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Brought home a Linea MJD!!

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by AsylumKing, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. japa78

    japa78 Amatore

    Super duper machine this Fiat...It happend to me last november just like it hit you this year..yea no going back after driving MJD and the Vento DSL? well get a couple of musclemen to first get it off to start after you engage the 1st gear!!
    But awsome control and feels so solid like a merc.ride gets much better after 5k kms that what i noticed. Keen to know more about ur remap.was told that it will plonk the engine faster but driver will enjoy every second of it till that happens.Fiat says only Selenia oil and they wont have anything else! may be great synthetic oil like shell helix will help? your notes.....

    all the very best and welcome aboard!!
  2. @AsylumKing

    congrats on the car in the first place.Where did u get the car from?TAFE or GEM?

    wrt body kits,try Road Runner in Coimbatore.they do a good job and are pretty cheap.Road Runner Lawrence has gone to kerala but his brother is still in Kovai.Kitup Rajiv Srihari is damn expensive,though their workmanship is good.Tuners Inc Sajith is okish,but i havent seen a stunning car from him.

    wrt Alloys i think you would goto Srivari Mahesh.He ll anyways do a good job,though he is expensive in comparison with chennai.Get a 17 incher if your budget permits.Else settle down with 15" 98pcd wheels from HR.coz thats what mahesh will suggest you.

    wrt tuning,get a tuning box instead.if u want u can even try out the box which is with one of my friend at Singanallur.pm me if you want any details
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