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Booked Linea Active petrol, but now I am in great dilemma!!!

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by mkm2010, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. mkm2010

    mkm2010 Novizio

    Hello every body!! I am new to this forum. I am in a great problem.
    At december 25th I booked a Punto 1.4 TUSCAN WINE. At the day of booking the sales manager himself saying several times that i should go for Tuscan Wine as its a good colour etc etc. Also me and my family like that colour most. But after two days(28th) when i caled him he told Tuscan wine Punto 1.4 Emotion is not available. only 1.2 Emotion version is available. I have to choose from some other colours.

    I cold not decide with the short period of time i got(on 29th dec). The sales manager called me next day (30th dec) and requested me to visit their showroom. They asked me wheather I have decided any other colour. I told them about black/grey(though i dont like this colour much, but i compromise). But These colours were also not available.

    They told me that they have a linea petrol in tuscan wine colour and requested me to go for linea. After lots of re-thought and discussion with my family I decided to go for linea active petrol. I had to streach my budget to more than 1 lakh which was really tough for me. But as it is linea and i am getting the fav colour i went for it. They show me the car in their stock yeard. The stock yeard was almost dark and the car was really dirty. Some how i see the car and returned to showroom. I asked them for confirmation wheather it is Tuscan Wine or not. They confirmed it as tuscan wine. And in addition to december discount they will not charge rs. 5000/- for premium shade. I handed over Rs. 50000/- to them as per the sales manager coz I need to make the bill to have the december discount.

    Next day I called the again with some doubts wheather billing was done or not and again asked about the colour. BUT they told me that billing will be done soon and Its the same colour TUSCAN WINE but the name is different. Its named FLAMENCO RED!!!!! I saw on net that the colours are different and FLAMENCO RED is not a premium shade at all!!!! I told them about this but they replied that nothing can be done as billing was done for that car.

    Now what should I do? As per sales manager cancelation charge is Rs. 30000/-. I havent sign anywhere except in the order form. Is there anyway to talk with the fiat corporate people? Please help me out.
  2. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Re: Booked Linea Active petrol, but now I am in great dilemm

    if you have signed for tuscan wine then you should be given tuscan wine not any substitute.

    dealer is trying to sell of his stocks due to year ending or some other reasons.

    be on firm foot. do not budge for anything other than what you asked .

    tuscan wine is very much exotic and luxurious looking color.

    check the fiat website for more details

  3. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Re: Booked Linea Active petrol, but now I am in great dilemm

    This is a pure shoddy process, Tuscan Wine and Flamingo Red is total different colors, dont take the words of your dealer. Furthermore no dealer can ever deduct any form of cancellation charges, unless and until you have signed any such document which says there would be a cancellation charge. I hope you made payments via cheque. Does your booking receipt says Linea Active 1.4 Flamingo Red ?

    Dont allow the dealer to take ride over you. And if billing is not done, then you can always claim your money back, since car is not registered till now.

    For sales related enquries you can contact following

    For Sales Enquiries

    TATA MOTORS LIMITED (Tata motors handles the fiat sales)
    Passenger Car Business Unit,
    5th Floor, One Forbes,
    Dr V B Gandhi Marg,
    Mumbai 400 001

    Mumbai : 022-66930400
    Ahmedabad : 079-66639801
    Gurgaon : 0124-2805141-44
    Chandigarh : 0172-5011741/43
    Kolkatta : 033-66262600/66262658
    Bangalore : 080-66373400-09
    Chennai : 044-66500900/952

    Toll Free Number

    You can also drop a mail to Aashish.Bhardwaj@fiapl.com, Aashish is Product Manager, Linea and a very helpful person.

    Others please help mkm2010, in all the best possible way, dealers cannot hold a buyer on there own terms.
  4. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Re: Booked Linea Active petrol, but now I am in great dilemm

    Visit the Dealership & fire them & do this :punch

    Do not pay anything for cancellation they tried to con you.
  5. redbull


    Re: Booked Linea Active petrol, but now I am in great dilemm

    First you want a Punto and then because the dealer is telling you some story you are buying Linea. If I were you, I would think, Linea would be heavier so Power to Weight ratio could be reduced, so there could be affect in acceleration (unless some magic has been done on gearbox). Then you will be paying more money.

    But of course you want family comfort of backseat then and only then you can chose Linea as alternative, otherwise why just for a color you want to change the whole car? Are there not any other dealerships in your city? This is one big baloney I have heard first time - 30000 caccellation charge. Go with some friends and threaten the cheater to return your money.
  6. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Re: Booked Linea Active petrol, but now I am in great dilemm

    Frankly speaking, Punto emotion pack is on any day a much better option then Linea Active, its just a stretched car (read more headache) and you miss all the bells & whistles and you leave aside the most important safety features like ABS, Airbag etc. I would have gone for Punto, waiting for few days would not harm you, but getting into a wrong car will be pain in for a long term.
  7. mkm2010

    mkm2010 Novizio

    Re: Booked Linea Active petrol, but now I am in great dilemm

    I handed over 50000/- cash. They gave me receipt of Rs. 50000/-. On that receipt only 'Fiat linea active' is mentioned. They gave me a quotation to submit in bank. I will talk to them tomorrow. ask them for the manufacturing date and again try to solve the matter otherwise ill write to CEO or other corporate peaple.
  8. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Re: Booked Linea Active petrol, but now I am in great dilemm

    You better, since the car is not registered on your name, you could always opt for other options.
  9. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Booked Linea Active petrol, but now I am in great dilemm

    To all TFI members, Mr MKM had decided to buy a Punto in some other color after he came to know that Tuscan wine is not available. The salesman said that Linea is available in Tuscan wine and he should go for it.
    Mr MKM increased his budget by 1 lac and booked base variant of Linea instead of Emotion variant of Punto (which has ABS, EBD, music system, keyless entry). Isn't it a criminal mistake on part of this salesman to try to sell a red Linea as tuscan wine?
    The IDIOT salesman should be aware of the fact that 7 lacs isn't a small amount. How will this IDIOT feel if he is cheated in the same manner by someone else? He is trying to cheat a customer for sure.


    :hit :punch :irked :uh :evilsmile ::OO
    I do not know whether to laugh or to cry at that statement from such a lousy salesman.

    The first thing is that Punto 1.4 Emotion pack has so many features like ABS EBD, music system, keyless entry and many more.
    Now you pay 1 lac extra for base variant of Linea that will not offer you these features. You will have to spend extra for music system and keyless entry, if you want. (You did mention that you had to extend your budget).
    Although Linea is a great car but Punto Emotion has ABS as well.

    Secondly, the whole purpose of Linea was that you will get Tuscan wine. Whats the use if you get Flamenco Red.
    The salesman is a COMPLETE IDIOT.
    RED is not tuscan wine. What does he say about this by the way?

    How can an idiot say that it is tuscan wine but its called red?

    Thats why TATA can sell only TATA Ace trucks or taxis (as said by a forum member a few hours ago).
    TATA ranks at the bottom of sales experience in recent JD power Asia pacific study because of salesmen like these.

    This salesman might be trying to sell an old car as well.
    Generally, booking amount is 100% refundable but your car is already billed.
    That is the reason they might be charging Rs30000 for cancellation.

    Do not end up paying even a single penny for a red Linea.

    No point checking the VIN unless you plan to buy the Red Linea or you want to make a point that the car being pushed to you is indeed some older car.
    Contact Fiat guys tomorrow. Tell them to give you the December offer and give you a tuscan wine Punto as you wanted initially.

    Fiat will surely help you.
  10. mkm2010

    mkm2010 Novizio

    Re: Booked Linea Active petrol, but now I am in great dilemm

    Thanks paddle shifter.
    I will call the sales manager tomorrow. Fiat guy means the FIAT corporate people?? I have mail ID of production manager Aashish Bhardwaj, and CEO rajeev kapoor. Should I write to them before talking to the sales guy again?

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