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Booked Punto 1.3MJD Emotion Pk 90 HP

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Cuty Red, Oct 18, 2011.

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  1. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    A june manufactured car is coming from the factory? ! :confused

    Is there such a huge backlog of Puntos in the factory.:-|

    Ask the dealer if this is the case. Seems strange.
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  2. eNVe

    eNVe Amatore

    @ Cuty Red and gurjinder... even i have got an allocation of FMZ... mine is getting loaded on coming Sat... seems like there is a huge backlog on factory... even other variants ordered by my dealer also Jun manufactured... As you said, once the PDI is through , we shouldnt have any issue....

    @Cuty Red, am taking the vehicle from Pondy ,Manakular Motors... Hope we can meet at Fiat meet on 5th :) ... it will be twins :p
  3. @gurjinder paaji .. Yeah sure .. I will confirm with the dealer .

    @ eNVe: I hope I will get the Cuty Red before the meet . But I wil be there in any case .. :)

    I insisted them that I will do the check @ yard and not in showroom so that I can see the vehicle in its true color .. But the sales person says that it will be good to check @ showroom because any defects on the car , they will be taking care .And still even after that if I am not satisfied with PDI I can take a decision . I hope this will be better since , even if any rust or some issue is ther in the car they will take care of it ( hope in proper way and not any gimmics) .
  4. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Congrats for the cute baby in red, and do the PDI in daylight, and do post the pictures for us as we love the people coming in my group.
  5. Thanks for the wishes mate .... yeah will be doing the PDI in daylight and dont mind even taking a day off .Yeah will carry the camera too .. Praying day and night to get the baby in good shape and condition ...
  6. Friends ..
    A little disappointed as of now because of :
    a. For last one week my cuty red is in transit :( . I am planning to go and meet the sales manager tomorrow @ showroom.
    b. As per the SM , the diwali offer closes by tomorrow.So he insists me to give the cheque for the full amount even without seing my car !! .
    In any case I am not going to do this because I knw that we will be puppet once the money is with them even though they said that they will
    refund my money if I am not happy with the PDI once my car arrives ( not sure when) .
    In the worst case I may go to their yard and check for any other available color and do a PDI on that :(
    If nothing is going to work out I am not sure what to do since I gave the booking amount ... may end up cancelling the order and wait for year end to get some offers or go and book
    an i20 .. No .. I dont want to do that crime ...
    Any suggestions friends ????
  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    The transit and booking period of the 90hp seems quite a bit. But nothing compared to others.

    I went with a relative today and got delivery of a October manufactured Punto Emotion MJD (VIN= KMZ) . So i reckon 90hp seems to be in a short supply from the factory itself (?) :-?.

    Wait for a few days, and no do not pay anything before you see the car. Insist to the dealer that the shortcoming is from his end, not yours. And the offer should be held valid even if the offer closes. Since your money was ready, the car wasn't.
  8. Yes paaji .. tomorrow i will go to that dealer and have to sort this ..
    And yeah I too believe that 90hp is in short supply and again the color matters .. Read that a tfi friend got a BNW 90 hp of aug VIN ... Waiting for tommorow .. fingers crossed ... Will post the update as soon as I get any ...

  9. Freinds ...
    My cuty red was in transit for last 13 days .Was supposed to reach the yard on monday , 31st . But it didnt . Daily had to call and check with my SM twice a day , at morning and evening to know whether it has arrived at yard.All this time I am lsitening to the same story that the vehicle is in transit.Funny part is that person was kind enough to show me all the bookings and only my consigned truck was in transit. Even the vehicles that was dispatched after mine also reached the yard.The reason they are saying is that this delay is due to heavy rain in this part .But yeah I was stupid enough to believe that the rain factor is affecting only for my transit vehicle .
    One thing I shoud say is that this gimmics has nothing to do with Fiat . Because the vehicle is dispatched and moved to sales yard by TATA. So no complaints to the fiat SM in this regard. I was even happy that he was picking my call and answering me :) .
    Finally , even today called him twice at morning and now at afternoon and the latest news is that the truck has reached chennai and will be reaching the yard by today evening.I insisted my SM that I will accompany them tomorrow for the initial PDI (that the dealer has to do ) and again once they have completed the PDI from their side I will again check it once in their showroom . Yeah I have got little patience and dont mind doing this multiple PDIs till I am satisfied with my limited knowledge .
    Will update the thread again tomorrow if I am lucky to do the PDI tomorrow.

  10. Freinds ...
    Atlast I will be getting a chance to meet my beauty ..
    The event went like this :
    Morning around 10 am I called my SM @ Concord Velachery and asked about the vehicle.He said that I can come to their Ambatore Showroom and see the vehicle by around 3 pm today ..
    I was pretty cool till I heard this .. But as soon as i heard this i got tensed and my heart was beating faster ..My mind was just like how i will be feeling bfore a board exam or a semester exam ...very tensed .. Not sure what is waiting for me there .. A pleasant surprise or something else ...
    I had taken the PDI from our site.. Took my camera .. And few notes too ..
    Really tensed ...Never thought it will be like this ...
    Will keep you posted ..
    BTW it is raining like hell for last few days here in chennai.Any thing to be checked specially because of this rain ??

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