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BNW 1.3 MJD Active..It is my 2nd Baby (3rd Service done @30,700 kms)

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by ganesh.g1982, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. ganesh.g1982

    ganesh.g1982 Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I know that it is very late introduce myself in TFI, but TFI has helped me a lot in deciding my dream car. After reading the reviews, expereinces of many of the friends here I have truly decided that I will only buy this Italian beauty. I have even ordered Swift VDI during the time I was going through the reviews and expereinces in TFI but there was no other option infront of me other than just cancel the booking of Swift to bring this baby to my family. I am very much happy that I took a right decision on time.

    I bought 1.3 Active BNW on July 24 2011. I work in Bangalore hence I brought this here from Kerala and was using it till Feb 2012 mid. I know Punto owners makes more miles even at the very starting because of passion they have. Same thing happened to me, I reached 20,000km last week.. Yet to reach the anniversary.

    I selected the Punto because of its:

    1. Steadiness on the road and the inside comfortness.
    2. Great VFM
    3. Interior look and feel escpecially the dashboard.
    4. Fiat Engine(Ofcourse)
    5. A new elgant look.
    6. Good boot space and interior space.
    7. I just love the tune it makes while closing the doors/boot.

    There are more..

    I have never faced any techinical issue with the car till this 20,000 km. I have visited SC for the 1st Service, 2nd Service and two other times for fixing the fog lamp, Fuel Tank lid lock issue. Coolant level went low at 14000 kilomoter and as per the SC advise, I added a ltttle bit of water that is available petrol pump. Overall, there was no technical issues so far, even at 20,000km I feel it is as if the new car.

    I have done the below additions/mods thus far time to time in the order.I know those are al very basic..
    1. Music Player (Pioneer HU and JBL speakers)
    2. Sunflim
    3. Mud Flaps
    4. Neck support
    5. Fog Lamp
    6. Black Vinyl on front bumber between the grills.

    Recently I have gone through car detailing thread, Anoop and Cinjith have helped so much to understand how to care it to maintain the look and shine.

    I am extremly thankful all of the TFIans.

    See you.

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  2. linealover

    linealover Regolare

    Dear ganesh,

    A warm welcome to you and your beloved white angel.
  3. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Welcome Ganesh,
    The Grande has been taken special care as can be seen in the Picture,
    We are all proud Owners of the FIAT.... and makes us feel more proud to hear from you.
  4. Prajith

    Prajith Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.2
    Hey Ganesh, Welcome to group :)
  5. Punto Maniac

    Punto Maniac Amatore

    [QUOTE I just love the tune it makes while closing the doors/boot.[/QUOTE]

    The same thing I went through before deciding on this Punter. I call the tune MUSIC and you may get to hear this in some of the 15L plus cars other than FIATs.:up
  6. @ganesh.g1982 can you pls elaborate what exactly this neck support is??
  7. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Its a small pillow in between the Head Restrain and the Upper Seat.
  8. ganesh.g1982

    ganesh.g1982 Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.3
    3rd Free Service completed @ 30, 700KM

    Hi All,

    I thought of sharing the experience of 3rd free service experience.

    I have given my 1.3 MJD on Dec3,2012 for the service at 9.00 am at Kulathunkal Motors, Trivandrum. Reaching the SC, the first and most the important thing I noticed is the change in SAs. I did not find the old SAs there and I was also informed that FIAT services will be moving from Kulathunkal Motors by March2013 and Mohandas Motors will be the only authorized center for FIAT services in Trivandrum.

    I have a good experience with Kulathunkal motors so far and decided to explain the new SA the service history and the complaints what I have right now. Basically my complaints were all very simple apart from a sound coming while braking. I was in an assumption that my brake pad must have worn out and changing it may resolve the issue. Because I experienced the same sound at my 18,0000 km and after changing the break pad it vanished away. They have taken the note of it in the appointment paper. Along with that, I have given the following things to be checked:

    1. Sound while braking (as if the aircraft stops when landing :)
    2. Steering wobble at high speeds.
    3. Door rubber beading fix (one rear door)
    4. 12V socket (near gear liver) Ring light is not glowing.
    5. Gear Liver jerk sound while shifting to 2nd gear from top gears.
    6. Sound from seat bolts.
    7. Clean Windscreen washer as the water is not pumping with force to windscreen.
    8. Cowl Top damage (the plastic beading on the windscreen)

    I felt it as a very simple and small list of tasks. I must say BIGGG thanks to FIAT for not giving any troubles till my 30,000km.

    I returned home and received a call from SA at 11.00am. He told me that there is serious under body hit and the oil sump has got some dent/bent. He recommended to replace the oil sump as there is change in the shape of it. I have told to go for the replacement as I felt it as an important part. They called me after inspecting the vehicle completely and told that there is no other complaints and will return the vehicle by EOD. I started following up from 5'o clock and understood that it may take longer time to complete the jobs. By 6pm, I reached SC and was told to wait as they are washing the car. I went to the body wash area and saw the car. It was nearly washed, interior polished. SA came to me and explained the work all that was done.

    SA told that RH disk has bent and that was the reason for steering wobble. I was anxious to know which disk it is, because at first I thought he has mentioned about the disk where break pad applies. SA told that he don't much information other than written in the appointment paper. In that it was written "RH Disk bent". The technician who worked on it has already left and I was left with no option to confirm what it was. Then about Gear liver jerking sound, SA told that gear liver assembly has to be replaced and the part is not available right now. Same case for Cowl top, part is not available.

    Then SA explained all other lists in the 3rd service as mentioned in the service book has been performed. The report for wheel alignment has been kept in the car itself.

    Door rubber beading has been fixed.

    Ring light around the 12v socket is not fixed as there was no electrician for FIAT at that day.

    Windscreen washer was working in the same way before doing the service. No improvements.

    Regarding break sound, SA said that the break pad will run for another 3000km and there is no need of replacement. He said they have cleaned it and the sound will be no more.

    Total cost: Rs.11500

    Next day evening I found some oil drops on the floor under engine compartment. I opened the bonnet and found oil spread on the bottom of the compartment and on the sides of the radiator which was flowed down to the bottom. It was very well wet and I suspected the problem could be due to the oil sump replacement. I called the SA same time and informed the things what I have found. He said there was no leak when they have checked and asked to bring the car to SC for further check. I also told him that the sound while braking is still there as it was before servicing.

    I also asked him whether he had checked regarding "RH Disk bent". He said they meant the Rim by saying "Disk". Is this correct statement, is the RIM called as Disk also? When I asked about the part where break pad applies, they told that it is Rotter. But I believed it as Disk.

    He told he will arrange for a drive with technician and clear all the problems which is pending.

    Next Saturday, I visited the SC again and asked to check the following and the response is quoted against each:

    1. Break sound - They said rotter has an irregular surface and break pad will run for 3000km more. To avoid the sound, the rotter and the break has to be replaced. I asked the reason for irregular surface. They told it could have happened by the first brake pad as it was over used and the metal part may have touched the rotter. I asked the question if that was the case, then the sound should have come from that time, why does it come since only last week? For that, they replied, now this break pad is used for a period of time and the surface is not as a new and that's the reason for the sound. I was not having anything else to ask and left the issue as it is. It will cost Rs.7000 if i need to replace the rotter and the break pad. I need suggestions to handle the issue. I ran my fingers on the rotter, i can also feel that it is not so flat, there are very light up/downs which i can feel. Do I really need to replace the rotter and break pad for fixing the issue? Pls share your thoughts.

    2. Oil leak: They have inspected the under body and told that there is no leak. They said the oil seen inside the engine compartment was the oil spilled out while pouring the oil. I asked for the technician who replaced the oil to see if that was the case. The tech was on leave that day. I said it shows their lack of care if such was happened. They confirmed there is no leak after the inspection. ** They could have at least cleaned the the oil that was spread in the compartment.

    3. Electrician checked the ring light around 12v socket and told that the system needs to be replaced. He asked whether I connected any device at 12V. I told I connect my mobile charger and car vaccum cleaner, no other devices.

    I asked CRO to order all the parts which needs replacement and get it replaced ASAP as the car still in 2 year Warranty. I believe it can be replaced in Warranty.

    The same day at night, I saw oil drop under engine compartment. I placed one steel plate and collected the drops for an hour to show it in the SC the next day. But my patience did not keep me to wait till next day, I called CRO at 10.45pm and said that it needs to be rectified immediately. He said he will call me next day.

    I got a call from him next day and informed me that helpline techs are going to visit my house to check the car. Around 11.00am on Sunday they came and told me that they need to take the car and will return on Monday.

    Monday, I called CRO around 1.00pm and I was informed that they are fixing again oil sump as they found a small leak. He called the tech working on it, and told me that they have refixed the oil sump and confirmed the seal is tight. Engine compartment has been cleaned as well. They delivered the car at my home in the evening. I was so happy that they cleaned the engine compartment very neatly as well.

    I also reminded CRO about the 3 parts to be replaced and asked to order it asap.

    I did not find the oil drops there onwards. I believe it is resolved completely. They could have done this properly at first time itself. :(

    Dec22, I called the SA and CRO and understood that the order status is unknown. It is 20 days, hence i decided to call fiat customer care. Spoke to the representative and informed the details, they have opened a case and assured me that I will get a response in 72 hours.

    Will keep updating the progress. Pls share your comments against the problems I indicated as well.

  9. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore


    The sound in breaks is normal when brake pad is about to ware out...yes u can run 2 to 3K with such pads....but beware if its worn out badly and sound is high replace immediately safety first..

    Steering wobble could be alignment issue

    Oil issue u r facing could be due to loose washer or some fittings
  10. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax Regolare

    Re: 3rd Free Service completed @ 30, 700KM

    1) Brake rotors and pads are not covered in warranty. When it comes to brakepads you will have to change it when the time comes. Only thing i can add extra is rearding the rotors/discs. If you dont want to change it. There is a process called skimming where a top .1 mm layer on rotors is cut by a machine and rotors can be reused. However you will find some amount if reduced performance on braking. And this is not a best practise to follow

    2). When fitting engine oil sump there is some special fiat recommended glue that should be used. Other glues dont withstand the high temperature of engine oil sump. Ensure that they are using the right ingredients on ur car.

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