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Booked a Punto Emotion MJD - Now dithering on color choice

Discussion in 'Pre sales query' started by hirenmistry, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. hirenmistry

    hirenmistry Amatore

    Hello TFIans,
    Please excuse for the long rant that follows. :eek:

    I am rather new member of this community and I'm glad to be a part of this forum. Reading up various threads here and have also started one for my car's ICE upgrade, now that I have more or less made up my mind on what that upgrade needs to be I feel its a good time to start one more thread about the car itself.

    So after selling off my Civic in December I was scouting for a nice hatch. There were only 3 cars in consideration:
    Fiat Punto
    Maruti Swift
    Tata Vista

    I will not delve into the pro's and con's of the cars in the list, they are well known to all here. So Punto it was. Book the car on 30 Jan from Om Sai motors at Kandivali, Mumbai. I believe that White looks best on the Punto but wifey dearest is dead against white. So its a toss up between Oceanic Blue and Tuscon Wine. Gave the dealer our color preference:
    Oceanic Blue
    Tuscon Wine
    Bossa Nova White

    Delivery was/is promised around 22 Feb, submitted loan documentation to Tata Capital the very next day. The rate of interest was set at 12.5% which I feel was too high. The dealer finally agreed to request to do PRI at their stock yard. Now the wait started.

    Been following up with the dealer regarding PRI but he was not clear when he would get the car from Fiat, I found this very amusing. His response was that the car is not yet built, I mean its not like I'm buying a Rolls that needs to be custom built. So finally last week I lost my cool and told him in no uncertain words that I want the car soon or I will cancel the booking. After this and a flurry of activity I was given a VIN and chasis number of a Tuscon Wine. On further probing I was told that this car is been procured from another dealer in Bombay, Galaxy motors.

    It seems the first lot of Oceanic Blue Punto's were given out to dealers as test drive vehicles. I would have to wait for another 20 odd days to get an Oceanic Blue. So agreed to go ahead with Tuscon Wine. Somehow I have this sinking feeling that something is amiss. I will be going to the dealership today to have a tete-a-tete with my SA. Will post up later how it goes.

    In all this I had a word with my bank regarding the car loan and was instantly approved a car loan at 11.5%, so now I had to cancel the loan from Tata Capital, which lead to another set of delay's. Now eagerly waiting for the sanction letter (expected on 22 Feb) and then will go ahead and do a PRI.

    I now hope the have the car with me on 25 Feb. Till then...

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  2. I believe Tuscan Wine will be good. Oceanic Blue looks damn good on a Linea, I've seen it. But yet to see an Oceanic Blue Punto. I'm also in the process of finalizing, and though i am a fan of Exotica Red, the whole of my family - wife, parents - are dead against Red. Again, wife doesnt like White, cuz its taxi color! i tried explaining BNW is not just white, and it looks not just any white on Punto.

    Anyway, i don't like the two greys, and not sure abt FTA. so the options left are TW, OB and HHB. Tendative about black. so in the same confusion as you're in. Wine or Blue. I'd like Blue cuz its a new color, n not the same blue offered by other brands. the AStar blue is horrible! But if it takes a while to be delivered, T Wine is equally good. there's an aspect for T Wine which makes it look different color at different parts of the day, and according to the light the car is under. it changes color! and in a cool way. Go for T Wine.

    P.S. Does ur wifey like T Wine? get her opinion too. cuz u'll have to reply to complaints n questions in future relating to Punto or YOUR WIFE, who do you love more? so if u play according to her ways, you stand a better chance of explaining, hehe.
  3. maverick

    maverick Amatore

    Punto looks the best in Exotica Red. Even while buying mine the whole family was against ER, but I just went ahead and took delivery of ER. My suggestion will be to pick up the colour you like the most since it is you who is going to use the car most of the time.

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  4. maverick's view is pretty straightforward and true.

    my view is only that i'm willing to make room a bit for my loved ones, as far as it's within my limits. red, wine, white, black n blue - all are killers on punto, though my order of preference is 1-Red, 2-White, 3-T Wine, 4-O Blue, n 5-HHBlack. Black, being a royal color, should'nt really be at 5, but still Wine n Blue score over it cuz they are unique colors. i'm alright until someone in my family says medium grey or minimal grey, as these two take away the beauty from GP. again, this could be subjective. for another, the grey could look fantastic. a diehard fiat fan for decades, quite near to my native house, went in for a medium grey, and he loves it. FTA doesnt look like a killer, in my opinion.

    If my wife picks any one from my options 1,2,3 n 4, I'm happy. Punto is a dashing car, it looks dashing in all these colors. But she's more with the Blue n Wine. Parents also think the Wine is good, though mom a bit hesitant on Blue. I value their votes too, cuz they also help me in maintaining well my present car - a Zen LXi - and I'd appreciate the same in future.

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    I think maverick is the one who goes for his instincts and goes by his heart, like all fiatians. i'd say that i belong to the safe-playing section in the adventurous fiatians. if u draw a graph about the instinctive nature of fiatians from 1 to 10, i'd fall somewhere around 4 and maybe, maverick will be at 8-10.
  5. hirenmistry

    hirenmistry Amatore

    Could not agree more with you. I'm also with you in that I'm yet to see an Oceanic Blue Punto in person though I've seen one on the Linea and TBH it did not look all that great. I did not have the flakes that I'd hoped would be there.
    It was my wife that suggested Oceanic blue and Tuscon wine, so even if I opt for TW she would be more than happy.

    I believe Punto does not look all that great in black and fox trot azure. So Tuscon Wine it is for me, delivery is being targeted for 24 Feb afternoon.
    Then the very next day I get the tires changed.

    Looks are subjective, for me red is too shouty. No offense meant to you or other owners of Red Punto.
    Buying a car is an emotional decision and for that I would surely want to include my family into the buying process.

  6. hirenmistry

    hirenmistry Amatore

    Hi all,
    Had a long chat with my SA from Om Sai and he has assured me that I will get the car on 24 Feb evening or at worst 25 Feb morning.
    I have no choice but to settle for Tuscon Wine and I'm ok with it, the color is already growing on me.

    Having said that I've still requested him to try to get a white if possible. So now need to intensify my ICE upgrade research.
    I'm also going in for Yokohama C-drives in the stock size if the car comes shod with Goodyear GT3.

  7. Relativity

    Relativity Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Hiren: Could you please elaborate on the Tyre upgrade. Why do you need it?
  8. hirenmistry

    hirenmistry Amatore

    Well the stock Goodyear GT3 are one of the crappiest tires you can get. They are awfully noisy, not much grip and hard as a rock sidewall. They're built for only one purpose and that's longevity. Hence I'm going to upgrade them with Yokohama C-drives albeit in the stock size.

    Having sai d that, if the car comes shod with Apollo Acelere's then I will not be going in for an upgrade as Acelere's are pretty decent.
    Hope this helps.
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  9. hirenmistry

    hirenmistry Amatore

    A quick update, would be a doing a PDI today for my Tuscon Wine, so excited. Can't wait for the dealers call :)
  10. nobrakes


    Good luck Hiren....hope u get a great car :)
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