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Blown turbo and engine overhaul at 68k kms

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by maheshr, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. maheshr

    maheshr Timido

    I am a silent member here. I love to read every post on TFi but couldn't post regularly due to time availability. I am a great fan of FIAT cars. Was using a palio then I bought a used Linea on 2012 from a known friend. It was 2009 model emotion pack clocked 40 k kms when I bought her. Now now odo reads around 68 k kms and I am facing a lot of problems.

    The previous owner was giving good care to her, He done every services under 10 k kms, mostly 8 k kms till 40 k on odo. I also followed that till now.

    As per 60 k service I changed timing chain at around 50 k kms (60k service) It was about 1 year ago. After that I was facing some performance issues. SVC said it will be ok after some kms. Then I started hearing a whistling sound. A minute one but I could hear it. I visited Mohandas motors trivandrum, they said it is because of uneven Tyre wear and I should change tyres. Tyres had a good life left, so I continue using it for around 5 k kms then I changed tyres. But still the whistling sound was there. But mechanics couldn't hear it, they said they will check it in next service.

    Then about 4 months ago I visited Daiwik fiat, kollam. The SA said every linea clocked over 60k kms having same sound so its nothing to worry. I disagreed and said that I know many lineas whcih has done over 60k and none has such sound. I said i doubt turbo hose leak or something and said to check it. Why I visited daiwik because I was having a lot of issues with Mohandas. usually whenever I get poor service I will make a complaint to fiat, I am that kind of person. So I stopped going mohandas and went to Daiwik, but it was even horrible.

    After the service, SA said the whistling is because Turbo blown. The oil level was a little low and they toppped up. The after spme weeks I went there for service. Did everything including oil and filter change and egr cleaning etc. Then I visited mohandas again during camp. They said turbo has no problem but oil was low and they topped up around 1.2 ltr oil. I drove her only around 500 kms between last oil change and top up during camp. Exhaust was emitting black smoke during heavy acceleration. It was there since years.

    Then I drove her over 3000 kms and I was regularly checking oil level. It went to only halfway between min and max marks after 3 k kms. I made complints to these service centers because I faced some issues. So I decided to goto any other workshop.

    I didn't used car for about 5 days, then one day when I started driving her I felt pickup was low. Turbo boost was reduced. Everything else was ok. Smooth idling and good pickup on highways but lagged in inclines. Then it started behaving like sometimes good turbo boost and everything ok but some other times less pickup. Mileage was almost same and sometimes i felt it was giving 1 or 2 kms less.

    I visited a Bosch authorized service center. Initially they said turbo seems ok and injector might be faulty. Then they said both turbo and injectors gone. They kept car and after some days they said Turbo is gone injectors are fine. So I bough a turbo from Kava motors. They fitted it and said that turbo is not good. I test drove and to my surprise There were zero turbo boost. idling was horrible. All smoothness gone. It couldn't go above 40 kmph and engine sounds like a tractor. So they removed the turbo and they said they will get the old turbo repaired.

    After 2 weeks got the refurbished turbo and they fitted it. I went there and took a test drive. It became even worse. No turbo boost, some horrible clanking noise from engine. Engine stops after some meters run. It feels like a dead engine. I became angry and shouted to them. They said they will find the issue. Then after some days they said there are some problems in inside of engine. Oil entered to engine via damaged turbo, so intake manifold etc were clogged and they cleaned it. Still the same problem. No pickup, horrible noise etc..it even struggles to start.They said they will dismantle everything and will check

    After some days they called me n showed me engine internals. 2 Rhodes damaged, crankshaft damaged, bearings, sleeves etc also damaged. Now they quotes around 40 k for engine rebuild.

    I shouted to them as when I gave them car it was not like that. It was smooth and everything were okay except low pickup sometimes when turbo kicks. They said the internals were already damaged so when they fitted good turbo the new and good turbo boost damaged the almost broken internals like bearings, rodes etc. They says service center might missed some oil changes even though they charged and billed.

    So a dead Linea at just 68 k kms. We did all maintenance and service as per manual or service book says. The car used for family use entire time. yet we got all these defects.

    So whom should I blame? FIAT? SVC? Bosch svc? or me?

    Experts, please shred some light on Bosch peoples comments. Turbo fitted and because of extra boost bearings and rodes damaged....is that correct? Will engine die like this without any symptoms. No abnormal sounds, no smoke from oil dip hole.

    What should I do now? Go ahead with engine overhaul? or take action against Bosch svc?
  2. whitepunto76

    whitepunto76 Regolare

    Take it to FASS and ask them to investigate. Raise the complaint to Fiat India. This cannot happen even though service intervals are followed judiciously. How can the turbo blow up so early. Please get it inspected from good independent mechanic.
    But, keep FASS on target.
  3. maheshr

    maheshr Timido

    I think u didn't read my entire post. I am fed up with FASS thats why I taken her to Bosch
  4. kk27

    kk27 Amatore

    Kandivali - Mumbai
    Kandivali - Mumbai
    Fiat Enthusiast
    Well from your post & the comments from the Bosch SVC I feel it's Bosch SVC incompetence in repairing the Turbo & probably spoiled the engine & now they're conveniently blaming the FASS saying that the good turbo blew the engine internals.

    Also another evidence of this is from your own post in which you say you drove the car for atleast 3500kms from the day you faced the issue first time. If the engine was so badly damaged from that time you cannot be driving it smoothly for that long. Also you said till they fitted the so called repaired turbo. And remember if your engine parts are getting damaged like bearing & crankshaft then you'll always get fillings & a lot of it during oil changes.

    And just think about it... how can a turbo which only pushes Air into the engine damage the rods & the cranks...unless when they repaired it it actually pushed a lot of Oil into the intake manifold which caused the damage.

    I'm no fan of Fiat service & I know they're not the best out there.... & Bosch knows this as well. Hence they're cleverly putting the nail on Fiat which they know you'll easily believe. It's simple... the car was in good running condition when you bought it & only had probably turbo spooling issues, But after the Bosch guys touched it just became worse & now you have a damaged engine. So clearly it's Bosch you need to hold at ransom. But also take Fiat SVC up to task for not getting the issue identified in time.
  5. KKAUL

    KKAUL Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3

    Though it was really a saddening to read your story but I think I can connect the dots where and what went wrong.This is purely my understanding assuming all problems started after TMC replacement.

    The guys who did TMC replacement did not align the crankshaft and cam shaft position correctly and mounted the TMC with few degree difference.
    Running in this condition will lead to some part combustion in turbo and silencer there by generating excessive heat in turbo.The turbo seal will eventually fail after some time. The symptoms will be that sometimes you will get tremendous boost when you are running continuously for long Km and initially in cold start the boost will be low. There will be spike in boost and you could feel that. Due to excessive heating of turbo the seal will fail and the engine oil will start draining out.Once the oil level drops below certain mark engine failure is evident.
    The crankshaft and its bearing usually gets damaged due to 2 reasons
    1) Insufficient lubrication
    2) Mistiming due to any reason

    The connecting rods got bend due to boost spikes and resulted in crankshaft damage (changing the positional timing) assuming you were not using any tuning box or remap.
    When they topped engine oil I think that was the high point you should have got alerted.

    Though I know this investigation is of no use now but still I thought I should share it with you.
    Also please ensure now whatever work they do they do it in front of you.
    all the best
  6. maheshr

    maheshr Timido

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I drover her over 3500 without any symptoms.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 15, 2015 ---
    Thanks for the reply. I was not using any tuning boxes. As you said all problems started after the Timing chain change. Turbo started to produce whistling sound after some months and none of the svc people couldn't hear it. Top up was done during a camp too and they didn't find any issues during camp. They just said gearbox overhaul, lower arm changes etc needed. When the other svc said about turbo failure I asked is there any engine issue, they said no you only need a turbo change. All these things happened under 4000 kms and before I gave car to Bosch it was smooth and silent except turbo boost issue. Now it is like a tractor. I think I should sue Bosch people.

    Can anyone tell me how to contact Bosch? I couldn't find any contact details of Bosch car service on internet.
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 15, 2015 ---
    Friends, if the oil level become critically low will any oil pressure light or any other Waring pop up?
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2015
  7. KKAUL

    KKAUL Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3

    The whistling sound you were hearing would have been of air passing through high speed through a narrow opening.Just the same we have in diwali rocket.If any small amount of combustion was taking place in turbo or its line then the turbine side will just act as a jet engine and the exhaust of the turbo will act like thrust nozzles and will produce same whistling sound.
    The sound can also be produced from some turbo hose leak or turbo itself.

    Another theory can be that your vacuum hose might have gone resulting in suction of outside debris there by overloading both the engine as well as turbo resulting in their failure.

    All these are theories and before firing any shot at anybody please make sure who's fault it was by taking someone technical with you for the damage assessment and chain of events. It is not difficult to correlate the issues.
    I know you might be upset over the events and you might be thinking that it is easy to give advice but the one who suffers only actually knows.
    I understand this but I had several encounters with FCA where I proved and they had to admit their blunders.
    so assess everything calmly and then do not let the culprit loose. Just screw him
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 15, 2015 ---
    there is a red color oil can light with a drop of oil in every car which glows if engine oil looses its level can't comment in Fiat have to check
  8. SanketGajane

    SanketGajane Amatore

    Linea 1.4
    @maheshr Thats bad on part of service guys. Incompetent mechs and case of incorrect timing setting screwing your engine.

    As kkaul said "assess everything calmly and then do not let the culprit loose. Just screw him"

    In practicality they won't accept their mistake but you will have to add pressure on them.
  9. maheshr

    maheshr Timido

    Car is still at the Bosch svc and they have taken the engine to a lathe. Since it is with bosch I cannot take any other mechanic to to check the car. I am not going to goto fiat because my last issue were horrible. The fiat was stayed in the side of svc eventhough they knew the svc was cheating me.

    My doubt is when I handed over the car to Bosch it was smooth as usual. Only problem was turbo boost lose sometimes. Now the engine died. I think the faulty is Boschs.... Is there any possibily that they didn't fitted turbo propery...started engine then internals got damaged???
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 16, 2015 ---
    What I can do bro? I was a die hard fiat fan. More than 20 people bought fiat cars by my recommendations. Its clear that fiat stays in the side of cheating svc s. I understood it in my last issue. So I think I will do something against fiat soon...
  10. maheshr

    maheshr Timido

    Guys, how can I take legal action against Bosch service center? Will I get justice?

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