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Bought Punto 2012 Active MJD - White

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sandengg, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. sandengg



    I introduce myself as a proud owner of new Punto Active Bossa Nova White MJD.
    This is a good knowledge sharing forum.The PDI Check-List was very useful.
    Thanks to the organisers for making such a wonderful forum.

    Initial Experience:

    Test Drive: Good
    Sales Process:Good

    Road Handling:Good

    Driveability in City :Good, only 1st and 2nd gear speed is very less as rightly observed by fellow members.

    Here I would like to share that I test driven few cars inside dealer's compound as well as 2 Demo Cars on car.My experience says that all cars behave differently with respect to engine behaviour.
    After Reading various reviews I was a bit apprehensive about Punto's driveability in city owing to sluggish response reported in 1st and 2nd Gears.

    After driving 2 different Demo cars I found that while one car was sluggish,the other was good.

    Test Methodology: Keep 1000 RPM in 1st Gear or 2nd Gear (Tested in Both gears).
    Then Press the Throttle with a sudden push,one car was sluggish to pick up while the other car had sudden pickup with passengers getting thrown backwards.

    This sudden push indicates good torque getting developed at low RPM which is key to good city driving.

    Having this test in hand I selected the best one from 3 Dealer Stock cars and now find that City driving is good.Can drive in 4th gear at 40-50 KM/hr.

    To summarise,torque delivery seems linear.

    Driveability on Highway:I found the ride above 60 KM/hrs bumpy even on plain roads,seems that the Wheel balancing is not OK.Also may be due to Stock JK Tyres 165 80 R14,shall investigate this further.

    Air leaking inside cabin and making strange sounds from some gaps in door rubber.

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  2. Congratulations!

    Congratulations Sandeep and welcome to the Fiat fraternity.. Happy Motoring!
  3. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Congrats. Pictures please.
  4. congrats sandeep, welcome aboard tfi.Well you experience a lack in torque in the initial gears,for around 3500kms.And once you cross this mark,you will observe a drastic change in the power and torque of your car.You seem to be a person familiar to Palio,unos etc.Because they are far more torquey than the 1.3MJD.And when you buy a 1.3 after driving a 1.9,you feel the lag,but that dissapears after you have done your running in.
    Anyways,upload the pics of the baby man and come aboard with a quick review.
    Numero UNO
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  5. soori


    Hope you are not facing the same issue as mine. Do check if your car has alignment issues too.


    Also, the air sound is common. This is due to design of mirror.
  6. Rituraj

    Rituraj Regolare

    Jorhat, Assam
    Congrats Sandeep on the new Punto. Could you please post a picture of the interiors of the Active? I have a 2011 model GP Active and I am eager to see pics of the dashboard and especially the stereo that has come as default on the 2012 actives.

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  7. sandengg


    Friends.The bumpy ride problem in my 2 days old Punto MJD Active has been solved.

    Problem:There was slight wobble in steering wheel at speeds 60 and above.The car did not feel planted on road even after checking tyre pressure.I strongly suspected that the stock JK Tyres were the cause.I was pretty sure that balancing cannot be the root cause at 60 KM/hr.I went to a good tyre shop and ordered a set of Michelin XM2 (185 70 R14) to be fitted on stock rims only.Before removing stock JK tyres, I got them tested on wheel balancing machine.One tyre was perfectly OK while other 3 had out of balance from 15-25 grams which the tyrewala says is not much.After fitment of new tyres, the bumpy ride and wobble is all gone.

    Solution:Stock JK tyres (165 80 R14 ) were removed,fitment of new tyres solved the problem.
  8. sandengg


    IMG00306-20120302-1832.jpg IMG00308-20120302-1833.jpg IMG00310-20120302-1833.jpg IMG00311-20120303-1022.jpg

    Friends, pictures attached.Taken after fitment of new tyres.
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  9. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Well i can see that the 2012 has really improved....
  10. sandengg


    Complaint:Garsh,Bumpy ride,causes backache after driving some time.

    Observations: The Driver gets bumps when driving on undulating road as well the shock absorbers are not absorbing the shocks fully.Even on otherwise plain road (no surface can be perfectly plain) the rear side gives jerks with varying intensity to the driver.

    Action taken: Checked Tyre pressure and corrected to 32 PSI at Front and Rear,still no improvement.
    Reduced tyre pressure, still no improvement.

    Removed Stock JK Tyres 165 80 R14 and fitted Michelin XM2,marginal improvement observed and I felt problem solved.
    After driving for some time, again felt the same bumps.

    Reduced tyre pressure at Front and Rear – Front 30,Rear 24 with an attempt to reduce the bumpy ride.
    Maginal improvement but still not satisfactory.

    Test Driven Demo Car (Emotion 2012) with Goodyear GT3 165 60 R15, 32 PSI in all 4 wheels,comfort level found good.
    Interchanged Demo Punto and my Punto tyres to find out if the tyres are the culprit.

    Demo Punto comfort level good with my Michelin Tyres.
    My punto with Demo Punto tyres,marginal improvement but still comfort way less than Demo Punto.

    Restored orginal tyres on both Punto’s

    Hence found that tyres are not the root cause,the cause is problem in suspension.
    Shall visit workshop to get Dampers/Springs checked.

    Initially I belived that all Punto’s have harsh and bumpy ride but after driving Demo Punto I found that only my car has some problem.

    Anybody else who experience such problem may pls share the solution.

    This type of minute defect is very difficult to detect and acknowledge in the first place.

    I think I will have difficult time in dealer workshop convincing them to replace the rear Shockers first.

    Harsh ride (bumpy ride) can be due to defective damper or the Coil Spring may be too hard.

    I would need to isolate the problem by replacing parts one by one as there would not be equipment available in workshops on how to check Damper (read shock abosorber) nor they will have equipment to measure the hardness of Coil Spring (technical term is Spring Constant)

    I was very delighted to buy new Punto few days back but I am upset due to this bumpy ride problem.

    Other than this complaint, the car is good.

    But solution of this complaint is most important for me as I do not feel like driving it due to the bumpy ride.

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