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Blr - mum - jaipur - del - srinagar - leh

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by Ani, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12

    Thanks for the information Ani.

    Let us know about what kind of filming is allowed there. Who removed the filming? You guys or cops?

    Service Center experience was excellent. Please share details of service center.
  2. excellent log anni . few things for others planning for this trip

    1 ) yellow tape on RHS side bulbs is must in Gujarat . this is made to avoid blaring the right side traffic .
    2 ) the most notorious cops ( for outside state cars) are in Punjab & UP. In HP , nobody will bother you provide you stick to rules. heck you will rarely find a White dress traffic hawaldar in H P bu that doesn't mean you are not being watched .

    Dear Kedar : - sun film rules are same everywhere . cops in CHD and Punjab and particular about them . if it confirms to rules nobody will stop you..
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  3. ninads123


    Nicely written :)

    Such a long journey and only two friends... hats off to you both.

    Btw how much you spent on fuel for total journey?
  4. Did you had very dark tints? otherwise IRC approved ones should not have a problem.
  5. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Here is the approximate fuel expenses from Banglore to Leh. Distance calculated using Google Maps

    1) For Diesel Car. Apprx mileage considered 18kmpl.

    Diesel Qty in Ltrs382.77
    Diesel Cost17225
    2) For Petrol Car. Apprx mileage considered 13kmpl.

    Petrol Qty in Ltrs530
    Petrol Cost38160
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  6. Ani


    Day 4 & 5 -

    @kedar-Up in Kashmir no films are allowed unless you have some VIP permission & the cops asked us to remove it, after we stalled for a minute or two they started doing it themselves at which point we took over to avoid the risk of the windows getting scratched.
    The Service center details i visited -
    Service Center Name : IMPACTS MOTORS PVT. LTD.
    Address :
    G T Road
    Amritsar Bye Pass
    Jalandhar , Punjab
    Pincode :144001
    @ninads - we travelled 8065 km's and our fuel cost came to a total of 24k :p, Average mileage displayed in the car was 14.7!
    @Sat- Tints were fairly fark, but in Kashmir no tits are allowed!
    Coming to the details of Day 4&5-
    Day 4 started early around 4:30 AM, Udhampur onwards we had the ghats, morning traffic was not much so we travelled fast,something that really stood out was the number of armed forces on the roads every 10 metres we had a paid of armed personnel with bomb detectors checking the shrubs by the roads,we attributed it to the Amarnath darshan and upcoming Independence day.
    The ghats to Srinagar are an absolute beauty to drive on and the army there does guide you on the curves as well. The beauty of sunrise over the Kashmir Valley is something once should definitely not miss out on...
    We reached Srinagar by around 11, stopped over for Lunch near the Dal lake and were back on the roads by 1. From Srinagar on the route was through Drass & Kargil, the road from Srinagar onwards out of the city gets narrow and most of the vehicles around you are Innovas, Xylos & Scorpios coupled with the usual Sumos.
    Around an hour and half away from Srinagar is the famous Sonmarg Valley at the foothills of Zozilla. This is one the best places en route, another pitstop for sure. The white river with the Green Mountains is a delight to the eyes.
    After soaking up the beauty we were ready to take on the mighty Zozilla, had heard so much about it however had no idea what to expect.
    The inital bit was not as bad as I had imagined and we were moving in a decent pace.
    Saw an army convoy which had stopped ahead, like we had done in the past tried to over take them. BAD IDEA! the driver swerved to his right and blocked us, asked us to get back in line or risk being pushed down the hill, we meekly complied. :p
    Got down started a conversation with him, he said some work was going on ahead and when a vehicle stops you stop and stay in line. That was the ground rule in Zozilla.
    While we were waiting I noticed the Army convoy had their engine running, on enquiring why they were using up the fuel when they could save it they said for what? Once they return to base they will anyway get their tanks filled up again. ( Tax payers Money!)
    When we were going up Zolzilla there was no road thankfully though it had not rained recently and so it was still dry but the Punto did take some hits in the bottom, was thanking the fact that the car had an underbody protection. At a certain point where the incline was steep we did have some issues but reversing and taking it at one single go solved the problem. Post Zozilla the road got really bumpy and gone was the speed we were travelling in, Could not go above 20-30 in fear of taking more hits on the underbody.
    By 6 we had crossed Zozilla and came across the most beautiful valley I have ever seen, Lush Green meadows that go on for miles, Mountains in the background, river flowing by hoardes of Sheep coupled with Ponies grazing.This place definitely warranted for us to stop and spend some time.
    After spending some time there we moved on it was already evening even though the sun was still up we had to get to Kargil which was still a good 100 odd kms away.
    The road no better than a dirt track with boulders strewn all over needed much care. The Scorpios and Innovas kept driving past us, the need of a SUV was felt much and Punto was clearly out of place!
    Throughout our journey the Punto was an extremely comfortable ride even after driving a 1000 kms we did not feel any fatigue but the 200 kms here had us all strained. Maybe cuz of the massive gear shifts and clutch-brake we had to undergo.The road gets pretty desolate once the sun sets and we seemed to be the only vehicle on the road.
    By 10 we reached Kargil, Kargil is a small town with most of it around the main road, around the centre of the road is a restaurant where we had our dinner - Mutton Curry & Rice. The Mutton there was fabulous and helped forget much of the strain we undertook that day. The Restaurant owner helped us get a room, extremely basic- 2 cots and a common toilet.Room Tariff-Rs 500, We really did not care all we wanted to do was crash and sleep.
    Total Distance covered on Day 4- 428 kms - 16 hours!
    Day 5-
    The Journey from Kargil to Leh started around 6 AM.Between Srinagar & Leh, Kargil has the only fuel pump so we did plan our journey accordingly. With a Full tank in Kargil we resumed our journey, we were just around 250 Kms away from our final destination.As informed in town the roads were a lot better than the one to reach Kargil, at regular points we had the roads being repaired, every year BRO repairs these roads, at points where there is no tar its mostly gravel, have to be careful one is so tempted to pick up speed when the tar road starts only to apply the brakes in a hurry where the tar ends and gravel begins.
    The Punto did brilliant on the tarred part but felt very much out of place on gravel. The only motivation was the occasional Maruti 800 & Santro. If they could do it so could we!
    This road is a must travel just for the awesome views it provides and the places it take you through. Makes you wonder much about Man v/s Nature. There is extremely little civilization on this road and having your car break down here would be a night mare.There are a few villages on the way where one can get a bite, but do not expect anything fancy!
    The route takes you through many bridges which are a real life line to Leh if any of these bridges which are constructed by the Army were to break i can only imagine how cut off this place would really be.
    Driving with the AC on here is not a good idea with the steep inclines and curves you need to take, hence we had our windows down, on the gravel with other cars and trucks overtaking us it only resulted in a lot of dust getting inside the car :(.
    Enroute to Leh we came across the famous Magnetic Hill, bad for us the place had many vehicles waiting to experience the Magnetic qualities so we moved on.
    Came across many Army base camps , felt really proud of being an Indian every time we saw the camps. The Army presence there is unlike any I have seen before.By 2 we had entered Leh town totally awed by the days sights and Leh's mountains!
    Started looking for a Hotel and found the Kang-la hotel which offered us really cheap rooms for Rs 600+ Rs 50 to park our cars!
    That evening all we did was just check out the town have some awesome food!
    Time for you folks to enjoy the pictures -
    DSC_0163.jpg DSC_0173.jpg DSC_0185.jpg
    DSC_0188.jpg DSC_0189.jpg
    DSC_0196.jpg DSC_0197.jpg DSC_0243.jpg DSC_0230.jpg DSC_0221.jpg DSC_0213.jpg DSC_0210.jpg DSC_0203.jpg DSC_0198.jpg
    DSC_0249.jpg DSC_0252.jpg DSC_0255.jpg DSC_0263.jpg DSC_0272.jpg DSC_0281.jpg DSC_0286.jpg DSC_0288.jpg DSC_0295.jpg DSC_0297.jpg DSC_0300.jpg DSC_0304.jpg DSC_0233.jpg
    Look forward to Exploring Leh in the next post :)

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  7. Ani


    Some More Pictures -

    More Pictures -
    DSC_0052.jpg DSC_0049 - Copy.jpg DSC_0010 - Copy.jpg DSC_0007.jpg DSC_0002.jpg DSC_0106.jpg DSC_0109.jpg DSC_0117.jpg DSC_0119 (2).jpg
    Cheers :)
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  8. Be happy as your Punto will not have any issues with suspension setup, most of these SUV/MUV's will have bent strut or damaged arms resulting bad caster/camber angles.
    Getting them back to shape is more expensive not many people understand the need for it, if going little slow helps to protect the vital organs of the car so be it.
  9. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Wow, some breathtaking pictures.
  10. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    What a relied Ani. when I saw that welcome board to Leh...I can feel what you guys were feeling when you saw that board.

    Astonishing photos Ani...cant explain in words.

    What gadgets you were carrying in this trip? If possible please mention the list of gadgets you were carrying.....

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