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Discussion in 'Hangout' started by bnzjon, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. fiatlover

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    Honda says:
    Anyone believes this?
  2. kedarbendre

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    Price reduction starts from today by 66,000 on Honda City
  3. kedarbendre

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    Fiat fans might be wondering what the Italian company is upto, with no action off late. Well they are upto nothing and that is something which certainly doesn’t please the head honchos of Tata Motors. Tata Group Chief, Mr. Ratan Tata has admitted that the JV hasn’t worked as they had thought and needs critical examination. He further said that Fiat need to get more models to India, which would keep dealers interested. Talking about dealers, we have an interesting story to share.

    When the Fiat Grande Punto was launched way back in mid-2009, we went to a Tata-Fiat dealer to inquire about the car. The talk between the salesman and us went something like this : -

    MB - We want to checkout the new Fiat Grande Punto.
    Salesman - Kindly have a seat, I will just check and get back to you.
    MB – Thank you.
    10 minutes later.
    Salesman - Sir, the car is undergoing washing. Why don’t you checkout the new Tata Indica Vista?
    MB - No, we are looking at the Grande Punto.
    Salesman - Sir, what is so special about the Grande Punto. It uses Tata’s Quadrajet engine.
    MB - No, its the other way round, its Fiat’s engine.
    Salesman - Sir, you need to see the new Vista. More space than Punto and is more value as well. It is cheaper than Punto. Plus Fiat’s future in India is uncertain.
    MB – How much time will the car take in washing?
    Salesman - Around 20 mins, but why don’t you take the test drive of the Indica Vista till then?
    MB – Thanks, will get back to you later.

    Now as you can see, potential Fiat customers are converted into Tata customers. This is all courtesy of the 50:50 joint venture agreement signed four years ago. The agreement enables Tata Motors to distribute, service and sell Fiat cars. What does Fiat really do then?

  4. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

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    Tata-Fiat Partnersip Needs A Revision

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  5. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    This is shocking to learn. How can a TATA sales person say Fiat future is uncertain !
  6. Honda City now cheaper by Rs 66,000


    NEW DELHI: Honda has cut the price of its City sedan by up to 66,000 to regain its market leadership after competitors such as Volkswagen Vento and Maruti Suzuki SX4 raced past it in recent months.

    Honda Siel Cars on Tuesday brought down the price of the base EMT variant of City to Rs 7.49 lakh (ex showroom Delhi) from Rs 8.15 lakh, while the top variant VAT Exclusive is now Rs 44,000 cheaper at Rs 9,89,100.

    The company attributed the price cut to successful implementation of various cost-reduction measures as a result of an initiative started two years ago.

    "It all began with market feedback that the prices have gone very high," said a senior Honda official.

    Honda's R&D team, comprising 40 Japanese engineers and 20 Indian engineers, started working on a project to achieve economies of scale in 2009 in anticipation of the launch of its entry-level hatchback Brio. With Brio set for launch during the Diwali season, Honda has combined production of common things like components, leading to economies of scale.

    Honda Siel Cars Senior Vice President (Sales and Marketing) Jnaneshwar Sen said, "In anticipation of bigger volumes resulting in economies of scale from the second half of current year, we have achieved considerable cost reduction and have passed on the benefit to customers."

    The City range, which forms over 70% of Honda Siel's sales, has been sliding in sales in the last three months as customers started preferring diesel rivals such as Volkswagen Vento, Maruti Suzuki SX4 and the recently relaunched Hyundai Verna.

    City lost its segment leadership position to Volkswagen Vento in March this year and now trails both Vento and SX4. The new Hyundai Verna , priced much lower than the City, too has been drawing huge customer interest.

    While Verna, SX4 and Vento offer both diesel and petrol options, City comes only in petrol variant. This is not helping in a market increasingly preferring diesel models mostly due to frequent rise in petrol prices.

    With customers now veering towards diesel cars due to rising petrol prices, Honda has started campaigns focusing on its fuel efficiency.

    "City is known for fuel-efficiency. We are harping on this fact," an official said.

    Honda does not have any diesel engine, but it's developing the technology to have such engines in smaller sizes of 1500cc to be fitted in City, Jazz and its other models.

    The price cut in City models has sharply reduced its price gap with Honda's struggling hatchback Jazz. In fact, the entry level City model is now cheaper than the top variant of Jazz. This may drive down sales of Jazz from existing 500 vehicles a month.

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    Chance to voice your opinion on Corruption -
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    Shows the desperation of Honda to retain the market leader position. Heard even VW is loosing out on customers due to cancellation of Ventos because of long waiting period. Any one on this news?
  9. gurjinder

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    Well , not exactly breaking news , but a good piece of news.

    Saudi women defying the ban on cars being driven by women. This is the link to The Hindu report. And they did it in style too , driving a Toyota UZJ100 ( Land Cruiser 100 Series).

    One small step to the advancement of Women's rights in the Saudi Kingdom.
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    New Delhi,HP 48
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