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Brought home 'The Beauty Beast'

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by nethan, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. nethan

    nethan Amatore

    Went to EVO(Ulsoor) and Torque(Jeevan Bheema Nagar) yesterday, regarding Stock HU upgrade.
    Decided to go with JVC X50BT Digital Media Receiver(No CD).
    Both said the stereo Panel will cost me 1500/-
    Straight went Fiat Caffe, Bangalore and paid 235/- to Mr.Syed, Sales Manager and asked him to get the stereo Panel from Whitefield Spares Shop. So probably on Tuesday I'll receive it.
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  2. Punto834

    Punto834 Timido

    hey nethan congrats on gettin the PUNTO:)wishing you happy mile munching and smiles per km every single time.sorry to read about the not so good expiriance at the dealer:( white looks good always,so thumbs up to BNW and nice add -ons too!!
  3. nethan

    nethan Amatore

    DIY Tools Purchase

    Went to JC road yesterday to buy some Hand Tools as part of my DIY setup.
    After Extensive search finally visited Oriental Tools. Shop is flooded with tools and only tools of all sort. This shop is exclusively for tools and they had pretty good collection of 12V Air Compressor and Jackies for every purpose.
    Initially asked them for Skill or Bosch. Shop Manger told me that Skil is a low quality product and Bosch tools quality is not like good old days. They showed me Skill , Bosch and Stanley. They suggested to check all three and decide. Found that Stanley is good when compared to others and thety too suggested to go with Stanley. So finally bought

    Stanley 35 Pieces 1/4" Drive Socket Set. for Rs.1580/- (after 25 % discount)


    When I was about to leave the shop, I saw this

    Stanley 12 in 1 Multi-Tool 12 Folding Multi-utility Tool

    I was actually fed up with Swiss Knifes - really small and not top notch quality as we assume (I had 2 Swiss knifes and both was broken while using it :A)

    so decided to buy this and asked sales guy to give me demo piece. Big enough to hold and to work with. I wouldn't say top notch quality but definitely better than Swiss knifes.

    MRP is 850/- and it got for 640/- after 25% discount.
    84-519-6-1-2-inch-stanley-folding-multi-utility-tool-12-in-1-multi-tool-400x400-imadhtn7qdyjank.jpeg 84-519-6-1-2-inch-stanley-folding-multi-utility-tool-12-in-1-multi-tool-400x400-imadhwzfc76pzrg.jpeg
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  4. nethan

    nethan Amatore

    Punto Door Sil Plate price hiked !

    Went to KHT Fiat, Whitefield today to buy Door Sil plate. I've already checked the price @ 99RPM and found that it cost INR490/-.

    Called them before leaving home to check the availability and confirmed from Mr.Anil that they have Door Stil Platein stock.
    Reached KHT and requested for Punto Door Stil and Windscreen washer concentrate. They told me it would cost Rs.790/- including Tax.
    I asked for the price details and found that Door Stil price has been hiked and now it cost INR690/- :eek:. (RS.200 hike for a door sil is really unbelievable.)
    Anyhow paid the bill and got it fixed. (My 4 year old son has already made some clear marks on the Front Passenger side door sil Paint; so I didn't had much option to protect the door sil paint).

    Planned to change the Front Silver to Black color grill. They have only the Top Grill and do not have the bottom and I've wait for 2 more weeks. Meanwhile asked the Service Adviser regarding Front Grill painting and its charges. He told me that It would cost me INR2000 + Tax:shocked . I told him that a new pair of center Grill cost me only INR1250/-. But he said that they are using some water based paint and it's not cheap.

    Came back home and called 99RPM for the center grills and found that they need 3 weeks time to procure the grills. Finally decided to paint the grills as DIY using an Aerosol Spray Paint - Black Matt finish.
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  5. nethan

    nethan Amatore

    Had an Extensive Holiday / Pilgrimage Trip this winter holiday Season and covered 1890KM in 8 days.

    Started from Bangalore 0n 24 Dec 2013.
    Day 1 Bangalore to Chennai
    Day 2 Chennai to Tanjore
    Day 3 Tanjore to Kumbakonam
    Day 4 Kumbakonam
    Day 5 Kumbakonam to Vailankanni to Rameshwaram
    Day 6 Rameshwaram to Madurai
    Day 7 Madurai to Sri Rangam to Karur
    Day 8 Karur to Bangalore

    Dent in Pocket :INR45,000/-

    Issues during Jorney : 1.Auto Roll up function in Driver side window didn't work; so had to hold it down till it goes all the way up. After a while it started working
    2.Head Light Focusing - Guy @ KHT fiat has really messed up :evil: with the right side Headlamp focusing hence it was focusing towards left side of
    road Had a real tough time during my first day night Journey to Chennai. Adjusted the Headlight Focusing myself with the Stanley Socket Set
    Tool Kit I had and continued the journey.

    Lessons Learned :1. My wife was always making fun of me about carrying the additional tools kit set whenever I head for a long trip. First time in my driving career it has helped me especially at a crucial time. So she she is never gonna make fun of me :p
    2. Always carry mosquito repellent cream. Hotel in Tanjore thought this lesson. Though I carried Good Knight Liquidator with me but those mosquitoes
    seemed to be super powerful and they were poking me in all exposed parts of my body. Hence went out to locate a 24 hour medical @ odd hours
    during the night to buy Mosquito repellent Cream. (Couldn't use Mosquito coil since it was an AC room)
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  6. nethan

    nethan Amatore

    First Free service @ KHT Fiat

    Came back from First Free service @ KHT Fiat.

    Visited service center at 12:20 pm. I was made to wait a little before assigning a service adviser, however after assigning one things where completely cool and taken care off. Since there was no issue with my Punto, so it was just a regular check up. Informed the SA clearly that I do not want a car wash and asked him to do an under body wash alone.
    Got my car back around 4:30pm. Informed the SA clearly that I do not want a car wash and asked him to do an under body wash.

    Bill was 282/-.

    Service Experience : Good.
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  7. markrting_rohitm

    markrting_rohitm Amatore

    Bill for what ..... Washing?

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  8. nethan

    nethan Amatore

    ^^ for consumables
  9. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Thats strange to charge you for consumables. What consumables were used in the first free service? Normally the first free service is all about visual inspections and top ups.
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