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Booked Fiat Punto Evo 1.2 Dynamic

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by renjithlal, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. juyalamit

    juyalamit Timido

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Punto Evo 1.2
    @Sandipan @renjithlal @prabhjot My new punto evo 1.2 dynamic magnesio grey got delivered yesterday through Kashyap Fiat, Okhla, New Delhi. wanted to take delivery from Fiat Caffe, Connaught Place though..on inquiring i got to know that high rent is troubling Fiat too and they are in the process of relocating..

    Went a day before that for PDI..The sales guy coudnt accompany me for the PDI. probably he didnt care much..there were a number of puntos and lineas parked near the showroom and after much guessing caught first glimpse of my car under wash. checked the VIN Number, tyres and exteriors. The car came fitted with JK tyres and exteriors looked pretty decent with no signs of logistical torment.

    Next, the delivery day. The car was parked just adjacent to the entrance. Sales guy wearing a timid smile looked lethargic. Went about checking the interiors. Odometer read H-25KMS. Good sign! Radio playing fine. Electricals hopefully will work fine. all this while wen i was struggling with all the checks, the sales guy did not attempt to make it any easier.

    customer delight looked bleak and distant so i hurried through all the documentation stuff..however in term of invoice, ive received a retail invoice showing the EX SHOWROOM PRICE only without any break up of Registration costs, accessories cost, logistical charges as mentioned in the proforma invoice. any information here??

    Pending deliverables- foldable keys (will be delivered in 15 days as informed by the sales rep), mud flaps and floor mats (will be provided shortly), number plate and registration.

    So what i thought would be a delightful memorable experience turned out to be a rather cold. but i guess all that gets covered up sitting behind those wheels.

    @renjithlal went though ur post about "CHECK ENGINE Warning"..didnt pay much attention to mine..all those signs look too cumbersome..kindly tell what signs to look for. keep us updated on the issue as well..dont bother urself much..im sure will be sorted out soon.
    will post more with pics,
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  2. renjithlal

    renjithlal Novizio

    Punto Evo 1.2
    Thank u all the fellow TFIs. Some of you predicted the issue correctly and some shared their views and experiences to feel better in tough time. The issue they told is a loose -connection in a plug (coupling), which is placed just underneath the bonnet, on the centre and what service people are telling, if some water seep in and oozes into the bonnet, because of the placement of the issue-found plug, possibility is there, water may drop on to the plug and cause the issue. But I can't accept that. Because just washing the body, how this issue as he was telling would happen? If this is the case, we cannot wash the car at all or put it in the rain !!! On the contrary another guy who attended the issue told me it is a sort of a manufacturing defect in the plug, which may be there in all the cars of the same batch (so far no such issues reported and mine was the 1st reported issue, according to him). So all TFIans having 1.2 manufactured in Oct 2014 (MCA.......D...........KJZ) better watch out for. @juyalamit u being my very next neighbour watch out for any issues as reported, wish , it will not happen to u, however inform us, if any such things detected.
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