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Discussion in 'Hangout' started by bnzjon, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    From midnight robbery to daylight robbery!
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  2. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    Yesterday 14-feb I filled from BP petrol pump Bangalore, paid 52+ per litre !!!! It was 4 PM around.
  3. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    I filled mine yesterday (14-02-2013) morning and the price was 51.5X per ltr.
  4. tanking up now!! the old price still here in nalgonda!!
    might be the prices rise from tomorrow morning here
  5. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Even in Chennai, the old price prevails.

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  6. Boston bombings.
  7. Pauleralil

    Pauleralil Regolare

    Heard about the malleshwaram blasts.. hope all tfi'ans in Bangalore are safe
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  8. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    dont simply change the belt because someone told you to
    Some of the classic cases of timing belt issues are

    1.) rough idling , even when the car is up to temperature when your idling the noise would sound coarse and there will be excessive vibration of the car body, this can be felt easily.
    2.) starting trouble, the car wont crank properly or takes unusually long to start
    3.) engine sputtering, backfire are some of the other symptoms.

    Please take a look at it and observe if you have such issues .
    Please compare your vehicles with similar vehicles to take a call.
    Timing belt replacement is a costly affair so be advised , dont simply spend money

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    Sorry guys i dont know how i posted in the wrong thread :confused
  9. Thanks, Paul for asking. Yes, I think we are safe.
    But guys who drive late in the night(including your's truly :)) be prepared for more nakhabandi and checking, election time not withstanding.

    OTOH, I heard in the news, the leader of the opposition while condemning the attacks stated that this is a ploy by the ruling BJP to get mileage. This is heights for me. I mean, there are culprits to be caught, there are some innocent people who are fighting for their lives and these guys stoop to such a low level of politics. God Save US :A
  10. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    The idiot you are talking about is none other than the cheapest of the cheap Moron Siddaramaiah. Phew! This guy got shoed in Mandya, seems like its for the same in Bangalore too
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