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Booked My Punto Emotion 1.3 Tuscan Wine

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by rahul24jam, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Hello TFI friends,

    Went ahead and booked my Punto Emotion 1.3 MJD today. Visited both RF Motors and Concorde, Kochi, and Concorde offered me a better deal, though the RF sounded better over phone. Once I reached the RF showroom, travelling 100 kms down to Kochi, I think the SA had taken it for granted that I'm gonna book the car right there, and backtracked, yes, on his yesterday offer. From 7,31,000 he reached 7,35,500... And i said I have better quotes and that I'll call him up after visiting Concorde. He tried to pretend as if he was confident that I wouldn't get a better deal anywhere. But at Concorde, i was offered 7,31,300 along with sunfilm, carcover and other basic accessories. (Still, I was made to sit and wait for atleast 45-60 min for someone to assist me though I had called them up way before time about my visiting the showroom for booking. The SA didn't turn up, instead he sent another person to give me the details of Punto Emotion - as if I don't know the features! Still, the lady who came instead of the SA was pretty good in explaining stuff, and I think she knew some stuff about what they are selling)

    The breakup is like this:

    Punto Emotion Diesel Premium Color:

    Ex-showroom: 6,82,376
    Comprehensive Insurance Pack: 4000
    Extd Warranty: 5000
    Registration & handling: 8000
    Road Tax: 40943

    Total: 7,40,319

    Insurance Pack Waiver: -4000
    Corporate Discount: -3000
    Cash Discount: -2000

    So a total discount of Rs 9000/-

    The price comes around to 7,31,319/- now.

    Accessories: Sunfilm, Car cover, Mudflaps, Floormats and Perfume.

    So, this is the deal. Do give me comments about whether I could have done a bit more bargaining. The SA tells me that the delivery will be done within 15-20 days.

    PS: I'm sorry if my posting my booking news shouldn't fall under the Ownership Reviews page. The mods may change it if they feel like. I'm already feeling like I'm driving a Punto.
  2. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Congrats. That is very good price, guess Bangalore is cheaper than Chennai.
  3. sungoa2010


    I have seen lot of TW in Cochin. Is Cochin the nearest dealer place from Thiruvalla?
  4. maverick

    maverick Amatore

    Alleppey is the nearest dealer place. But that again is managed by RF motors and they are incompetent and unprofessional. The best dealer right now in Kerala is Concorde Motors, Cochin
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2012
  5. yes, cochin is nearest to thiruvalla. else it's Trivandrum, which is pretty distant.

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    Hey relativity, banglore is way more pricey than chennai. Road Tax is very high in blore.

    Maverick, RF Alleppey doesnt service Fiat cars. The sales is just an extension of RF, Kochi. If u go by that, there's a concorde sales in mavelikkara, just 18-20 km off Thiruvalla. there's an RF in Pathanamthitta too, again, just an extension.
  6. maverick

    maverick Amatore

    Rahul, let me know if you need any introduction at Concorde, Cochin. I have good rapport with the service team over there.
  7. Hey maverick, i've already done the booking. the SA is Mr. Arjun. now, it's the question of service. your help will definitely come handy. keep your offer open!
  8. Rahul , they do service Fiat cars . I have done my first service there only last week . Only problem is if any parts are required they have to get it from their main branch @ Cochin . But for general service like oil change etc .they do @ Alpy . I have seen a couple of Lineas too there .

  9. Hey, dear friends, I make the full payment after the PDI, am i right? The booking advance was 5000. there's no need for any other payment before so that they could "block" a car in my name? Just a few min back, was talking to the SA who was telling me to make the billing so that he could block the car in transit. When I told him that i got no plans to make the payment before doing a PDI and getting satisfied with the car, he explained that he meant me to arrange the finances. I think he intended me to make the payment beforehand, and changed his idea when i told him no. What do you think about this? Do dealers ask customers to pay beforehand?
  10. PranavOne

    PranavOne Amatore

    Hey, Congrats Rahul

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