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Blue and ME version 7.0

Discussion in 'Blue and Me' started by rajan2002, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Vighnesh81

    Vighnesh81 Novizio

    Pune, MH
    Ohhk. Thankyou for the information

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  2. krish@0486


    Hi Friends,

    I had tried to upgrade Blue& Me yesterday. but i could not succeeded in it.. Can you please guide me what to do..

    Followed the steps below:

    1) Formatted pendrive with FAT32.
    2) Downloaded "BlueMeConfigurator" from blueandme.net portal and followed the steps to get the BMConf.XML from Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP ( July 2011) model.
    3) Modified the BMConf.XML as <CarType>Grande Punto</CarType>
    4) Uploaded the same file to blueandme.net portal (as part2 mentioned on website)
    5) it gave me an option to download "Blue and ME version 7.0"
    6) when I downloaded it, i got the zip file name as Aggiornamento_BlueMe_13_6_UK_B.zip
    Formatted the pendrive with FAT32 and extract the zip file to pendrive..
    8) The Zip files contents are extracted to folder "Aggiornamento_BlueMe_13_6_UK_B" in pendrive.
    9) So, I have moved all the files from inside folder to main pendrive location.
    10) Inserted the pendrive to CAR and switched to "MAR" position ( I.e. I did not start the Engine)
    11) It prompted me as "UPGRADING...." and after few seconds time , i got an error as "USB ERROR 10" and said that "Check the USB contents and try again".

    No luck for me even I tried with different pendrives.. Please guide me how would i cross this hurdle.

    P.S: Model: Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP ( July 2011) model
    Advanced settings are:
    Appl Id : _ _ _ _
    Image Id: C160P ( By looking at this value, I believe, blue&me hardware is of 2nd Generation.
  3. rajan2002

    rajan2002 Novizio



    You can try this.
    1. Removed the battery lead for 10 minutes. Apparently this resets B&M.
    2. Re-formatted the USB stick as FAT32 (a full format, not a quick format) then re-copied the upgrade files on, then insert the USb stick.
  4. Bhavan

    Bhavan Timido


    Were you able to get this working? Even I am facing the same problem on my APRIL 2011 PUNTO

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