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Bridgestone - s248 dont buy for punto - dangerous tyre

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by jumu, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    Recently I had to change the tyres on my Punto Active having run 42K on JK Tornadoes. After a lot of thought, I decided to fit the Bridgestone S248 of size 165/80/R14 as my choices were less among the better known brands for this rim spec and I also felt that Bridgestone has been around in India for a while and they would be knowing the conditions better, but to say the least, my experience was a DISASTER

    After coming out of the dealer , straight of the block I could feel that I had to brake more than usual, but I nudged the thought away thinking that the tyres were new and need to bed in. After about 1000kms in city driving I had an occasion to travel 200 kms to Chittoor from chennai and back. It was this trip that was the most revealing and put the fear of God in me and I literally tip toed back to chennai.

    It was like this. When I started in the morning, the weather was sunny , and as I travelled further on the highway, I encountered drizzle. I tried braking . My God , the tryes were skidding at speed of 70. the drizzle became rain and I brake tested again. This time in the wet, the tyres were locking. I repeated the test several times and it was true that it skids and locks up. I cut my speed , went to my destination and gingerly came back to chennai at avg speed of 50 kms. the fact was, I simply lost confidence.

    As for the tyre noise, I couldnt listen to the radio. It was that terrible. Less said ,the better.

    In the dry, the tyres were gripping well up to a speed of 60. Above that at 80-90kmph, if I do firm braking, the tryre squeals for grip for a while, then when it gets the grip, it would skid. I was able to immediately compare the braking of the bridgestone and the JK tornado as I had used it for so long and I would any day confirm that the JKs were far superior to the highly rated Bridgestone. i never lost confidence lilke this during my entire period on JKs.

    I called the dealer on the way back and he fixed an appointment with the Bridgestone engineer who came after a few days . I took them for a test and demonstrated what was happening. One of them funnily grabbed the seat belt when he realized what was happening.!!I asked him if he would venture out in this car with his family and his answer was a deafening silence. When we reached back to the dealer , the engineer told me that the behavior of the tyre was normal. He went back to his office and called the dealer and told that there was nothing wrong with the Bridge stone product as such and it implied that my driving was not normal. So much for his analysis.

    My hopes of a remedy crashed and I was left with no alternative but to try and dispose of the Bridgestones immediately. A kind soul offered me 2000/- per tyre as they had only run 1500 kms and I took no more risk on an Indian tyre. I settled for Yokohama A drive 185/70/R14. I did the same test I had done on the bridgestone and to tell the truth, my confidence is back. It is brilliant in the dry and wet.

    It should be understood that the current generation cars especially with the brilliant handling dynamics of the Punto, your speeds get masked . that makes it very important for the tyres to respond to the situation and a lot depends on the tyres to live upto expectation. So if you are having Bridgestone S248 on your mind for the next change, I suggest you to think again. Never again a Bridgestone it will be for me.

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  2. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Thank you for the word of caution, Abdul.
  3. sashank82


    That is scary, a grim reminder that we cannot take things for granted! Abdul - apppreciate you were intelligent enough to test before pushing the car....

    Having said that, i have used a Bridgestone Turanza in the past in my Hyundai, the road noise was a lot, but apart from that the tyres behaved very well....surprising! but definitely do not deserve to be on our high performance Italian hotties.

    Yokos, Michelin (and even the stock GT3 for that matter) are fantastic, good choice mate!
  4. sungoa2010


    Jumu, How much you paid for Adrive. A doubt remains. It can be possible that the tyre that you had purchased had that problem. It is true that Bridgestone tyres are noisy. At the same time they are an allrounder. They last for long especially in bad indian conditions.Have you confirmed from other users that the bridge stone had the same problem?
    . Thanks for sharing the experience,because 185/70 will be my next choice for GPE.
  5. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    what was the tyre manufacture date? did the dealer give you very old stocked hardened tyres? were they uni directional tyres?
    if tyres are fitted wrong way too it causes skidding etc.

    your experience was really very crazy. bridgestone though not of best leagues wont perform so bad either.

    but yes yokos and michelins are way superior than bridgestones.

    thanks for the bridgestone warning.
  6. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    Italia linea,

    All the parameters of the tyre were checked by the bridgestone engineers and still they preferred to stick tho their stand to save their company some money.
    I had paid Rs.3300/- per tyre for the bridgestones and sold for Rs.2000/-, hence lost 5600/-
    As for the Yokos I shelled out 4100/- at Majestic tyres, Egmore,opp Donbosco school.

    My total mileage on road over over 26 years is around 1,90.000 kms in cars and about 60,000 kms on bikes and I do know a thing about tyre feel in a vehicle.

    I didnt want any of our member folks to suffer ignorantly and hence the caution note.

  7. Abdul ,
    Just curious .. What abt apollo ? because now these are the stock tyres that comes with punto .Any reason why you didnt opted for this ?
  8. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Bridgestone s248 are the maai-baap of economy tyres.

    I'm sure your Punto got insulted when you gave it such tyres and started skidding etc.;):p

    Jokes apart, bridgestone aren't what they once were. Yokos and Michelins all the way.

    OEM Aceleres are fine too but a bit noisy. I'm sure they'll get worse as they get old. :cry:
  9. jumu

    jumu Superiore


    I was not expecting super performance from the Bridgestones. I had used them in my santro for about 50K kms and I didnt feel bad. As you said they arent as they used to be. I was also emboldened to use Bridgestones as I had seen them on the Punto dynamic or emotion as OE. so I thought why not.

    the bridgestones dont even come anywhere close to JK tornadoes. Actually JK has a collaboration with Continental whose tyres are accalimed and are top end stuff.

  10. I had Bridestone in my Wagon R 155/65/R13 S232 or something like that, i had change it as ABS was engaged a lot.
    I went to MRF ZVTS, comfortable radial had better grip than Bridgestone and road noise was less.
    But feedback on MRF was not that good in auto forums, but I went ahead due to cost as Dealer offered me at 2K per tire.

    Not sure whether any one tried MRF in Punto? but when it's time , I may go to Yoko this time.

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