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Brake fail

Discussion in 'Technical' started by punto7705, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. punto7705

    punto7705 Timido

    new delhi
    Hi All,

    I own a Grande Punto and yesterday my brakes failed on me while backing my car out of the parking.

    I didn't suspect my brakes as the brake pads had been changed the last time I had gotten my car serviced in November.

    But I was shocked today when Kashyap motors, Noida called me to tell me that the brake pads are hard and they have caused a line on the disc which will have to replaced as well. When I asked them what the reason was, they told me it's because the pads are of poor quality. I called Tuli motors, the place where I got my car serviced from, to inquire about it and they said if the part is faulty it's fiat's fault not ours. I am not sure who to approach now because of the faulty part I will have to spend 7,000 rupees extra which I shouldn't have to had the part unexpectedly. A lot of people had dissuaded me from buying Fiat initially telling me horror stories of experiences with Fiat servicing but I still went ahead and bought it because I know of the brand value and the quality of Fiat. But this experience has definitely left a sour taste in my mouth and will have to consider twice about getting another Fiat if this is the quality of service and products that I should expect. I also found out about the shoddy paint job that had been done on my car the last time it met with an accident. Instead of scratching off the old paint and then repainting they had painted over the old paint. I am really not happy with my experience with Fiat, I hope someone is able to turn it around for me. Hope to be your loyal customer in the future as well

  2. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Buddy, sorry to hear about this.

    Yes the FASS quality of job done is not at all par with Huyundai/Maruti's. It requires alot more time for them to pick it up. Never get the paint job at the FASS, they suck and same with wheel alignment as well.

    On the faulty break pads, hmm.. perhaps try to contact the FIAT and see what they have to say. Perhaps mangesh might be able to help you, if he is still with FIAT. Search this forum on that.
  3. Anup

    Anup Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hi @punto7705, sorry to hear about that, however how many kms has your Punto done. The Subject Line kind of scares people out here, No body(touch wood) have ever and should never experience a Brake Fail on Fiat cars.
    Let me give you a insight, all Fiat car owners at some point have changed there Disc either at 30 or 40 k kms and it is around 2K.
    As a matter of fact is is cheaper than the Disc brake pad :rolleyes:
    Anyway that's not the point, even I have had a horrible experience with Kashyap motors. it's for a Linea owned by my own uncle and this Linea was among the 10 Linea sold(1st launch) so you can expect almost 80% of parts except of Glass,Battery, tire and few small bits locally sources rest all are imported having marks of Made in Italy/Brazil/France.
    They start with the usual jazz about defective part provided in the car even though I never raised any complaint on it, it was just there for it's normal service , in fact they will convince you that the car given to you in full is completely defective.
    I said okay change it, the SA goes and checks with the Stores in-charge finds out that part is not in stock,he started with another jazz about how pathetic is Fiat with spares supply but then, comes to me and says Chal tha hay until next service and he will call(which he never did and it's been a year and a half the car has been to it's routine service after a year with a different SA and this is not been pointed by the other SA to change that).
    Coming to my Punto,my car crossed 50K I made use of the Winter Check up camp and changed the rear drum shoe(10% off on part and 15% labour- A BIG MISTAKE)
    There's a pin which needs to fixed properly which aids Shoe Adjustment wasn't placed properly and result is after few 1000 kms the liner shrunk and wasn't having contact with the drum so effectively I had just 3 good brakes all this wile not knowing what's happening at the rear, I have now checked this at 77k kms, trust me, I never had the problem of poor brakes even on highways doing about 160 kms an hour.
    I suggest you change the Disc and the brake pad both at once as a long term cost and drive in peace.

    Regarding the Poor quality Paint work, you can raise this concern at service.India@fiat.com, I have got a pleasant feedback and I was called by the SA for another issue and was looked and the issue was looked with no extra cost only paid of the part.
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  4. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr


    You could/should contact Fiat directly via facebook and the customer care number (as a first step), if you're convinced about the part being defective either from Tuli's end, or Fiat's. This does not happen often, at least I've neither experienced nor heard of this (brake pad). As far as painting and complex accident repair goes, some FASS are good/well equiped and manned, and some just aren't.

    Perhaps you didn't realize that this forum is not representative of or sponsored by Fiat/FCA in any way, since it's a Fiat/FCA enthusiasts', fans' and owners' site?

    While it may be unfair to generalize, the lesson IMO here is to, if possible, stick to either Kashyap or DRS Faridabad+Gurgaon FASS, in the future, they're 'good and consistently so' (by both reputation and from personal experience) and will hopefully ensure such incidents do not sour things up for you further on.

    Of course, 'graahak be engaged/jagruk' etc!

    all the best
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  5. selwyn.a

    selwyn.a Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Akshay, as others have mentioned, this is not an official FIAT forum. You have not mentioned how old your car is and whether you have warranty/extended warranty.

    Please do try reaching FIAT customer care. I have got a good response for my warranty claims so far.

    Just last month I was getting quite a bit of rattling from the gear lever at highway speeds. I requested the FASS to replace it under warranty. (Car is 13 months old). They got it approved from FIAT and replaced it. In fact as per the FASS, FIAT has done some redesign of the gear shift parts, and they have used these newer version parts for me. It definitely fixed the rattling and the gear shift is much smoother now! :cool:
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  6. RaviHegde

    RaviHegde Regolare

    14.62°N 74.85°E
    Grande Punto 1.4
    @punto7705 Take the car to Tuli because they did the last work which caused problem. They must fix it.
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  7. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    By Brakes fails I assume that pressing the brake pedal did not bring the car to a halt. Can you confirm at what kms on the odo were the brake pads replaced? Had the brake pads gone bad for them to be replaced? Had you inspected last brake pad before they were replaced? Logically if the pad had been replaced by the Tuli motors, then they should be accountable for the bad spares quality.

    Drop a hard mail to Fiat India and also on their FB page if Tuli motors denies to do anything with the spares replaced.
  8. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    I will agree with @RaviHegde 's suggestion.

    Please also ask for CRM email of Tuli Fiat. Also please attach invoice of work done at Tuli and email to Fiat customer service. Mr. Mangesh Kodalkar's id is also on the forum. CC to him as well. Check the brake fluids, booster and bleeding etc. is done properly. Ensure everything is correct in these mechanisms else unnecessarily you might be asked to change stuff. Misdiagnosis or carelessness is more in some SCs than others.

    Please update this thread sooner; more often. Hope to see you get a proper resolution.
  9. punto7705

    punto7705 Timido

    new delhi
    Hi All,

    Thank you for all of your inputs, never expected much.
    My car was serviced at 35134 and now it is at 44.5.
    I was not given an opportunity to get them replaced last time in front of me as requested by me and it was my fault i trusted them.
    However I have posted my feedback here to let everyone know about the horrifying experience.
    To begin with Kashyap fiat had called me a hundred times asking me what to do as their work was being hampered.
    So no customer focus, and moreover they ask me to understand their logic( So I'm wrong at thinking, it is always customer first).
    I have emailed my query to Fiat also contacted their customer service.
    Got a call from sanjay in Fiat who conferenced kashyap motors and tuli motors. Kashyap guy confirmed on phone he is not able to understand as to why the brake pad is hard when it should not be to which the person from tuli said the part is from Fiat and they cannot do anything.
    Now here is to my surprise, Sanjay from Fiat asked when was the Brake pad replaced and when he got to know it was replaced in November, they straight forwardly denied, that in this scenario Fiat cannot do anything.

    Now someone mentioned the subject is scary, however my experience way more scarier and now the driving pleasure I used to have is gone and please remember that the brake pad is the most crucial element in the car.
    Just the other day I saw a Fiat punto lost control on Mayur vihar 1 and hit a Flyover wall. And sanjay confirmed that this is not new and they have a lot of such reports.

    Please find below my post on Fiat's page, there reply would not come as a shock though :



  10. KKAUL

    KKAUL Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3

    Follow them very hard and give them the offer that you are willing to pay on the pro rata basis of the total life of both disc and the pad. Most probably they won't reject the offer and you will get the feel of a new car.
    Tell them to instruct Kashyap not to call you till the issue is resolved.

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