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Brought home 'The Beauty Beast'

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by nethan, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Rather than inflation,, we can say rupee devaluation.
    For floor mats I had bought Skoda's floor mat set for Rs.700, which actually was the correct size.
  2. nethan

    nethan Amatore

    Was trying to upload photos from my Sony Cybershot but my Son stepped on the card reader and gave it a hard stab -> :hit.
    Will have to buy a new card reader. Will post the photo's tonight.

    Clocked 130Km in 3 days.
    Avg Speed - 12Km/H
    Fuel Efficiency - 8.3KM/L
    Driving condition - 100% Bumoer to Bumper traffic.:traffic

    Planning for a very short drive probably on city outskirt just to check the Headlamp Power.
    Looking for Philips H4 Extra Vision. Checked the price @99rpm.com - 1 Pair - INR.1180/-.

    Team please suggest me a good car accesssories shop ( Not just ICE Installer ) in bangalore.

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    Does it fits like a glove becuase the sole purpose buying the PVC mat was to make floormats that fits perfectly with zero gaps and please tell me about its quality like it's avg life time.
    If it is good then I might buy those next time.
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  3. nethan

    nethan Amatore

    Order Josapu care care combo from ebay on sunday and received it tuesday :). Pretty fast overnight shipping !

    Had rat issues in my M800 couple of days back. Left Front Indicator light wire was completely chewed off. Had to fix them by myself. Went to Electrical hardware shop and bought 1/4inch pvc sleeve and covered it on the indicator wire with insulation tape. In my M800 there is very nice space for rats on top of both front suspensions
    Immediately bought some rat poison local made and a couple of Mortein Rat cakes. Located a couple of rat tunnels nearby and throwed a few piece of rat cakes into it and also under the car and nearby.
    Next day there was no trace of rats. Yesterday opened the bonet of 2 days old Punto and found remains of a small rat above the battery (Courtesy : Rat poison:eek:). Almost all of it was completly consumed by ants. Checked the wires and everyrthing seems tobe normal. Took her a drive for about 10km and everyhting seems to be fine.
    Called Bharath from Fiat Caffe service in whitefield today to enquire about rat mesh and he quoted me 2200/-:shocked for rat mesh cabin protection Asked him about it efficiency and was informed that it is 70 % - 80 % and sole purpose to avoid rats entering into the cabin.

    Planned to buy Zorrik 88 spray from Pidlite or WD 40 to keep thoese creatures away from my cars. Will post the result after usuage.
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  4. tiaf

    tiaf Novizio


    I am also getting averages around 7.5-8.5 in City conditions. Don't know when it will start improving :(

    Is the stock headlamp not good enough ? I had not driven in night so far, got to check the power.

    Please let me know if you change the headlamps and a comparison of before and after change.
  5. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3

    Stock lamps are adequate for regular usage. Don't worry about upgrading unless you are really finicky about it. There are many threads on bulbs upgrade which you can refer and then decide.

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  6. nethan

    nethan Amatore

    Ownership Review about Pre Sales / Dealership and price details

    I’m from Tamil Nadu and initially thought of buying my Punto from Tamil Nadu due to less Sales Tax and just 10%road tax. For a car which cost approx INR6,00,000/- in Tamil Nadu will cost 35,000 – 40,000 more in Bangalore. (Bangalore is at top place with highest Road tax in India – 16%).Checked with couple of Dealerships in Tamil Nadu and found that On-The-Road (OTR) cost of Fiat GP 1.3MJD Active was INR5,65,000/- with loads of accessories. (My friend has got Fog lamps, ReverseParking Sensors, Car Cover, Floor Mats, Mud Flaps, Ambi Pure Air Freshener, andGood Quality Ganesha Idol as freebies.)Went to Fiat Caffe, and made an enquiry about the Fiat GP 1.3MJD Active. Discount was same (Came to know that these discounts are common for all India Fiat Dealerships and it is directly from Fiat India). OTR Cost is INR6,51,000/-.Enquired about Fiat GP 1.MJD Dynamic and OTR Cost was INR7,30,246/-. (Tamil Nadu OTR Cost – 6,70,000/-)

    Went home and started exploring my options
    1. Buy vehicle in Bangalore, Karnataka with Temp Reg and register it in my home townat Tamil Nadu. (Thought of saving on the Road Tax}
    2. BuyVehicle in Tamil Nadu and bring it back to Bangalore with Tamil nadu Registration.

    Abovementioned options were blown off completely.:evilsmile
    Option 1 ->Road tax for out of State purchase in Tamil Nadu is 15% and not 10%. So thetotal savings on Road Tax is just 1% :oops:
    Option 2 ->cannot drive the vehicle during Cauvery issues.

    So I had to settle down with Bangalore Registration, but how? My wife will never accept forsuch huge price difference. Tried all tantrums but everything failed. Finallyt old her that Maruti India has decided to stop manufacturing M800 by 2014, so unless we sell our M800 by now then there will be a huge loss on resale value in terms of depreciation (as production stopped) . Honestly my M800 (2009 - bought just after my marriage) has clocked just 27000KM and it is in great shape. Main Reason behind my M800 purchase was formy wife to brush up her driving with Chennai Traffic and it is Cheap, less maintenance cost when compared to all other cars in Market, good resale value and can be sold WITHIN A WEEKS TIME. Since she is directly involved with the purchase of M800, so she didn’t have much option other than to settle down for new Punto with Bangalore registration:dancing.

    Finally started exploring the features among the variants and decided to with Emotion. But couldn’t resist my wife pressure for affording Rs.8 Lakhs for a Hatchbackand she was completely against buying a Sedan on the other hand. Honestly the bait for the new car was Punto Active (OTR Cost just 5,65,000/-) but couldn’t push her too much for Emotion Variant.(That’s why I tried all possibilities to purchase / register vehicle in Tamil Nadu – Alas! my bad time). So finally I had to settle with Dynamic.
    Bargain: Went back to the dealer. Made a call to a couple of Fiat Dealerships in Tamil Nadu and enquired about the charges and OTR Cost of Fiat GP 1.3MJD Dynamic through speaker phone on my mobile. SA from Fiat Caffe was silently observing all my conversation. Then told him very clearly that I’m ready to pay the Road Tax + Handling charge on the OTR cost of my vehicle and I’ll take care of insurance part. Instructed him offer me the TamilNadu OTR cost apart from afore said components. First he said no, so Iimmediately retaliated that I’ll check with other showroom about the same and I will decide. I was about to leave then he asked me to wait and went inside to speak with a couple of guys and came back after 10 minutes. (SA sensed that I’ll buy a Fiat GP for sure, since I’ve never asked them anything about the car other than its pricing right from the day 1). So he finally accepted for OTR cost of INR7,02,677/- excluding insurance.

    About Insurance: Dealer quoted 24450/-for 1 year comprehensive package. Felt something fishy about the premium cost and told him that i need time to decide on the insurance part. Checked almost half a dozen of Insurance companies premium for Fiat GP and found that my Dealer is charging 10,000/-more:eek:. Finally decided to go with Future Generali Gold Plan (Zero Depreciation) for INR19,816/- and made the overthe online and bought the policy over the phone.

    Finally, booked the vehicle on 25 Oct 2013. Auto Loan was opted from HDFC @ 10.5% for 5 years tenure. Vehicle reached the yard on 04 Nov 2013. I was informed on 05 Nov 2013a bout the same and Dealer PDI was done 06 Nov 2013 and I did my PDI on 07 Nov 2013. Checked the VIN # and found that my car was manufactured on Oct 2013 (PrettyNew:dance). Got the delivery on 08 nov 2013 around 6:15 PM

    Freebies: I was offered a chocolate pouch, a Ganesha idol, Floor Mats, Mud Flops and a cheap Chinese brand Air Freshener. It smelled pathetic:mad: so returned it back to the dealer rather than dumping at trash can.

    Papers Received along with Vehicle:Owner Manual, Dealer N/W handbook and Temporary Reg Certificate along with Sales Form 21, so I told my SA very clearly that I’ll not sign the Delivery note and took my Car from the showroom without signing it. After continuous follow-ups,I received the invoice, Extended Warranty Certificate on 13 Nov 2013. When asked about Extended Warranty manual, I was told that it will be couriered tomy address directly by FIAT (Not sure how far it is true so guys please advise)

    Purchase Experience with Fiat Caffe, Bangalore:It was pathetic/ridiculous/horrible. My SA was a complete ignorant. No Customer Service skills, zero product knowledge (Infact, I was teaching him about Fiat Cars:A), and no basic manners. From day 1 of booking my car, either there was no communication or no proper communication. I had to call him for everything and eventually at one stage I lost my patience and started blasting him to get things done. However, even after blasting him nothing was proper till the time of delivery. Spoke to Mr. Syed, Sales manager on the very next after my car delivery regarding my SA and his irresponsible attitude. He apologised to me regarding the whole mess. I told him very clearly behind each Fiat Car sales there are only two persons : 1. Fiat Enthusiast 2. Friends or Familymembers of Fiat Enthusiast. Advised him not spoil Fiat reputation due to poorservice

    Registration was done on Tuesday and I’m yet to receive my Reg number. I was told I can opt preferential total Number for INR5000/-.I told my SA that anything is fine apart from total as 8(Wife’s Order). Then he told me to pay INR5000/- for not allotting total number as 8. (In Tamil Nadu,by default total sum 8 numbers will not be allotted, unless a special written request made to RTO stating that you are fine total sum as 8 ). I clearly told him that I don’t want 8 numbers, hence asked to check the RTO for this.Because I do not want pay for something which is already in practice. like Tamil Nadu (Honestly, I don’t believe numerology, but I had a tough time selling my first bike with reg Number total as 8. So one way or the other {For believers during the ownership and for non belivers like me during the time of resale} you will feel the wrath of number 8 :evilsmile). Mystupid SA never called to confirm this with me before Registration hence; I assumed that that the same custom is also followed in Karnataka too. I called my SA on 12 Nov 2013 to check the status of the registration and I was told that my Car registration will be done today and the papers have been already sent to RTO. Casually, I asked about the 8 number issue and he told me that in Karnataka there is no such practice hence I’ve pay INR5000/-. I was totally messed up. I told him pay the money and I’ll do the NEFT transfer instantly to the dealership since I was at office (Far away from Fiat Caffe). He told me that is not possible and I have to come to the RTO in person and payment has to be done directly to RTO. I was completely F***ked up :A. I told him clearly that I cannot come now and asked his personal bank account number for online transfer and he told me that is not possible because it takes minimum 1 hour for NEFT transfer and he do not have INR5000/- with him at that moment. Above all, the payment has to be made before 01:30PM. Since I came to know about this only by 12:45 PM (eventually from my phone call to him) I was totally upset with my SA. Since I couldn’t control my anger because of his careless / irresponsible attitude, and understood there is no point in speaking to him at that moment, I just hung up on him. He didn’t even care to call me back about the Registration. My wife still doesn’t know about this issue, so having my fingers crossed and waiting for Registration number :roll:.

    During my PDI @ Fiat Caffe Yard.....
    DSC03408.jpg DSC03410.jpg

    Before the first Vroooommmm....from the showroom :redcar

    DSC03424.jpg DSC03425.jpg DSC03426.jpg DSC03427.jpg
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  7. nethan

    nethan Amatore

    Clocked : 180KM
    Fuel Efficiency : 9.3 KM/L
    Average speed : 13 KM/H
    Driving Condition Bumber to Bumper bangalore City Traffic

    Spoke to FASS about the Reverse parking Sensor and they quoted INR4500/- black color. Enquired about painting in White - Answer - No

    So visited Sachin's Auto shop today in the evening for Reverse Parking sensors and Bosch Windtone Horn Upgrade.

    Quantum (Not sure of name, however received the 1 year warranty card) - INR2000/- white color
    Bosch Windtone Horn (Commonly know an Skoda Type Horn) - 800/- a pair

    Checked him about some after market Head units (Im not an audiophile but a decent music player with USB / Bluetooth would be great) Enquired about Alpine untis and he doesn't have 1 Din Alpine units. Suggested me some pioneer and JVC head units.
    He told me that Faceia Plate for Head unit will cost me 1400/- :shocked. Immediately called FASS and asked them about the Faceia plate for after market Head unit and they told me it would cost INR235/-. But this guy @ Autoshop never agreed and honestly just for plastic panel 1400/- is way too much. Told him that I will check other Punto owners and will decide on the latter and came home

    P.S: I was near my car when the tech guys was installing Horn. Short Fair guy one among the brothers who owns Sachin's Autoshop (Other guy is tall and little bald - sorry I forgot to ask their names) came to my car with two Hella Horn basic models to show a demo for a customer about its sound in my car. When the customer asked him why there is two horn and cant 1 horn would serve the need? This guy (one among brothers - short fair guy with straight hair) told the customer that one horn is negative and other one is positive so it gives the sound :lol. I couldn't control my laugh so immediately went away from them with my mobile pretending to answer a call.
  8. Shri1972

    Shri1972 Amatore

    Congratulations !!!
    I too have had similar experience with Fiat caffe in Pune. I found them very dumb and indifferent .
    Perhaps they love Fiat cars so much that they don't want to part with them !!!
    So they take utmost care to give least information and attention to the prospective buyer !!

    Shrinivas Patil

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  9. nethan

    nethan Amatore

    Hi Team, need your advice on Extended warranty manual. I didn't received it along with the Extd Warranty Cert and I was told that it will be sent to my address directly. I'm not sure how far it is true.
  10. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Surprising coz the EW manual normally is handed over along with the EW certificate during the delivery. If the Dealer said it will be mailed to you then he is fooling you. Demand it from the dealer.

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