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Brand Perception- What they say about their cars...!

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by Surya, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Guys.. I am sure either you or your friends or close ones would have visited various showrooms/dealers in their locality looking for a car and got different types of opinions and feedback from the sales and marketing people., this thread is for all to put forth their experiences from what they said about their cars.. :traffic

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  2. 1) Honda and Hyundai are premium brands
    2) Suzuki is cheap to maintain
    3) FIAT problematic,unreliable cars
    4) Skoda expensive and bad ASS
    5) GM no service
    6) Ford expensive spares and too few service centers
    7) TATA taking customers for ride.
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  3. Few that I remember.

    Renault Pulse sales man :

    Pulse steering is more advanced and latest technology than that of punto's. Punto has the old hydraulic power steering used, a technology used during Padmini and ambassadors period. Pulse has the latest electric power steering. After telling this, He let it to ourselves to decide which is the best.
    Pulse's brake uses modern technology braking than that of punto. So ABS is not needed for pulse. Also ABS switches ON only after the speed climbs over 120 KMPH, so the extra cost we pay is useless most of the time.
    Pulse is more powerful than Punto because it has 1.5 L diesel engine whereas Punto has 1.2 L diesel. When I asked him about the power produced in pulse, he said that doesn't matter, only CC is what decides pickup and topspeed. power is just an information to the buyers how much the engine is capable of. In real world power has no effect on performance.

    My friend on RITZ vs Punto comparision. A conversation that happened after I decided on Punto :

    RITZ rear uses boomerang technology, first in the world, to improve stability and handling. Also coupled with tall Boy design, RITZ is the best handling car in indian roads. I asked him to explain more on this. He simply said, "Imagine a shorter car when going at highspeed, the opposite wind will easily cover the whole car and the car looses it stability, so one has to slow down. Whereas in Ritz, since it is taller, the wind cannot cover the whole car easily and also in the rear, the wind gets collected in the space where it has the boomerang shape, so that it holds the car firmly on highspeed"
    This Boomerang crap, I have read it somewhere in Teambhp, but I was wondering how did this guy get to know all these. He said the Maruthi sales man explained him in detail about this classified information.

    Skoda Sales man, when I TD Fabia :

    SM : What other cars have you checked sir ?
    Me : Punto.
    SM : It is really difficult to decide between Fabia and Punto. Punto offers many features and also it is equally good car like Fabia. In City, fabia is easier to drive than punto and on highways punto is only little better than Fabia, because of the engine. Fabia service is better than TATA service. Interiors are personal taste, so I have nothing much to say. If you want more Test drive o decide on fabia, I will arrange for it sir.

    I was wondering, how such honest Salesman ???
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  4. dhans4all

    dhans4all Amatore

    I would recommend sales man of the century to nissan sales man and customer of the century to your friend :)

    skoda guy: Poor fellow has to compete with a guy like nissan sales guy :)
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  5. I was TDing new brio

    Honda sales man was telling me this engine will act as only 1000CC when on eco mode and 1.3 when not on eco mode, I asked how the displacement changes with accelerator ?
    SM: It is called IVtec technology where engine will compress.:)
    While he was explains the MID, i asked why it doesn't show instantaneous mileage or avg speed, he said no other cars have it only Honda has it.
    Other gem was on asking why jazz/City are missing climate control ?
    SM: if you driving the car in bangalore climate is already controlled , you may need climate control only in Chennai that too only in Civic/Accord as it is very expensive not required for cars of sub 10-11lacks.
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  6. riturajmnnit

    riturajmnnit Amatore

    Bengaluru, India
    LOLing in office after reading this and coincidence my cube-neighbour has Brio :p and he asked me why are you smiling, now I dont want to hurt poor fellow :evilsmile
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  7. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    May be BRIO is Jazz, engine and body shell compresssed!
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  8. clash81

    clash81 Regolare

    Awesome thread. tracking :D

    Classic one is the Boomerang crap about ritz. Looks like once you drive ritz to a destination, it will boomerang back on its own! :D
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  9. dharmesh


    That will save lot of fuel, if car can come back on its own. :lol
  10. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Ok guys...my part not able to collect all ... few i have put forth

    TATA Salesman:TS
    Me and my cousin: MC
    FIAT Salesman: TS1

    MC: We enter the showroom
    TS: Welcome sir.. which car are you looking at ...Vista?
    MC: We want to have a look at the new nano 2012
    TS: Err..Nano 2012 have a look at it sir (shows one with a race strip sticker on it)
    MC: what features do you have in 2012
    TS: Well it has advanced engine which will not catch fire err.. highest mileage 25kmpl..
    MC: what's new in it
    TS: sir it has got a left side mirror, central locking, alloy wheels, centralised AC (coolest of the lot), cup holders he shows it..
    Mc: why is the battery below the driver's seat
    TS: more power delivered from below the seat Sir.. :dancing
    Mc:Ok what about the speed
    TS: Sir its got top speed of 140 KMH can handle any type of road with full capacity :car
    MC: Then i see punto (red punto) in front of it i ask him is that FIAT
    TS: Sir (little reluctant) its the punto from FIAT
    MC: i open the doors and look into it can you explain the features...
    TS: Err.. Sir i am not handling that will handover to FIAT SA meanwhile why don't you look at the new vista sir ...( with smile)
    TS1: Hello shakes hand with us.. smile looking for a FIAT
    MC: Well can you explain its features..?
    TS1: ok its a FIAT Grand Punto Emotion with 1.3 litre Diesel and 1.2 litre petrol versions
    MC: i am checking the interiors sitting inside the backseat
    TS1: He explains the Tilt steering, Seat hight adjustment, ABS, Airbags, Blue.. etc
    MC: We whisper to each other this might be costly car to own.. we step back and say thanks..
    TS1: Insists to take a TD and by the time we accept a grey punto stops in front of the showroom
    Mc: we all get into it the door closes with a thud sound .. smiles on the face
    TS1: Sir its the safest car to drive on the road.. pulls without pressing the pedal on the road easy in city traffic..
    Mc: impressed we take a short drive and back in showroom... TS1 gives his card and tells meet me once u decide.
    TS: Sir can we have a test drive too he shows a orange nano outside forgets about vista
    Mc: my cousin sits in the driver seat with all the effort and pressure to push himself into the car (he is little heavy)..half a mile and we are crying to come back not able to bear the engine sound.. Pulls quites well and gets louder as you speed and lot of honking from behind
    TS: sir slowly sir.. slowly.. thinks guys will pull the steering out..
    Mc: We come back and say thanks to Sc and leave

    Maruti: Salesman: MR1
    Me and my wife: MW

    MW: We enter the gate of the showroom..lot of vehicles getting pooja in the compound..one guy (Panditji) comes to us sir let me know if you are buying i will do pooja best pooja offer... i am here only sir.. sir We tell ok and go inside ..no body to address or welcome we wait for 15 mins watching cars here and there.. my wify insists to leave as no body is interested in talking to us.. finally one lady asks sir what is it regarding.. then calls one guy and informs he will address us in 5 minutes we wait and after sometime ..we meet MR1
    MR1: Hi.. i am so and so from maruti shakes hands.. sir what are you looking at which one you have decided.. ?
    MW: We ask for swift, ritz and dezire models..
    MR1: Sir.. are you booking swift or Ritz .. down payment or full payment..quick (no time like people are standing in queue to book)
    MW: Err.. we want to know the features can you give the demo and test drive.. ?
    MR1: Little hesitant at first.. you can look at the catalogue shows the board in front of the car .. Well its got the most advanced engine from Suzuki VVT and DDIS.. are you going for the loan or full payment by the way any car you choose they are all fitted with world class safety features.
    MW: can we have the test drive of swift..
    MR1: well we don't have any vehicles here now you can book the vehicle and take the test drive next time you visit
    MW: we thank.. and leave

    BEAT: Salesman:BR1
    Me: S1

    S1: i get a visiting card from my uncle with contact info of the Chevrolet i call him..the SA Hello myself.. wanted to check the new BEAT
    BR1: Oh.. hi sir when can i come can you give me the address
    S1: No sir i would like to visit your showroom
    BR1: That's not required sir i will bring the vehicle to your doorstep
    S1: happy ok gives the address..
    BR1: Sir.. pls prepare a DD in favour of so and so for amount tomorrow i will collect it when i visit you
    S1: Err.. what? i have still not decided
    BR1: its ok sir call me when u have decided and have the DD keeps the phone..

    Toyota: Salesman: TY1
    Me and my cousin: MC

    MC: Enter the showroom... its quite no body in the scene a lady handover the price leaflet instead of welcome and shows the booking counter.. this side sir... pls be seated some body will attend to you..we wait
    TY1: Hi..sir no shake hands only mild smile .. you want to book a Etios or Innova which vehicle you are looking at?
    MC: We are checking the Liva and Etios models.. meanwhile my cousin is peeping into the Fortuner.. so you have a sportz version of ETIOS too?
    TY1: of course Sir.. this way come here he takes us to the other corner of the showroom
    MC: we look at the car open the door and sit inside .. looking at the interiors (my cousin) good interiors..:evilsmile
    TY1: Well there are the most good looking interiors ever designed by Toyota you know..with a smile
    MC: My cousin looking at the wiper.. why only one at the center..
    TY1: Sir: Single wiper yet powerful and efficient..
    MC: Can you tell us about the ABS and airbags?
    TY1: Sir its got the ABS which will deploy on slippery roads and protect the vehicle from skidding and airbag is fitted with a sophisticated chip (some chip or computer) and deploys only when the car is 5 feet above the ground..
    MC: both ready to faint.. says thanks and leav..

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