rise to harsh ride . If I abuses the car for say 10-15 mins , the ride becomes way bumpy .
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  4. sandengg


    I too had this bumpy ride problem in my 2 days old Punto MJD Active.There was slight wobble in steering wheel at speeds 60 and above.The car did not feel planted on road even after checking tyre pressure.I strongly suspected that the stock JK Tyres were the culprit.I was pretty sure that balancing cannot be the root cause at 60 KM/hr.I went to a good tyre shop and ordered a set of Michelin XM2 (185 70 R14) to be fitted on stock rims only.Before removing stock JK tyres, I got them tested on wheel balancing machine.One tyre was perfectly OK while other 3 had out of balance from 15-25 grams which the tyrewala says is not much.After fitment of new tyres, the bumpy ride and wobble is all gone.Mr.Soori - are you using Stock JK Tyres?
  5. soori


    mine is stock Goodyear. I cannot come to conclusion as am very busy until next Thursday. I have to visit the service center where they Will swap the tires and check.
  6. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Soori, didn't read it in details but it looks very well to be a Shock Absorbers/dampers/Springs calibration.
    Don't worry, Take it to TASS & they will replace it under warranty. AT TASS, You must test drive a vehicle to conclude before you go for replacement.
  7. soori


    I received a call from senior technician. He gave me one more news about this issue. He told me the 2012 demo car behaves in the same way. He told me to visit the A.S.S and confirm by driving the demo car. Once I confirm it they assured me to inspect and if needed escalate this issue to Fiat.

    The demo car is 2012 MJD shod with 15" alloys and same goodyear tire :shocked

    I'm not in a state to comment about this until I take the test drive of the demo car next week. However, I guess it's better for everyone to test drive the car during PDI and clear themselves the doubt about the ride quality.
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  8. sandengg


    Complaint:Garsh,Bumpy ride,causes backache after driving some time.

    Observations: The Driver gets bumps when driving on undulating road as well the shock absorbers are not absorbing the shocks fully.Even on otherwise plain road (no surface can be perfectly plain) the rear side gives jerks with varying intensity to the driver.

    Action taken: Checked Tyre pressure and corrected to 32 PSI at Front and Rear,still no improvement.
    Reduced tyre pressure, still no improvement.

    Removed Stock JK Tyres 165 80 R14 and fitted Michelin XM2,marginal improvement observed and I felt problem solved.
    After driving for some time, again felt the same bumps.

    Reduced tyre pressure at Front and Rear – Front 30,Rear 24 with an attempt to reduce the bumpy ride.
    Maginal improvement but still not satisfactory.

    Test Driven Demo Car (Emotion 2012) with Goodyear GT3 165 60 R15, 32 PSI in all 4 wheels,comfort level found good.
    Interchanged Demo Punto and my Punto tyres to find out if the tyres are the culprit.

    Demo Punto comfort level good with my Michelin Tyres.
    My punto with Demo Punto tyres,marginal improvement but still comfort way less than Demo Punto.

    Restored orginal tyres on both Punto’s

    Hence found that tyres are not the root cause,the cause is problem in suspension.
    Shall visit workshop to get Dampers/Springs checked.

    Initially I belived that all Punto’s have harsh and bumpy ride but after driving Demo Punto I found that only my car has some problem.

    Anybody else who experience such problem may pls share the solution.

    This type of minute defect is very difficult to detect and acknowledge in the first place.

    I think I will have difficult time in dealer workshop convincing them to replace the rear Shockers first.

    Harsh ride (bumpy ride) can be due to defective damper or the Coil Spring may be too hard.

    I would need to isolate the problem by replacing parts one by one as there would not be equipment available in workshops on how to check Damper (read shock abosorber) nor they will have equipment to measure the hardness of Coil Spring (technical term is Spring Constant)

    I was very delighted to buy new Punto few days back but I am upset due to this bumpy ride problem.

    Other than this complaint, the car is good.

    But solution of this complaint is most important for me as I do not feel like driving it due to the bumpy ride.
  9. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    All I can say is that this is scary. Don't we have those wheel balancing/alignment guys who can check this for us?
  10. soori


    I'm taking leave on Friday to visit A.S.S . I will try swapping the tires and check thoroughly. A.S.S folks has asked me to be there so that I can test the car. I guess this is definitely the problem of shocks.

    I took the test drive of one more punto MJD in the same road. The car was gliding on the road whereas my car was :(

    Can you tell me the model of the car? is it 2012?

    Also, would you PM me your contact number?

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    Here in Mangalore apart from me wheel balancing guys noticed the bumpy drive and also inspected all the tires and alloys.

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