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Blue & Me Software Version update & All other queries

Discussion in 'Blue and Me' started by VahanPujari, May 14, 2010.

  1. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    See my post at http://www.teamfiat.co.in/blue-me/2...n-update-all-other-queries-48.html#post145323
    The OS Supports A2DP Stereo Stack, only need to figure out how to Blue and me to respond to A2DP Stereo.
  2. manishgarg921

    manishgarg921 Amatore

    Blue n Me - Error

    Dear FIAT'ians

    I am a proud owner of my 3rd FIAT car ( UNO-->Palio ---> Linea 2012 Dynamic )
    I have one problem pertaining to the ICE in the car
    until 2 days ago my USB was working fine, but then I inserted an external HDD after which it stopped working.
    Reading forums etc I figures one way was to remove the negative terminal
    the other
    Blue n Me version update

    I went for the update.
    But during the update the display showed Error 10 ( which as per instruction is when u disconnect the USB) which I dint
    then the instruction said repeat the same procedure
    which I did and again after a few minutes it showed the same error 10

    Experts please help.
    I cant enjoy music without the USB slot malfunctioning
  3. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax Regolare

    Mumbai / Navi Mumbai
    What were you expecting b&m is a super computer that u can connect hdd to it?

    Try disconnecting battery.

    If that dosent work TASS zindabad

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  4. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    @manishgarg921 - AFAIK, 2012 Linea should already come with B&M version 6.0 installed. If not, then you will need to upgrade all the missing versions. For example, my T-Jet came with version 5.4. I had to first upgrade to 5.5 and then to 5.6. Since mine is gen 1 B&M, I cannot upgrade to 6.0. Post upgrade, I can connect and play music from my Gen 5 iPod Nano as well as from my 360 GB external HDD.

    Also, please note that if you connect a large HDD, B&M will take a while to build the playlist.

    Last edited: Dec 31, 2012
  5. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hi Manish. Don't worry.

    Disconnect the negative terminal after removing the key from the car. Keep it disconnected for 15 minutes and then connect it back properly. Then take a 4GB pen drive with some music files and see if it works. This should solve the issue.
  6. sriram satish

    sriram satish

    Hi Guys,

    I have a fiat 2012 Punto with "image id" but i m not able to install blue & me update, initially it says updating twice and installing but "error 10" msg appears. I tried several times following all the instructions perfectly but i am not able to finish the installation.
  7. Cashier

    Cashier Amatore

    If there is a "Image ID" in your MID, then it is a Gen2 Blue&Me, which means you can update to 6.0 version, check the version you are using to update 5.5/5.6 will not work for you as they are for Gen1 Blue&Me.

  8. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    I faced similar issue when I used a 2GB HP pen drive and was finally successful with a 16GB HP pen drive
  9. ibsr

    ibsr Novizio

    Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
    Successfully updated to Blue&Me 5.6 in my 2011 linea Mjd

    Successfully updated to Blue&Me 5.6 in my linea Mjd :-D.

    Mine is Jan 2011 model which came with Blue&Me version 5.5 (which displays media player in audio screen as well as MID)... I understand 5.4 shows it differently..
    I tried to upgrade to 5.6 directly but got an USB Error 10. Formatted my usb disk (4gb scandisk) and tried again.. but same error message:(.
    I formatted my usb disk again and prepared it to install V5.5.. this time.. Update completed succesfully (installing & restarting message gets displayed in message quite a few time).. Finally the lady says in her sweet voice " UPDATE IS COMPLETE,, PLS REMOVE THE USB DRIVE :)"...
    Formatted my USB disk again (to remove the log file as well any hidden files if present.. just in case..). Prepared my disk again for V5.6... plugged it in.. switched the key to MAR.. Update started.. (Kept my fingers crossed....literally!!) installing and restarting messages were displayed in MID for few times (thrice to be precise)... Then i heard the sweet voice again.. Saying Update complete and pls remove the usb disk..:p
  10. vivekrj.dieselhead

    vivekrj.dieselhead Regolare

    But what about second gen B&M, are we also need to install versions prior to 6.0 first, then to 6.0. Help me guys. BTW now a days my ride is at FASS for some repair work.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2013

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